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Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by SHANNON B, Nov 13, 2002.


    SHANNON B Guest

    We've heard alot about Atlantis. What do the excursions offer...I've heard there are certain facilities that are off limits to non-guests...I've seen pictures of water slides and lazy rivers that actually go thru the aquarium lagoons so that there are sharks etc.. around you (LOVE to do that!!!). Of main interest are the aquariums/pools and water slides etc../beach. Is it better to take an excursion or a taxi and do it on your own? (if you can)...we will be on RCL. Any info ???


  2. Chris209

    Chris209 Guest

    We just returned from a 4 day trip to Nassau and visited Atlantis (didn't stay there). The pass is $25/adult and $19/child and allows you to walk through the grounds and the aquariums, which are quite spectacular. You are NOT allowed to use the beach, pools or water slides and they are very strict about this (different coloured wrist bands for hotel guests) There was a cruise couple that we met who tried to sneak on the slide and after waiting in a long line were turned away (staff there are NOT very friendly)
  3. Nanatravel

    Nanatravel Guest

    Chris is telling the truth. Security Staff are positioned at most door. They are there for the protection of their paying guests. You may walk around the inside of the facility, look at the aquarium through some glass windows which are in one of the large lobby's, but you will have to pay $25 for a tour of the man-made lagoons and the Dig. We did find our way to the "outside" near the Mayan temple water slide, but security was everywhere. Don't plan on using the facilities, but it is a great place to visit. A taxi is $4 pp each way.
  4. Caddy928

    Caddy928 Guest

    I have stayed several times at Atlantis. The casino is open to everyone. There are three towers (sections) Beach, Coral and Royal. The beach is the older side and behind that tower is the lazy river. It is true you can only get behind there if you are a guest of the hotel. The Coral tower is around the casino area. The Royal tower is where there is alot to view. Behind the Royal tower is where the shark tank/slide is located. You do have to be a guest to ride. There is an area to walk in this tower that has the aquarium (it's near a restaurant). We walked around here and was able to get into the dig area which opened up to the back area as well. No one stopped us there. The aquarium is a wall of glass that goes on and on. One side is to the restaurant and the other side is to the digs. One other area is the sports shop where there is a natural putt putt course. This is outside the Royal tower to the right. Have fun
  5. beachmom5

    beachmom5 Guest

    We just returned from a stay at Atlantis and did not see any problem with seeing the entire grounds including the Dig. You will not be allowed to use the slides or pool unless you pay but you can walk around and see everything else.

    Just try to look like you are not a cruise passenger. Leave the T-shirt on the ship.
  6. Chris209

    Chris209 Guest

    If you are staying at the hotel you can walk around but this is because you have a room key or an purple bracelet. I guarantee that if you don't stay there you cannot walk around as there are security at each outside door and thet ask to see your room key or bracelet. We paid $25 to walk around and had full access to the grounds and exhibits but they make it very clear that you CANNOT use the pools, beach or water slides. We met a couple who tried and they were kicked off the water slide- even though they paid 25$ for the day use pass. They make this rule very clear to you when you buy the pass
  7. beachmom5

    beachmom5 Guest

    Our daughter had to show a room key to get towels and the bracelet for all in our party to use the pools.

    We did NOT have to have a bracelet nor show our room key to anyone while using the rest of the hotel including the Dig and we walked through it many times.

    I never saw a guard at the hotel entrance asking to see room keys and there are many entrances.

    There were 3 cruise ships in port while we were there and the hotel was busy with cruisers shopping, eating and going through the Dig.
  8. Chris209

    Chris209 Guest

    Well then they sure ripped us off of $88.00 (which is 140 Cdn)- there was no way they were going to let us through the door without paying this- in fact when my youngest child's wrist band fell off they told me they wouldn't replace it and I had to make sure I held on to it or she would be unable to tour the grounds with us! (which of course did not impress me!)
    Maybe we just went through the wrong set of doors but I know we weren't the only ones as we met people from a cruise who also were forced to buy the blue wrist bands and were definitely turned away from the water slides. Even when we walked up from the boardwalk along the beach between Coral towers where we started and the Royal towers to see the dig there was a guard checking wrist bands- blue for day passes and purple or room keys for people staying there( we had to wait while the people ahead of us produced PROOF OF STAYING THERE)
  9. WendyM

    WendyM Guest

    Hi Shannon,
    First of all thanks for the info on our Pride cruise we just returned and had a GREAT time!!!!!!! Meaghan got to see the Howler Monkies so everyone was happy!!!!! The only problem was the constsnt rocking of the boat my poor husband was sick a good portion of the time-you would think such a large ship would be more stable-we had much better luck with theFantasy as far as motion goes.

    We did Atlantis with Carnival Jan of 2001 and at night you do not have to pay to see the aquarium and such. During the day we walked thru town and did some shopping but the people are REALLY rude and pushy. Our snorkling tour in Nassau was great but a bit chilly in Jan.

    Have a great time Wendy

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