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Aruba and Bonaire Im getting conflicting information on Topless beaches

Going to Aruba and Bonaire this fall. Wife likes to go topless and wear a thong, just something she likes to do on vaction. From what I gather its legal on both islands. Whats in question is where.

Aruba- Ive heard Machebo(eagle,druif,etc) and Ive heard baby beach. What i


What I am looking for is really the best beach experice where she can do this. I would rather it be a place where lots of women do it or a secluded place. Shes not a big fan of doing it where shes the only one more of a crowd thing. Ive read a lot of back and forth information and lot of it is dated. No one can tell whos going to be on a beach on any given day but maybe some people that are locals or have been here a lot know where to go.

Other than that I got grenada and dominica which ive heard arent huge beach spots to begin with and I got St thomas.