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Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by tamidon, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. tamidon

    tamidon Guest

    What is the latest on visiting Atlantis for the day? Rates? What is the fee to use the pools or do they not allow that any longer?
  2. Robkabob

    Robkabob Guest

    It is my understanding the day passes are hard to come by because the hotel is often booked to capacity. I think they only sell the passes if their bookings are down. A friend told me that they believe the day pass practice is discouraged to keep the property in an upscale mode. (Translation: Hotel management views day pass folks as riff-raff. LOL)

    I checked their website and nothing is mentioned about them. http://www.atlantis.com/atlantis_layers1024.asp

    Good luck!
  3. tjsalyer

    tjsalyer Guest

    We were on the HAL Zuiderdam Memorial Day cruise and rate for Atlantis was $29.00 per person. We were not allowed to use any of the hotel facilities, beach, pools, etc...A real rip-off in my opinion. What we saw of the aquarium was very nice, but we wish we would have done something else and not paid so much. Many people on our ship went to the nearby Cabbage beach on paradise island and enjoyed it.
  4. docbfree

    docbfree Guest

    I have read where people have booked a room and actually checked in for the day in order to use the pools and slides. We are contemplating this in October. Booking a room in the inexpensive Beach Tower is $189 per room. Our ship gets in at noon and leaves at 6. This leaves approx 2 PM-4:45 to be at the pools. We have been to Atlantis before and really wanted to take our kids with. Some may say that $200 is too much for 3-4 hours. But if we took an excusion that included an aquarium and pools and water slides, I would probably pay a similar amount. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  5. cruise crazy

    cruise crazy Guest

    Comfort Suites accross the street from Atlantis is cheaper and you can use the facilities of Atlantis if you are a guest there. Might want to check that out.
  6. michtraveler

    michtraveler Guest

    The Comfort Inn and Suites across the street is still expensive, but a better choice for day use. If you book a room, you can receive up to 4 armbands for Atlantis. This allows use of all of the facilities and pools. You can even check-in and immediately check-out if you do not want to go the the room. Website was about $172 last month but varies by season. AAA had a deal for $160 but that varies too.
  7. jfd

    jfd Guest

  8. streaks23

    streaks23 Guest

    Travelzoo sent an e mail w/Atlantis rates @ $99. per night. Obviously, a lot of add ons, but still a great rate for Atlantis. I booked Dec. 19 - 3 adults, 1,17 year old - and my grand total was $240. Not bad for Atlantis1
  9. Loves2Cruise

    Loves2Cruise Guest

    I am new to this website... I have a few questions about the Atlantis and sorry if they have already been answered in another post.. but, do you have to pay to get into the Atlantis? Can't we just go and walk around the complex? My Hubby and I will be there in Feb 2006 and we are trying to get some idea's of what to do...
  10. streaks23

    streaks23 Guest

    I'm not sure you can "just walk around" Atlantis. It's my understanding you can buy tickets to see the Dig - the underwater stuff, etc. Whether you need a pass of some sort to do the casino, etc. I don't know.
    We booked a room so we could use the ENTIRE facility for the day. There are definite restrictions as to how much you can use of the facility without reserving a room.
    Hope this helps.
  11. Cricket

    Cricket Guest

    We did the Comfort Inn and Suites and it worked out very well! In fact after visiting Atlantis and using all the facilities, we went back to the Comfort Inn and used their shower . It was huge and so nice to be able to really move around in! BTW,,, we had 4 adults and a child in our group and they gave my child a free band to use at Atlantis.
  12. Camelia

    Camelia Guest

    The last two times we were there, we were able to JUST WALK around, and it is worth it. You only pay for the Dig, the underground aquarium.

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