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AOS 9/12/04 Anyone out there?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by IBCAR18, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. me&eric

    me&eric Guest

    Hi everyone!
    Kerri send me the pic of the T-shirt please. I am dying to see it! my email mrheinheimer@jsmithlanier.com Michelle, hows the weather where you are? I heard on the news it was bad, stormy. You ok? Jodi good luck on your missions trip and have fun, when are you going again? Sorry I need to catch up on everything. Hope everyone is doing well. Chat soon!!!!!!
  2. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Good morning everyone!!!!! Melissa, looks like you got post # 100 for our little thread here!!!!!! Congrats!!!! Weather here is great now that the weekend has passed!! Only had two rain showers while camping this weekend. Not too bad. Tamara, the shuttle to the ship at 10:30 am is fine with us. We will more than likely drop off our luggage in our cabin and head back to San Juan to explore during the day anyway, so the time is fine with us. Jodi, the tour with Lawrence of Antigua consists of:

    My tour last just over three hours, before you relax yourself on the beach there is a restaurant, beach chairs and other facilities on the beach. You can even do some snorkeling at the beach. We visit historical places like English Harbour, Nelson Dockyard, Shirley Heights, infact the entire National Park on the Southern side of the island. After we drive through the rain forest, then we come around the beautiful coast line before relaxing on the beach. You pay me cash after return to cruise ship when your day is completed. You can pay as low as $25 US each. It depends on how many people.

    His bus can hold up to 14 people and so far we have a confirmed 10. I believe the beach he takes us to is Turners Beach but not 100% sure. If you have any specific questions you can email him at lawrenceof antigua@yahoo.com

    All Island Hoppers......have a great day!!!!! Check back in later........Michelle.
  3. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    Good Morning Island Hoppers...

    Hey there GA.....we will be hitting the road bright and early to Atlanta tomorrow. I sent you an email, we need your phone number. I will check to see if you sent it.

    Have a great day......
  4. mom2MCI

    mom2MCI Guest

    Hey Island Hoppers....

    If we keep posting like this maybe we can hit 500 before our cruise!! Michelle..thanks for the information and adding us. The excursions sound awesome.

    Kerri...thanks for doing the shirts. I am going to look at the Web page you suggested.

    Maybe we should post it on the other page since we have a few people still over there?

    Have we heard from Kathy or Lou lately?

  5. hookedup

    hookedup Guest

    I would like to see the quality of the image printed on a shirt, before I submit it to this site, as I would hate to have you all order your shirts and find they weren't clear or something. Thought I would try to get ours done here in Australia and be the "guinea pigs" so to speak. Also today one digital copier suggested buying the t-shirt transfer paper and printing the image from my colour printer at home. It is then ironed on to shirt of choice. Anyone had an experiences with this "do it yourself" method. It's more cost effective (10 sheets of A4 transfer paper for $25AUD, so around $16USD).
  6. hookedup

    hookedup Guest

    I've adjusted the image a little to align the pics, also had a space in the word September. I noted that the ship is Adventure of the Seas and not Adventurer of the Seas as I had. I've changed this too. (Melissa you have the correct image). I can forward you the realigned image again later, in case you are like me it is now my desktop on the computer!

  7. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Good morning all AOS Island Hoppers!!!!! Busy day already today......weather is great which makes me think about cruising!!!!!!!!! Everyone have a wonderful day.

  8. mom2MCI

    mom2MCI Guest

    Good Morning Everyone...

    Just wanted to get one more quick post in before we leave for the week. I can't wait to get back and read all of the post and see what we have decided about the shirts. I think they are going to look great. Thanks Kerri for doing all of this. Wish us luck on this trip. We are definately going to need a vacation after this!!

    Have a great weekend everyone and even better week!!

