Sailing Oct 2 on Millennium. Can anyone tell me how far the port in Athens is to city center or Accropelis/ Parthenon area? Would like to take a taxi and do the city on our own rather than tour. Same for Florence Italy?




We were on the Golden earlier this year and did both Florence and Athens. We did Florence with a group of 8 that wasn't organized by Princess. We did the Princess Best of Athens tour.

Just my own observations on both ports. Florence is quite a ways from Liverno and while you can take a train or get a taxi it would be quite a trip by Taxi. Also Florence restricts who can drive in the old areas of the city and unless you have a special pass or live there, which our guide had both, you have to park or be dropped off at outer parking lots and then walk into the city.

Pireaus the Athens port is not very far from the city center and I understand that there is both rail and bus transportation as well as taxis available to get into the city and then go to the Acropolis. Because it was our first trip to Athens we did the Princess tour and actually felt we saw a lot. We did a lunch in the old section of the city after seeing the Agora and the Acropolis and then had some time to either shop or just explore. Traffic in Athens is horrible and because of the Olympics next year lots of sites are undergoing renovations. They are also working on a lot of the roads which also doesn't help traffic.

Hopefully someone who did independent travel in both ports will response to you with a little more help. The biggest thing you want to avoid, of course, is missing the ship in either port. I guess in Liverno at least you could take the train and probably pick up the ship in Naples but missing it in Athens would involve a airplane trip to catch it at it's next port.

Good luck and enjoy your trip.