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AOS 9/12/04 Anyone out there?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by IBCAR18, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. piercetc2

    piercetc2 Guest

    Rich and Alli- hope you guys don't get much from Rita! Heard one weather guy say it could affect austin - hope it just sends a little rain your way and thats it- be ready- battery powered radio, ice, gas, flashlights, etc...................
    Our thoughts and prayers coming your way-
  2. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Hello to all! Sure praying for anyone whom might be effected by Hurricane Rita. Filled my car up with gas on the way home today as they say gas prices here will rise again this weekend with possible shortages in the area. Praying for the best! Good to see Jodi and Kerri's posts. Hello to ya'll and your hubbies.................Michelle:)
  3. rock0994

    rock0994 Guest

    Hi everyone. Our prayers are with everyone effected by all of these hurricanes - its so scary. I sure hope that the weather calms down next month for our cruise. Keri and Todd - Happy 11th anniversary to you!!! We went out to an Italian restaurant - both nothing compares to an anniversary in Barbados.
    Have a great night.
  4. Jibace

    Jibace Guest

    Hoppers -

    First of all, happy 1st Island Hopper anniversary

    We are safe and dry and the way it looks we will stay dry. Rita has steadily moved East and is threatening the border towns along Texas/Louisiana. Our rain chances went down from 70% to 30% the last couple days.

    We are taking in evacuees from Galveston/Houston area while we are assisting the last of the Katrina evacuees. There will be a lot of long work hours but little threat to our homes/lives from this. We filled our water jugs and recharged cell phones, flashlights, etc just in case...

    Ally and I took an extended weekend to San Antonio for our 21st anniversary on the 15th. We stayed in a B&B in the historic King Williams District. It was a short walk to downtown and the riverwalk.

    Be safe,

    Rich and Ally
  5. piercetc2

    piercetc2 Guest

    Happy Anniversary's to all celebrating this month-
    love san antonio- we did a family vacation there a few yrs ago in july- would like to do it again but in a cooler month- really neat city-
    glad to hear Rich and Ally are safe from rita- lets hope the rest of the hurricanes stay clear of the gulf- we all need a breather in those areas-
    people here started going nuts again at the gas stations- thinking there may be a shortage or a price increase- some are filling their tanks and several spare containers-
    happy island hopper anniversary too- guys- wish we were there now on the adventure - what a great trip!!!
  6. Jibace

    Jibace Guest

    The best evacuee sign I saw painted on a boarded up window was "No Rita - unless it's a margarita"
  7. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Happy Anniversary to Cherly & Dave and Todd & Kerri!!!!! Rich, loved the sign you mentioned. Really cute. Everyone have a great weekend.

  8. hookedup

    hookedup Guest

    Hi Everyone - What's happening - there has been no posts for over a month! Hope you are all well. You are certainly coping it with the Hurricanes this season.

    Todd and I are just back from the Philippines and loved it. The first destination was El Nido and was probably the favorite. They are not geared for tourism and you stay amongst the locals. Extremely nice people. Only around 6 other foreigners in town. We hired a boatman and guide for 3 days and island hopped around these amazing limestone islands. The weather was fantastic and the snorkeling awesome and the sights including caves, secret beaches and lagoons unforgettable.

    The second destination was Coron where we discovered scuba diving and obtained our PADI certificate. The town itself had nothing to offer so we were glad we spent the time under the sea. It is a popular spot for divers given that this is where the Japanese ships from WW2 have been sunk. One spot was amazing - there are thermal springs rising from the bottom with the sea water mixing from the surface and it produces like a heat haze under the water when you disturb it - and as you dive deeper it gets hotter - quite a strange sensation. This place also had heaps of jelly fish (which apparently don't sting) - they were massive and a bit eery.

    The third destination was Boracay - tourism at last ! A fantastic 4km long white sand beach and clear blue water. 4 days here, enjoying shopping, good eating and a beautiful beach etc (the wallet finally opens).

    2 nights in Manila (which doesn't do much for me) before flying home.

    Well I'm a Mum again and the holiday is long forgotten. The girls certainly pull you back to reality pretty quickly!!!!

    Love to hear from you all soon. Kerri
  9. piercetc2

    piercetc2 Guest

    Kerri - sounds like you had a wonderful vacation- congrats on your dive cert. - i can't imagine doing that with my shark fear-
    we just got back from the mariner cruise this past monday- had a fabulous time- did the orient beach again which had the same incredible waves and also rode rhino riders ( jetski type boats for 2) great fun- did sapphire beach on st. thomas and it was very nice also- Brad liked coki beach better though- saw some iguanas there- On Nassau we went to Senor Frogs and enjoyed that atmosphere for a while- The Mariner was a great ship- the food could use a little work in dining room- the casino could be more "giving" also- We loved getting to cruise with Dave and Cheryl again- did a 11:30 trip the last night to Johnny Rockets- yum- The weather was great for us- We enjoyed the wig and gavel each evening - bar with a guitar player and we sang with him there- Was so much to do we could not get to it all - saved some for next time.......
    Would post pics if i knew how...........
    more later
    missed you all-
  10. rock0994

    rock0994 Guest

    Hi Everyone. We did have a great time on the mariner with Brad and Tamra - hopefully next year other island hoppers can join us. I am having a hard time getting back into normal life - I need a vacation after a cruise. I need to catch up on some sleep - on the cruise you go from about 9am to 3am. Does anyone have any plans to cruise again next year?

