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AOS 9/12/04 Anyone out there?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by IBCAR18, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. Since this cruise is so port intensive, how about the "Island Hoppers"?

  2. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Hey Ally I have sailed your itinerary many, many times both on the Monarch and on the Adventure and you will have NO ports that you have to tender into. A few years ago, prior to the pier in St. Maarten you had to tender in but since then you pull right up.

    For all the shoppers in the group:
    When you pull into St. Lucia there is a store on the dock called "Island Clothing." They have racks upon racks of clothing that is $6.00 US. Walked out of there one time with 2 shopping bags full for under $200.00 Great clothing deals on silk dresses and such.

    PS..Ally I love your name. :)
  3. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Ally.......I LIKE THAT ONE!!!!!! The Island Hoppers!!!!!!!!
  4. rock0994

    rock0994 Guest

    I like The Island Hoppers too!!!
  5. StudMuffin

    StudMuffin Guest

    Hey y'all,

    Kind of stole that one from my fav southerner....Michelle. I'm George (aka StudMuffin), the reluctant leader of the Big Cats. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Michelle and Stan, you are in for a great time. You will not find better people (with the exception of myself of course) than these two. Like most of you, we also came over from the other site and have been quite happy with being here. Anyway, I wanted to welcome you all and also invite you over to our thread if you would like.

    Also, here is my entry, it's more of a slogan for a thread or t-shirt...

    "Join us on a Misfits Adventure"

    Post Edited (06-29-04 19:00)
  6. StudMuffin

    StudMuffin Guest

    ....or the short version ...

    "A Misfits Adventure"
  7. mom2MCI

    mom2MCI Guest

    Good Evening ....

    Island Hoppers!! That is good. "Misfit Adventure" is awesome too!! Hmmm....Anyone else have an idea? My husband said "Copy Cats" since we were doing this after the "Big Cats".......Island Adventurers...Adventure Islanders....AOS Islanders....

    I want to put some type of decoration on my door. I heard it makes finding your room easier.

  8. hookedup

    hookedup Guest

    It's taken me ages to read all the posts. Good idea about the names. Like all mentioned. Here are a few more:

    Krazy Karibbean Klan (The KKK)

    Caribbean Crusaders

    There's heaps.

    I've just paid the travel agent for our flights. What a killer? We are doing round the world to get to San Juan (cheapest option from Oz). So, Fiji 4 nights, LA 4 nights, San Juan 1 night + cruise, NYC 2 nights, Dubai 4 nights and back to Brisbane Australia (work and the kids - OH NO!).

  9. Hi ALL ,
    Just thought I would give yall a bump......
    If yall are going to try and catch up with the Big Cats
    Have a good day all :)
  10. Ali,thank you for that great news about no tenders. That's totally, awesome, wicked cool, if I may be so bold as to revert to my New England upbringing. Anyway, that really is good news.

    Also, my husbands name suggestion is:

    The Waverunners

    Later, Ally
  11. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Good morning AOS cruisers!!!! Thanks George and Jim for stopping by to say hello!!! Mighty kind of you folks!!!!!! I'll be sure to drop by your house today. I like all the group names thrown out there. Let's see if we get anyore more idea's today and then pick one. Ali, thanks for the tip on the Island Clothing store @ St. Lucia. I'll definetly have to check that one out!!!! Kerri, you must not mind flying. I could NEVER!!!!!! What a wonderful trip you and Todd will be on. Fiji, LA, San Juan, NY!!!! Wow......I'm already havin' a hard time with just having to fly to San Juan from Atlanta and back!!!!!! I am not a good flyer. Hope everyone has a good day....chck back in later. Michelle.
  12. piercetc2

    piercetc2 Guest

    Hey guys! The names ya'll are coming up with are GREAT! Will put my thinking cap on today to see if we can add any for consideration.

    Ally- our aft balcony is on deck 9 as well so we will be waving either from the left or the right - I still don't know who the other aft balcony couple are - think they are on deck 6 or 7 ?

    Still thinking about the cruise addicts t-shirt / cruise critic t-shirt - will add our group name and ask all of you cruise buddies to sign it - we all may like our group so much that we plan a 2005 group cruise like the Big Cats are doing? Speaking of the Big Cats- are we ever in same port at same time? we could all meet up maybe ? What fun that would be- could maybe do the big cats /copy cats catamaran 5 star tour or something- sounds neat anyway-

    Kerri-- what a trip around the world- you will probably have the hardest time of any of us packing for such a long time away from home-

    Jodi- camping with the kids sounds like great fun! When my hubby is out of town, our kids "camp " in our room - that is about as close to camping as we have gotten- are planning to rent a cabin in the woods and take our horses to trail ride for a few days in the fall when it cools off some, which will sortof be like camping-

    As far as hiring a van to get us to the pier- Do you all think I need to do this from home or should I wait until we get to san juan- I will get the list of who wants to join in on this closer to cruise time so I won't misplace it and have to ask again
    More later
    good day to everyone
  13. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    Hey there you Island Hoppers.... I like that!

    My name is Cruise-girl and I am a Big Cat. Just wanted you all to know that I am not happy about you taking Michelle and Stan away from us :spank For those of you that do not know this duo are in for a treat!!! I felt like I knew Michelle for years before I even met her. Stan is the bomb....all of our group just fell in love with them, they are awsome. Hey Stuff, oops, I mean Stud...do you think they are running from us? :lol

    Well you all have a wonderful cruise! Drop in on the Big Cats now and then!

    Hey Georgia....can't wait to see you next week!!
  14. hookedup

    hookedup Guest

    Have any of you cruised the Hawaiian islands. I think that would be nice too?

  15. mom2MCI

    mom2MCI Guest

    Oh my Kerri...I just got tired reading about all of your travels. It sounds wonderful though. I have never been away from my kids that long though. This trip will be a great test for us.

    Tamara...Maybe you should get some information about the van ahead of time. That is just me. I am a planner and can't stand waiting until the last minute to do anything.

    I like all of the names and I like the T-shirt idea.

    I went over to the CC site. A family of four had posted on the thread there. I invited them here, but since I have no computer capabilities I don't know if I told them the right way to find us. Maybe somebody could go over and give the link. I don't know how to do the blue link thing!! I am surprised I find my way here each day!!!

  16. mom2MCI

    mom2MCI Guest

    What is everyone's plan for this Holiday weekend? We just found out my husband has Friday through Monday off. We didn't realize it so now we are scrambling to make plans. Should be fun.

  17. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Good morning all AOS cruisers!!!!! It's almost Friday!! Jodi, actually this weekend we are doing a big camping and boating trip with some friends we met on our first cruise 2 years ago!! They live in the Charlotte area and are coming over to camp with us this weekend up at Lake Lanier which is a BIG lake here in North Georgia. So, that's our plans. We are praying for good weather. Sounds like ya'll are scrambling to do something also. Tamara, I agree on the checking out the van shuttle thing before we get there. Maybe we can find something out from the Hilton. Kerri, I would love to cruise the Hawaiian Islands. Infact, we are talking now about doing a cruise there next year or possibly just flying over. Thanks Big Cats for your kind words too!!! Melissa, where are you??? Have not heard from you lately. So are we going with the "Island Hoppers"????
  18. I'm so excited that ya'll like my idea for the name. So, how does the t-shirt thing work? Sign me up for two.

    Have ya'll heard the good news? The sun has decided to make an appearance in Texas once again. Yeah!!!

    I've been doing some reading about Barbados, and I've been very intrigued by the idea that the island is as close as you can get to visiting England in the Caribbean. They have their own version of Trafalgar Square and other England-like stuff. They also drive on the left side of the road. I'm almost tempted to rent a car just for the thrill of it. Anybody have any interesting info about Barbados?

    Chat Later. Ally
  19. piercetc2

    piercetc2 Guest

    okay- I will call the caribe hilton to see what must be done to reserve a van to take us to the adventure
    T-shirt idea- we can each order t-shirts from either the c.c. site or this site- unless anyone has experience designing and ordering t-shirts from elsewhere? let us know
    Island Hoppers is a fine name
    Have been to Oahu when in 6th grade for a convention my parents attended- it was nice- would like to go there again as an adult if I can drag myself away from the caribbean which always seems to win out over other destinations- my sister goes there every year and says hawaii is her absolute favorite place on earth- know it would be a wonderful cruise to see all the islands
    Also think a mediterranean (sp) cruise would be pretty neat
    Saving alaska for when we are in our 70's or 80's and don't care about fun in the sun anymore..........................will such a time ever come?
  20. mom2MCI

    mom2MCI Guest

    Good Evening everyone..

    I like the Island Hoppers. That one gets my vote. What a beautiful day today. We spent it at our version of Lake Lanier. We always enjoyed going there when we lived in Georgia. Probably will spend most of the weekend there as well. I have decided it will be nice to have nice relaxing weekend. I might start reading about the different islands we are visiting. I really haven't done much on that yet.

    Enjoy the weekend..


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