Asking for prayers for my best friend


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Many of you know that I went on my cruise alone this year because my friend Priscilla, had fallen and broken her leg towards the end of March and was still on no weight bearing when our cruise came up in May. A couple of weeks after I got back, she was finally up to partial weight bearing. That lasted about a week when she got an infection in her leg and had to have surgery again and part of the hardware had to be replaced.......and she was in the hospital for a week.....and of course was back to no weight bearing again after that. Today she went back to the doctor for her "weekly leg checkup" and she finds out that she has an exposed tendon and now the orthopedist wants her to go see a plastic surgeon for possible skin grafts.

On top of all of that.........her mother passed away this past Saturday and because of her leg....she can't even go (her mother was in a nursing home in Boston).

So please keep Priscilla in your prayers. She has been through a lot with her leg and now she's mourning the loss of her mother and mourning the fact that she can't even go to her own mother's funeral.
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So sorry to hear about your friend's continuing problem with her leg. Positive thoughts are on the way that the drs will get this healed soon. In the loss of her mother I can only say that when my mother died, many of her elderly siblings were far away & could not return. I told them not to worry about making the trip as my mother would understand. What she really would want for them would be to remember her at a time when they were all together happy and smiling.


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OMG - I just read this, Nita. I am so sorry to read about Priscilla's continuing nightmare. I know she had horribly injured her leg. I didn't realize things had deteriorated this seriously. Please know that she continues in my prayers.

Also, please extend my condolences for the death of her Mother.

{{{HUGS}}} to you both.

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So, So sorry to read of the further setbacks, and her Mom passing.please know Nita your friend is in my thoughts and prayers...I just hope it all gets better...Joanne.

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So sorry to hear this about your friend.

She certainly needs a lot of prayers to get through all this.

That is so sad that she can't even get to her mother's funeral.


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Nita, I am so sorry to hear this news about Priscella. Prayers that she can make a recovery from all these setbacks and feel better sooner then anticipated. It is so very sad that her health prevents her from attending her mom's funeral.