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Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by steph428, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. steph428

    steph428 Guest

    We are doing an Eastern Carib itinerary next January which stops in Nassau. Can anyone tell me how to get to Atlantis and the cost to use the entire facility?

    Thanks in advance
  2. gramshup

    gramshup Guest

    You can't use the entire facility unless you are a guest with a room. I think for $ 25.00 you can tour the Ruins and aqurium, etc.
    You can take a cab for $5.00 a person each way or the water taxi which I think is a little cheaper than a cab but can be much slower. We always do the cab. There is plenty to see there that's free like walking around the grounds, casino,etc.
  3. jason26

    jason26 Guest

    I was just watching the Travel Channel today and for some reason the $25.00 for the tour sticks in my mind. I was in Nassau this January but not at Atlantis. The tour from the Travel channel looks incredible though, definately worth checking out!
  4. Camelia

    Camelia Guest

    You can walk around the hotel property, which is awesome, for free. The $25 gets you into the big underground aquarium, the dig. But you can see a lot of fish and exhibits for free. Get a map from the booth inside the casino, and have fun exploring. There is a lot of neat stuff on the perimeters of the property too.
  5. steph428

    steph428 Guest

    I guess I was wondering if you could use the pools/slides/rides for the $25.00 fee?

  6. newpassenger

    newpassenger Guest

    The "excursion" price ($25 or so) only covers the dig . . . not the pools, slides etc. If you're wanting to include that .. . check out the prices as Comfort Suites right next door. They have full use of the resort pools etc.

    That's what we're doing for our June cruise. I got a room for $175 but since we'll be there from 7am to midnight I think it's worth it. This way my DD can use the pools, slides . . . we can tour the aquarium . . . have somewhere to rest/change clothes before finding somewhere to eat.
  7. steph428

    steph428 Guest

    Good info! Thanks
  8. Lunkey

    Lunkey Guest

    i just looked into the possibily of booking a room at the comfort suites and it was $300 for 4 adults. it's $250 for 2 adults but i wouldn't want to risk only 2 people having access to the pools. i would love to ride those slides but we're only in nassau from 7am-2pm (which from what i hear is good considering how boring nassau is) so we won't bother.
  9. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    I would have to disagree with nassau being boring but 7-2 is not enough time to really enjoy the island... i have been there 2 times in the past year on cruises carnival has you there from 7 am till 6 am the next morning,, if you want to do the atlantis cheap,,, cause it will only be fun for one day anyway,, do it on a 3 day carnival cruise, and book a room.. so that you have access to all,,, thats what we did...
  10. sweet_p

    sweet_p Guest

    I have to say Nassau is not boring. I think there is something wrong with people who can’t find some way to have a good time. We went to Atlantis in October had a blast!! We got a room at Comfort Suites across the street. We paid 220 with tax. The room was only for 4 people, but we had 6. We got our bands with no problem. We sent 3 to get there bands and went to another pool house to get the other three. And we had full access to the facility!!
  11. Carter29072

    Carter29072 Guest

    Sweet p: I am so glad that I found your posting about having 6 people in your party. We have 3 kids and were told that we would have to book two rooms in order to get 5 wristbands. We did this a few years ago with no problem but we were told at the Comfort Suites that there was no way around this and that we would absolutely have to book 2 rooms. I think that we have pretty much decided to book 1 room and take our chances when we get over there. Did they mark your room receipt in any way? Hopefully they won't do this. I don't mind paying for 5 wristbands but I won't pay for two rooms. Also, to those who want to save 20% on your room, go to the following link:

  12. sweet_p

    sweet_p Guest

    You get the wrist band where you pick up your towels I’m not sure what they call it I call it the pool house. Only tell the people at Comfort Suites you have four in your party. The receipt will only say 4. Go to the first pool house you come to, only take three people and tell them the other person is coming over later. They will give you your card back. They don’t mark on it or anything. Take the other three to another pool house and get their bands. We had no problems doing this and spent a great day there!!
  13. Carter29072

    Carter29072 Guest

    Thank you so much for the reply! Last time we went was a few years ago. The comfort suites had no problem with us having 5 in our party and just charged us more for the room. I didn't have a problem with this. There is no way that I am going over there and paying for 2 rooms just because we have 1 extra person than they allow in one room. Thanks again for your help.
  14. rns91294

    rns91294 Guest

    My friend was there not too long ago and said they were charging $40 to get in to the aquarium. Let me know if the $25 is really the price since I am going there too and I think my husband would like the Atlantis aquarium (I actually got to walk through it before they started to charge people).
  15. floridaheidi

    floridaheidi Guest

    I noticed that check-in at Comfort Inn is in the afternoon. Can you just get your room receipt first thing in the morning and go on over to Atlantis, or do you have to wait until check-in time?

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