Are you allowed to sneak a travel iron on?



Hi all,

Just curious, we are thinking of sneaking a small travel iron on our next cruise. We are very responsible & will not put it away until it is cool to the touch, if the steward sees it, would we ger in trouble?
~ Marina

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These are a fire hazard. They will not let you take one on board.

Pressing can be done by the ship, and the price is quite reasonable.

from Royal Carib... for instance...
<font color=blue>Please note: We do not provide irons in the staterooms as they constitute a fire hazard. </font>

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Somehow I don't think those two words work well together. If something is allowed, there would be no need to sneak.

It is an extreme safety issue that bars travel irons from being used aboard cruiseships. The biggest fear/danger aboard is fire. EVERYONE knows they will be extremely careful using it and everyone KNOWS their iron is in perfect working order, but unfortunately, that is not always the case.

For the safety of everyone aboard, No irons allowed.


Here is an excerpt from my Sensation review from last August:

We hung out on deck for an hour or so, and then we decided to go back to our cabin and unpack. Upon arriving we found that three of our four bags had arrived, but where was the last one? We soon found out. We received a call from the pursers desk informing us that our last piece of luggage was in security’s hands, and that we needed to go down to deck 3 forward to claim it. I made the short trek down one flight of stairs to deck 3, and found the security area where about a dozen or so bags were being held. All luggage that enters the ship is x-rayed, and any “suspicious†bags are held for inspection. I unlocked the bag for the security man, and the “suspicious†item turned out to be a portable travel iron. We were allowed to keep our iron and our bag was cleared. Can’t say the same for a young lady who was claiming a bag the same time I was. She had her handcuffs confiscated. Hmmm, she must have been a policewoman!! lol.

I was amazed that they let us keep it last time. I told Patti not to pack the travel iron this time!!!!! :nono


I have taken our travel iron on all cruises that don't offer self laundry service. So, that means I have taken it on all Royal Caribbean and Century cruises, but not on Princess cruises. It has been in my cabin in view of the cabin attendant and nothing has been said. I turn it off after use, unplug it and by the time I leave my cabin it is cool. Never heard that it was a prohibited item.


I've brought one on every cruise and never had a problem. But then again, I make sure its unplugged, cooled and cannot begin a fire. Its like booze, you aren't supposed to bring it on board but people do. I know, booze isn't a fire hazard, however, put the person using booze and using an iron together and the scene isn't pretty. Personally, if you are worried about it, leave it at home and spend a little extra to have your clothes pressed.


I like candles........can I bring them on board? :grin (Just kidding) Why not try that Downy product that you spray on and the wrinkles come out? To me, using an iron in your cabin is an accident waiting to happen. A lot of ships have a designated area for washers and dryers AND irons....seems a lot safer. Or use the ships services. :wave

Donna - dsw

Every cruise ship I have been on has an iron and ironing borad in the laundry room. If it is too much trouble to walk to the laundry - then you should wear your clothes as they are. Just my opinion.


Why would you want to work on your vacation, just send it out its much easier. I wouldn't take a change on starting a fire!!! You might be responible, but maybe the next guy isn't so that why they have rules!!! :hammer


I brought one on my first cruise because I didnt' know they were discouaged. I ended up not using it, but they did allow it on the ship. I did use the Downy wrinkle releaser once or twice and it worked fine. :)


11 cruises and have taken the travel iron 11 times and used it every time. Not every ship has a laundry room and I refuse to pay the high price of pressing and turnaround time is a little long for us. We always unplug it and do not leave it unattended

Lady Jag

There's never been any sneaking involved. We've never had anyone tell us we couldn't use our Rowenta travel iron. The cabin stewards have even carefully wrapped the cords up for us. We always bring our iron, and to date, haven't burnt any ships down. :grin


The RCCL ships we have been one have not had a self serve laundry with ironing boards. I've always brought my travel iron with me. (plus my curling iron)

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I've never had to "sneak" an iron aboard a cruise ship, travel or full-size. We bring either one or both on every cruise we go on and keep it in plain sight in the cabin. We've never been told by either the cabin steward or security that we cannot bring one onboard. The security guard that x-rayed and subsequently opened my carry-on last year even pulled out our travel iron (when she could not identify what it was from the x-rays I guess) and then placed it back in my bag and told me to move along!


I bring a travel steamer and have never had a problem, I think it is esaier to steam the clothes than try to iron in the cabin, there just isn't much space.