    Have a great day.
  11. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Wow.....we have posts here!!!!! I was surprised to see this. What a great surprise. Glad to see you guys have made it back home safe and sound. Kerri, your trip sounds AWESOME! I bet you and Brad had a blast. Would love to hera more about it if you can email me direct. Tamra and Cheryl, glad ya'll had a wonderful cruise to Caribbean. Beaches are always a wonderful thing. Glad to hear the weather was good for ya'll as I thought of ya'll that entire week. I am sure the Mariner was a great ship. Sure wished Stan and I could have joined you guys. Next year I believe that Stan and I doing Alaska again. We were just so amazed by this destination that it is already calling my name again. So much to do there and so much to see..........I just cannot wait to go back there. Hope everyone is doing good. Stan is turning 50 Monday so we are havin' a big ole' surprise B/D for him here on Sunday. Should be a big shinbig!!!! Chat with you guys later......................Michelle :)
  12. piercetc2

    piercetc2 Guest

    michelle- we took pics at johnny rockets to send you but our camera must have been off or on video as now we don't have the pic! boo hoo- we were so excited about that pic! would post here some pics we do have but don't know how...........?
    alaska again.........you must love it! we are saving alaska til a bit later in life ( our thinking at the moment) but may do navigator next fall or even considering a all inclusive place somewhere like cancun , cozumel, belize, etc......
    the mariner was a great ship- similar to adventure but adventure had a sports bar on promenade and the guys missed having that.......... the wig and gavel was a fun place to visit each night with a guitar singer that we sang with most songs- very nice time there-
    i would recommend this ship - if you like the larger ships- food needs some work in dining room but windjammer was pretty good and dining room was good on lobster night- had a few things we liked but overall could use some sprucing up - lots tasted like cafeteria food from picadilly ....................
    michelle- will you go to alaska again on princess or will you try another line this time?
    more later
  13. rock0994

    rock0994 Guest

    I hope everyone had a great Halloween - Taylor ended up with a lot of candy!!! She took some to school - the kids send candy to the troops. Now I need to start thinking about Christmas shopping - it will be here before we know it.

    Michelle - tell Stan happy 50th birthday!!!!

    Have a great night
  14. hookedup

    hookedup Guest

  15. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Kerri, your pictures are amazing! Looks like a fabulous place for holiday!! The water is very clear and beautiful. Tamra, not sure which cruise line we ill do next to Alaksa. Princess was just fine. To me they are all really the same. The food on all is the same....bland and yes your right, Picadilly style. Everyone have a great day....later.

    Michelle :)
  16. piercetc2

    piercetc2 Guest

    Kerri- love those pic's- are you a photographer? wow what talent- phillipines look wonderful- wonder how long it would take to fly there from here................. would love to go there some day-
    thanks for sharing the pic's- you and Todd look great!!!!
  17. rock0994

    rock0994 Guest

    Hi Island Hoppers!! We wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone is doing well.

    Cheryl and Dave
  18. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Thanks Cheryl!! Same goes from Stan and I. We wish everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year! Just had to share that I have officially now this week made it to my 5 year remission free from Leukemia!!!!! Yipee!!!!!!! That was my biggest goal!!!! Congrats to Rich!!!! Got your card! Thanks! Your movin' on up in the world fella! Will vist you and Ally is we every make it top big Austin. Merry Christmas to all Hoppers!
    Michelle :)
  19. rock0994

    rock0994 Guest

    Michelle, That is wonderful - it sounds like time to celebrate with a cruise!!!!!

    Rich Congratulations!!

    Brad, Tamra, Dave and I are planning to cruise again in October - Western Caribbean this time. Any other Island Hoppers want to join us???

  20. hookedup

    hookedup Guest

    Merry Christmas to all Island Hoppers from Down Under!!!! Love to you all and your families during the festive season.

    It's hot and sticky here and a big Xmas day planned for us here at our place - some prawns, sushi, cold cuts, salads etc and plenty of cold stubbies in our stubby holders while we float around in the swimming pool!!!!

    One more day of work before we break for Xmas New Year - knocking off at 1.30pm tomorrow and hooking up the boat for an afternoon of wakeboarding - what a way to start the break!!! Can't wait.

    Wishing all your dreams come true and make for a fantastic 2006 - it's bound to be GOOD!

    Luv Kerri

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