Are you planning to take a cruise in 2012?

Are you planning to take a cruise in 2012?

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    Votes: 102 94.4%
  • No

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I'm on Island Time
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Are you planning to take a cruise in 2012? I know its fun to plan an adventure at sea. So are you thinking of booking a cruise in or already have in 2012?

George C

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Since I have taken a cruise every year since 1977, the answer is yes. Have not booked anything might do a AI resort 1st then cruise in late November.


Sweden Unleased - Special Contributor
Yes! A Med cruise in October already booked (but not paid...:whistle:). Planning for shore excursions ongoing. :boogie:
I will probably do a couple of short 2-night ferry cruises to Helsinki too this year.



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I have two going for 2012 and hope to plan a family cruise soon just have not gotten to it yet
APRIL calif castal out of la
JUNE ALASKA with the ducks can'[t wait


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We've got 2 on the books (including the one day after tomorrow), and are still contemplating one more. You have to spend all your money before the Mayans turn off the lights at the end of the year! LOL!


The Euro Connection Special Contributor
So far no plans, sounds strange to say that.
One reason for this is that I got the Big Easy cruise in early March 2013.
Let's see, time will show. Later time to plan what to do during my summer vacation in August.


Forever Remembered
Yes - hosting friends on Sapphire Princess Pacific Coastal on April 28th; hosting Ducks and DITS on HAL Amsterdam on June 29th; and taking R&R on Crystal Symphony North Atlantic on September 5th.


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Yes, have the Coral Princess planned for 10/28/2012......Los Angeles to Ft. Lauderdale, 14 days......our first cruise longer than 7 days, our first through the Panama Canal and our first 'one way' cruise. Can't hardly wait!