Are you planning to take a cruise in 2012?

Are you planning to take a cruise in 2012?

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One down (Carnival Pride on Feb 12th) and two to go...well, actually three if you consider one is a B2B :biggrin:


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I'm waiting on friends to see if they want to book with us to take a 5 night out of New Orleans.


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We've got 2 on the books (including the one day after tomorrow), and are still contemplating one more. You have to spend all your money before the Mayans turn off the lights at the end of the year! LOL!
Okay, okay, I give--added a couple more. Dang Mayans making me spend every dime...LOL!


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Yes! I will be taking a cruise in 2012! I booked a cruise that will be stopping in Mexico so I get to tour a Mayan ruin on 12/21/12! How cool is that!!! So while everyone else is freaking out about the end of the world I will be on a ship being pampered. I found this site 12/21/12 Cruise through google! They were crazy nice and got me a great deal plus $50 worth of credits that I can spend on board the ship. Hello Pina Coladas!!!! I love cruises!


One down and anorher on Carnival on Sept. 1st. Have one booked for March 2013-thinking abt one for fall 2013--Just wish it was easier for Paw to cruise all these bags and scooters are getting too much for him.


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Had nothing booked up to last week, but now we have two. The kicker is that each of us will do just one. Because of work schedules, interests, etc, we decided to split our vacations and each take one child at different times. So, on August 6th, Patti & Kevin will be heading up to Canada aboard the Carnival Glory out of New York City. It sure will be strange dropping them off and picking them up!! :whistle: Ryan loves driving down to Florida, so on August 13th we will be driving down to Orlando for 4 nights,(watch out Mbandy, here we come!!:cheer:), then on August 18th driving up to Jacksonville to hop on the Carnival Fascination. So, in the end we will all get our cruise fix for this summer!! :biggrin:


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Hi everyone. I just joined and it's my pleasure to share experience, because I'm planning to go on a cruise this year and am looking for suggestions.


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Yes, 14 days to Hawaii on the Golden leaving December 5th. We're going with some friends we met on our last Hawaiian cruise.
We are planning to take our 5th wheel from Montana to Earp, California, and leave it there while we are gone, then stay there another week or two. DH has friends who will be in the same park so they'll be able to check our frig for us. Then we'll head somewhere else for another month or two - then back to work for my last year before retirement.
Can't wait. Hope we get all our health issues resolved before then - I have a herniated disc, fracture high in my spine, and the beginning of rheumathoid arthritis. Will be starting some pill that is also used for chemo for some kind of cancers, but will be on a lower dose so I am hopeful that it will slow things down. I am finding that old age is not for sissys!!

Keith & Rita

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We are booked!
Carnival Conquest, Sept 16, 2012 out of NOLA, 7 day W Caribbean
HAL Noordam, Dec 27, 2012 New Year criuise out of FLL, 11 day S Caribbean