  9. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Good morning to all the AOS 9/12 Island Hoppers!!! TGIF!!!!! Glad the weekend is here again and finally with good weather!!! Jodi, I hope you all have a safe and terrific week!! Come back safe. I think I am gonna' go shopping this weekend for some cruise items!!! Been seeing some really good deals lately on clothing, so off we go finally to purchase cruise items!! Our time is gettin' closer!!! How exciting. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll be checkin' in with you guys later...............Michelle.
  10. piercetc2

    piercetc2 Guest

    Have a great mission trip , Jodi. Enjoy shopping Michelle!
    There seems to be a couple more people over on the other site. Wonder if they have tried to check out this site?
    Have a great weekend everyone- will check in later-
  11. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Is anyone interested in a deep sea fishing charter @ Barbados????? We love to deep sea fish in the Caribbean........anyone intersted please let me know. Michelle.
  12. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Good Saturday afternoon to all. The one and only weekend we decide not to go out on the lake the weather decides to be BEAUTIFUL here!!!!! Happen's everytime. Anyway, took a ride out on the Harley this afternoon. What a great day it is here in Atlanta. No cruise shopping yet.....even though that was on my agenda for the weekend. Maybe tomorrow. Well, hope everyone is having a good weekend. Barbados Deep Sea Fishing anyone?????????
  13. hookedup

    hookedup Guest

    How much is the deep sea fishing trip?
  14. rock0994

    rock0994 Guest

    I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Were having a pool party with 9 of my daughters friends today. Luckily were having good weather!!

    Kerri- What do we need to do next to order the shirts?

  15. hookedup

    hookedup Guest

    Hi Island Hoppers!!!

    Cheryl as for the shirts, I'll get one printed up this week here in Oz and see how the quality appears. I'll then upload the image to the zazzle.com site and let you all know.

    Maybe just one couple would like to order first and make sure all is OK with the final result and then give everyone else the go ahead via the posts. I'll let you fight that out between you.

    What image do you want on the front of the shirt? There are several options:

    * Same image in the centre front and centre back;
    * Small pocket size image on front and large image on back
    * Image only on back (blank front)

    If you think pocket size is good for the front, like most shirts around, I think the photographs would be too small, so maybe just the words "island hoppers and the date & cruise details". Let me know what you guys think?

    Michelle - not sure about the deep sea fishing now, it would probably be better to see the island itself. Sorry!

    Have a good day everyone. It's clear and sunny here is Queensland, I'm heading for the sun now. Kerri
  16. rock0994

    rock0994 Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    Kerri - As far as the design, it doesn't matter to me. I can order first and let everyone know how they look. Thanks for all your work on the shirts - their going to look great!!

    I think Dave and I are going to hire a driver for the day in Barbados. Since, its our 10 year anniversary - we want to do something special. With a driver we can plan the day as we go. We still need to plan our day in St. Lucia, any ideas??

    We have 2 months to go!!!! yeah!!!

  17. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Good morning AOS 9/12/04 Island Hoppers!!!! Found us way down on the page!!! Whaz' up with that??? Where is everyone? For those on the tour with Charles Connolley @ St. Lucia and Lawrence @ Antigua, here are two emails I received confirming our reservations:

    Hi Michelle
    Everything is confirmed for September 15th.The price is only $25.US.each person.I will
    send e-mail early next month with full arrival information.Looking forward to serve you.
    Lawrence of Antigua.

    Hi Michelle, The cost is $50 USpp Include admmision fees,water,beer,sodas and rumpunch. Because of (I.S.P.S.C) International Ship &Port Security Code I will e-mail you later to tell you were we will meet. Thank Frank

    Cheryl, if you want I can email Frank @ St. Lucia to see if we have room for two more if you are interested. Let me know......

    We are under 2 months now til cruise time!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipee........!!!!!!!!!!

    Check back in later with ya'll. Michelle.
  18. StudMuffin

    StudMuffin Guest

    YEEEEEEESSSS , under 2 months....oops wrong thread!
  19. me&eric

    me&eric Guest

    Hello island hoppers!
    Just checking in. Michelle thanks for the tour info. Hope everyone has a great day!!!!!
  20. piercetc2

    piercetc2 Guest

    Have any of you decided what you will pack for the cruise? Is anyone thinking of taking a pair of pants that could be worn with 2 different tops so you have 2 outfits with 3 pieces instead of 4? trying to convince myself not to over pack this time-
    have a great day!

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