Are carry-ons enough?...Or am I crazy?



if they are carrying their bags on board...they can certainly carry them off with them...we just did that on the Dawn Norwegian...we carried ( rolled) all our luggage off in the morning so we dditn have to wait and go through that mass confusion searching for our luggage. we rolled ours off and proceeded to the parking lot to get our car.


Skip if your carry-ons are legal size for the airline overhead bins they will let you carry them onboard the ship with you. When you are boarding the ship they have those template things like the airlines do to measure your suitcases. They are located right in front of the scanners. They will NOT let you carry on over-sized luggage, nor will they allow you to carry off over-sized bags so if you are only bringing legal sized carry-ons with you, you wouldn't have to bother with putting your luggage out the night prior to be picked up. You will just walk off the ship with it. On the Adventure the luggage is grouped in the terminal by luggage tag color.

When you are debarking you will first hit the customs officials to show your papers, then you enter the terminal where you are greeted by the "stevedores" who ask if you want to use their services or not? If so, they will ask you your luggage tag color and then lead you there. I was in and out of that terminal in minutes a few weeks ago. It's much more organized than it was last year.

My daughter and I each had a rolling carry-on and a beach bag that we walked on and off the ship with. No one was walking off with regular suitcases. I think the fact that going up and down all those escalators is one reason they won't allow it.


Thanks Ali. And DJP, for the record,, we are not skipping the dining room because of the clothes "issue".

Once again, you guys/girls bailed me out. Thanks!


That was exactly what I was talking about .The legal size fits in the box rolling carry ons.From LadyJags discription it sounded as if those were the kind she said they were not always letting on the ship and had to be checked in(sometimes). She was saying it was safer with an over the shoulder type and we can't do that because of back problems I need to wheel mine so I use the airline regulation carry ons with wheels.No problem with the airlines it fits just fine.After reading LadyJags post about wheeled carry ons being turned away on some sailings and having to be checked in at the pier I was worried about the valuables that are in mine and wanted to know if anyone else had had this happen? But you seem to be agreeing that those are still allowed as mine was in May of this year.



Laurie I always take my rolling carry-on with me on the ship, it has my laptop and valubles in it. It's not a laptop case, but a normal carry-on as it fits more stuff in it than a regular laptop one does. I have never had a problem taking it onboard with me on any ship that I have sailed on. I have seen where they are cracking down on the larger suitcases and rolling duffle bags though. They will make you put it in that suitcase template thing and if it doesn't fit, you then had to check it.

Here is what mine looks like: