Are you dressed like a man?



I'm fairly new around here, but in that short time I've seen several postings regarding tuxedo rental. I'm a bit surprised and disappointed that we are not all better dressed than that.

I'd like to offer a few reasons to not rent a tuxedo. Pardon if my attitude shows a little.

Renting used clothes is something kids do to dress themselves for proms and weddings. If you're big enough to book your own cruise, you're big enough to buy your own clothes.

A well dressed gentleman (this should include any man successful enough to vacation on a cruise ship) has a tuxedo in his wardrobe. Tuxedos are not just for cruising. I wear mine 2-3 times per year when I'm not cruising. Wear it when you take your wife out on your anniversary - she deserves it. I guarantee you'll get better service all evening...

You need your own tux so you can get it properly fitted. Don't rely on the clerk at the rental place to get it perfect, likely he won't. There's no substitute for a good fit.

Many rental tuxedos are made of polyester so they'll stand up to heavy use and frequent cleaning. You've worked hard to dress yourself better than that. And who knows how worn the tux you might get will be.

All the itineraries I've seen have informal and casual nights in addition to formal nights. You'll need a nice coat for the informal nights, and packing a tuxedo is no more difficult than packing a good suit. You won't need extra luggage.

Lastly, save your money. Buying a tux costs about the same as renting one twice. We're all addicts here, so we KNOW we'll be needing that tuxedo again and again.

Our next cruise will have three formal nights, so I went on EBay recently and got a few more accessories to put a little splash-n-dash into the same-o same-o. Didn't want to look like a penguin with a tic, and didn't cost hardly nuthin' either.

Hey, you're a successful man! Dress like it!



Your points are well taken but...(Isn't there always a but???) Formal dress is a touchy subject on these boards. A lot of folks who come here are "newbie cruisers" and they are shocked...shocked that you would have to dress up in a suit never mind a tux. They are shocked to find out that Celebrity is a more refined type of cruise and that people actually dress formally.

Opinion is split 50/50 on the subject. The trend towards casual has left a lot of pax wondering how to handle a Celebrity cruise. Some pax want a more refined experience and some pax want all the refinement of an X cruise but they do not think that they should have to bother dressing up. Example: I read a post by a lady who said that her husband dressed in a business suit and that only 25% of the pax dressed in tuxedos. I was on the exact same cruise and counted well over 50% dressed in tuxedos at the late seating.

I am sure that your above comments will probably ellicit some negative diatribe that will go something like: "It's my cruise and I don't see why I have to have a tuxedo...blah blah blah"

;All that being said...You are right!!! You can buy a tux for about the same money that it takes to rent one.



Whats the big deal?? Why dont everyone worry about what they want to wear and quit trying to make others conform to their notions. I know I am goin to wear what I want to and Im not going to be worried about what others around me are wearing. I am not going to try to impress someone by wearing a tux but if you want to wear one that is fine. My suit cost is alot more than a stupid Tux if that makes you feel better.LOL Go on the cruise and enjoy it and quit worrying about dumb stuff.


I can see both sides no one is trying to tell you to wear a tux a suit would be fine but as for me if it says formal then a tux is formal that is not to say a black suit would not be fine but if you are going to buy or rent a tux I think you would look better and it is an upscale cruise why not act like an adult and dress in the proper manner !!!


Evidently I touched the wrong nerve.

According to Celebrity's dress code suits AND tuxedos are both appropriate for formal nights. I have no problem with my tablemates wearing suits when I'm dressed in a tux. That's not what my post was about. Hey, wear a suit! You look great!

BUT, if you intend to wear a tux, there are better options than renting. Rental wear is often ill fitting, heavily used, polyester, expensive... Renting clothes is what kids do who don't have a complete wardrobe. Problem is, we get used to associating formalwear with rental shops. Shouldn't be.

Again, this isn't about tuxedos being mandatory, only that -buying- is better than -renting-.

Spender Nui

As a matter of interest, I've owned a tux (actually a few) for the last 30 years. I always took them on cruises. The past few years, especially with all the airport hassles and the unsecure luggage situation, (not to mention they aren't as light as they used to be) I've started taking a dark blue suit instead. I use the suit jacket as a sport coat (OK, maybe I'm stretching it) for informal nights. Really cuts down on luggage and works fine for me.

