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A group of 9 is stopping in Aruba at the end of August on a cruise. Since this is our first time on the island a few of us are thinking about taking a tour around the island to see if it's a place we'd be interested in coming back to.

The issue is that some of the tours by companies like ABC Tours seems to get some bad reviews of the places they stop at (natural bride - which fell, gold mine - just ruins, and places like the lighthouse and ostrich farm.

While we'd like to see the island we'd also like to just see the best things and beaches while skipping some of the filler stuff some of these tours seem to include.

Because of that we were hoping that we'd get some suggestions on what are some of the must-see things and what are some of the things we should probably skip.

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In my opinion, Aruba is not a very interesting island. It is flat and it is dry. There are some nice formations to see on the north coast but I don't feel worth spending money to get to. My suggestion is to walk into town and grab the beach bus. Take it to the end and then, on the return, get off at either Eagle or Palm Beach and enjoy the day at the beach.


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I always try to have a positive attitude in my posts but I have to be honest. Aruba does not interest me at all any more. The way the authorities there handled the Natalee Holloway incident really left a bad taste in my mouth so I'll spend my tourist dollars elsewhere. As long as you don't run in to Jorn van der Sloot or his friends you should be OK.

Aruba is an interesting island. Half desert and half tropical makes a very interesting climate. The Divi trees are very unique. If you snorkel or dive ther are many wonderful reefs and wrecks to visit.

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..we have had a timeshare at Divi Resorts in Aruba;for 10 plus years..
we stay for 2 weeks at a pop... and having met many Arubians over the years my only comment on them is they are truly devastated on the Holloway incident,it broke their hearts that their lovely country was judged on merits of things they were not allowed to determine ;it is a Dutch country, their laws, and system is NOT American, and while we are not happy in how many things were handled... it was a travesty of many things..
where were the um 30 plus chaperons that were along on this adventure.???and many things have changed in respect to security,perceived crime, and in fact how tourism is.We have NEVER felt unsafe on the's clean, the folks are kind, and they mourn their reputation is shot secondary to a higher up's brat kid being a not held responsible for his actions clod...having said that..!!
Bad Karma is Bad Karma..he'll surely get his!!!..=/......

if you do like snorkeling my suggestion is Malmok Beach..which many of the tours approach via either Pirate boat or Catamaran.some of the best in the Caribbean..if you do go to Malmok from the auto route please bring Beach water feet shoes as it's entry is rocky/slippery.
also bring either crackers/cookies/cereal from the ship..the fish love it..:biggrin:
if you want just a gentle beach to float in and sun..Arashi Beach is next door to Malmok Beach and then a hop ski and a jump is the California Lighthouse.and their cute goats..:)..( also available via a very economical bus ride).. If you enjoy both swimming and snorkel then Baby Beach is lovely..a 1/2 hour car ride/ taxi's a lagoon, and wonderful snorkel area.
DePalm Island is a resort that has amenities and snorkeling available;just outside of Oranjestad.
Eagle Beach is indeed King of the Water Sports area.bring your wallet!..:)
Alto Vista Chapel is lovely is you want a serene type of excursion.many of the inside treasures were brought over from Holland last century...
The Balashi Beer factory Tour is a fun option, also The Aloe Factory Farm is kind of neat, the oldest one in the Caribbean,we swear by their products, reasonable and great to sensitive skin..I buy the aloe lip balm by the 10's..:0
their is also a huge Butterfly Farm near the High Rise Hotels strip..thousands of butterflies to gaze upon..:)
for those who love 4 wheeling, wind, and dirt in your teeth there is that also available as a safari ride..
if you want a party bus..the Kucookunoko ( sp)Bus is available..( not done it) but many love it..
whatever you choose, please go with an open mind ,and have a great adventure..Happy cruising!!..:)..Joanne
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