I also had the pleasure of taking several Renaissance cruises where jackets and ties weren't necessary ... and yet everyone dressed nicely. Really country club casual ... comfort and class too. Hard to beat.

Born To Cruise

Well all,

My husband obviously is not the "norm". When we began cruising many years ago, he would not even consider renting a tux. He wanted his own and went about getting exactly what he wanted.

Now, he has two, and a white diner jacket which he takes along on every cruise. In addition, we have had to replace all of his cumberbuns and studs, etc., because he left them behind on the ship two cruises ago. (You can believe I check all the drawers and closets now before we leave the stateroom on the last day!)

He says he feels "dignified" when he is all dressed up! I love the formal wear, and
bring twice what I need on most trips.

Bon Voyage to all!


I, too have a tux and a white dinner jacket, a charcoal vest and a champagne one (cuz cumerbund's don't fit me well any more:) ). I enjoy looking nice on formal nights, and my wife outdoes me. TEHO

And, urbanian, I put mine on every New Years Eve just to wear at home to ring in the new year. My wife dresses formal, that evening, too.


What would be better for the "Captain's Welcome Aboard Cocktail Party", a tux or a dinner jacket?
And for the "Captain's Farewell Dinner" ?
Your help appreciated



Jorge, Either the tux or the dinner jacket is fine for the Captain's dinners. I prefer the look of a man in a traditional Tux..... but that's just my opinion. :)



Last Princess cruise, I saw a man who solved the whole "formal night" conundrum: for casual nights, he wore a golf shirt with jeans, "smart casual" he changed pants (but not the shirt!) to dockers. On formal night, he added a clip-on plaid necktie to the (same) golf shirt! His SO was attired in more traditional attire each night. I asked our waiter, who served both tables, and she said that he was making a point about "this $%# dress code," not (as I had first suspected) the victim of lost luggage. Wonder what he wears to church...


I have to admit that at first I was concerned about this "dress like a man" stuff and the successful man crap and well, I figured that I was destined to be cruising with a bunch of snobs! I did, however, do some research for the man who is pulling his cruise together on a budget and is a wonderful success to his family, his little league team and his community. I was quite content with my suit but checked in on the tux idea, and realized that it can be done , maybe much cheaper than you think! I purchased a very nice tux with pants, shirt and tie for under 75 bucks on ebay and the fit is great and yes, It makes me feel like a million bucks!! So, the tux idea, is not a bad gig and may be right in your price range....if its not though, youre welcome to sit with Seriously, I think the point is, to have a great time, dress up, look sharp and have a little fun.....If you have a suit, great, if you have a tux, great.....I mostly want to see your smile....



Ditto Christmas Eve. We dress to the nines, go out to the fanciest restaurant in town, back home for gift exchange, then out to the cathedral for the music program preluding midnight mass. Makes a great evening.
We also like to dine out for our anniversary. When the waitstaff sees you dressed up, they know it's a special occasion, and will take extra care of you.

You were exactly the person I was addressing. Reread it with that in mind. The mega-rich snobs already own a tux, or two, or three, and don't need to be told.

I just bought a white dinner jacket on Ebay for $25. Got a crazy floral cummerbund & bow tie, some fancy studs/cufflinks, and a nice vest too. All together cost less than $50.

You can buy shoes right out of rental stock at the local tux rental. Rental shoes are unjustly notoriously painful. I tried on about six pair before I found the ones that fit. Now my formal shoes are one of my most comfortable pairs. I've had them since '97 (for my wedding), and they cost $35 back then.

>>I think the point is, to have a great time, dress up, look sharp and have a little fun.....If you have a suit, great, if you have a tux, great.....I mostly want to see your smile....<<

Hear, hear! You do have a way with words!



We have noticed that as the years go on and on the so called formal dress get less and less formal.

My wife and I dont get (except at weddings) to dress up much and we enjoy the formal dress and feel good doing it.

In the early 80s, formal dress on the ship was exactly that and most men wore jacket and ties every other night that they didnt wear thier tux.

When I started flying in the early 60s everyone dressed in a jacket and tie.

To me things will never quite be that way again.


idssms, I feel exactly like you. Even if I started flying in the 70's :) (despite the years, it was in a plane)