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Attention all Miracle Cruisers - PLEASE READ

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by KellyCCZ, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Cori

    Cori Guest

    Kelly-- I called and spoke to Rick, and got the same info-- he said 10/24 is a "closed sailing," which he said means the ship is NOT sailing on that date. He was nice, but he didn't provide any other info-- I got the feeling they're not supposed to tell too much at this time.

    So, I have a call into my TA as we speak... Does anyone know what usually happens in these situations? I have paid my deposit so far, but that's it.
  2. KellyCCZ

    KellyCCZ Guest


    I have never had this happen, but from what I have heard from others that have dealt with this before, generally the reaccomodation people give you other options and usually, because you are switching to a sailing other than your first choice, you are given some kind of incentive (onboard credit, etc.). Don't be surprised if your TA doesn't get much info yet - I would have him/her call Rick rather than just the general Carnival number, as they either don't know details yet, or are unwilling to give them out at this time. If he/she calls Rick, maybe they can figure out an alternate arrangement that is suitable for everyone.
  3. Cori

    Cori Guest

    My TA is calling Rick and is to get back to me. My TA says that a "closed sailing" simply means that the ship is fully booked and therefore "closed" to more reservations-- makes sense to me, right? However, I specifically asked Rick if this meant the ship is full, or if it isn't sailing; he clearly said it iS NOT sailing. So my TA is to be calling him and letting me know.

    Still, I can hardly believe she'll be out for that long. That's what, 10 weeks? If you average 2000 passengers at roughly $1000 apiece between the reservation and money spent onboard (probably a conservative guess), that's 20 million dollars. I know that's not all profit, but still, it's a lot of money to lose!!
  4. KellyCCZ

    KellyCCZ Guest


    Please let us know what you find out from your TA. I am anxious to hear the final verdict.
  5. rugratstoney

    rugratstoney Guest

    Well,, Your all going in November, My wife, kids and myself will be on the finale cruise on August 21st on the Miracle. I have informed my kids and wife that we might need to bring the paddles, to get us back to port by the end of the cruise. (Ha,Ha)
    As much as we can worry that something will happen before then, there is not much we can do about it, so Lets just wait, see what is happening and go from there. Maybe I should bring my outboard motor in my travel bag too, What do you think???
  6. Cori

    Cori Guest

    All of you who are going in November are LUCKY-- so far in here it's just me and slhornberger who are on serious pins and needles!! :)
  7. mitch

    mitch Guest

    dont feel alone, im schedualed for 10/3/04
  8. slhornberger

    slhornberger Guest

    Carnival Cancels Miracle Summer Sailing
    At least passengers get fair warning -- Carnival is announcing that, due to propulsion problems on its new Carnival Miracle, it has canceled the August 28 sailing in order to put the ship into dry dock.

    Affected passengers are being offered several options -- all of which sail, roundtrip, from Miracle's summer home port of New York:

    Rebook on any Carnival Miracle voyage between June 12 - August 21; guests receive a $200 onboard credit per stateroom.

    Opt for Carnival Legend's eight night sailing to the Eastern Caribbean. It departs on August 27; that entitles folks to a $100 onboard credit per stateroom.

    Or, choose Carnival Victory's five-night Canada/New England cruise; it departs August 28 and the compensation is $200 onboard credit per stateroom.

    Alternatively, passengers can ask for a full refund or rebook on any 2004 - 2005 sailing (the latter folks receive a $100 per-cabin onboard credit).

    According to a Carnival spokeswoman, the propulsion problem relates to a seal on a bearing in the starboard azipod unit. The company has taken interim action and does not anticipate the need to cancel any other voyages this summer.

    The 88,500-ton, 2,124-passenger Carnival Miracle is sailing weeklong cruises to the Bahamas this summer from New York.
  9. JerryM

    JerryM Guest

    In Sailing July 10, 2004 and if I don't go I guess the kids get a new pool.
  10. kahlua924

    kahlua924 Guest

    Hey! I am going on the 8/21 cruise on Miracle as well. I have 3 kids ... 12/11/7 and my sis an my 17 y/o nephew too. What ages are your kids? This repair nonsense is making me a little synical. If they know about the repoiar why wait so long? Can it wait so long is a better question? We are from NJ and my sis is from the Broanx. WHere are you guys from?
  11. rugratstoney

    rugratstoney Guest

    My daughter is 16 and son 11. We are in upstate New York, near Albany. Just counting the days until the cruise and getting into shape so we can Row, Row Row the Boat Gently back to shore... hehehehehe
  12. Lefty1

    Lefty1 Guest

    going on 8/21 cruise also - my daugther is 15 - can't wait - i was leary about it too with them cancelling 8/28 but hopefully they wont cancel any more and we will have perfect weather and no hurricanes - see u all by the pool
  13. BR123

    BR123 Guest

    I'm sailing 8/21.. Any idea how to register for the Atlantis excursion and how much it costs? I'm very curious in seeing that hotel. Anyone know what table games are on the Carnival Miracle? I'm going on this cruise instead of Vegas. LOL! Email me if you have any information. The carnival website is very limited in information.
  14. Cori

    Cori Guest

    Just an update-- I had my TA check into this issue last week, and I gave her the PVP's name and number who had said that the Miracle won't be sailing for 2 months. She confirmed that the Miracle will ONLY be offline for the 8/28 sailing. When I called Rick (PVP @ Carnival), he said the 10/24 sailing is a "closed sailing." Though he told me this means the ship won't be sailing, my TA said a "closed sailing" simply means the cruise is fully booked. If she weren't sailing at all, this would be referred to as "dry docked."

    However, now it seems the latest rumor is that the 10/24 sailing is actually OVERBOOKED by 150 people, which theoretically means some pasengers could be bumped. Has anyone heard anything about this? (I refuse to panic over every little thing until the sail date, but this is getting ridiculous!)
  15. Karrie

    Karrie Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this site and was very concerned when i heard about the miracle's problem.
    I am getting married on the Miracle October 10th with 150 guests joining me. I called Rick and he assured me that the only week that was affected by the problem was Aug 28th. He said that there are four weeks that are overbooked, and not to panic because The people who are not going have already been notified. Just thought i would share my experience with eveyone and hope it helps!!!

  16. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    This is directed to those sail BEFORE AUGUST 28th.

    Do you really think they would risk sending 2,000 people out to sea if there was a worry that the ship would crap out? Be realistic. The cost to let that happen is HUGE. Getting ship to port. Getting people home. Dealing with bad press. Having to do LAST MINUTE rebookings of future cruises. Towing ship to shipyard someplace that may not have a slot open for months, etc. etc.

    It appears they are taking a realistic approach to the issue. As one person said above, it is like when the mechanic says "you are gonna need some tires in a few months,or whatever....you plan for it".

    As to the lack of information for future cruises, they might be trying to work through one sailing date at a time. You can not rebook 10,000 people in one week. And they might even be looking at other options - like another ship which requires some port shifting, etc. Who knows? But do not expect them to lay our all the UNKNOWNs yet.

    For those that are risk adverse. It is possible that they could use YOUR sailing slot if you are one of those trips real close to August 28th. Some of the people getting canceled might want to go in YOUR place if given the option. Call and ask.
  17. BR123

    BR123 Guest

    Anyone confirm whats offered in the casino of the Miracle?
  18. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    I have never heard of a ship being overbooked.. I can't imagine it could happen as the rooms need to be assigned and the computer systems wouldnt let it. Airlines overbook because they know a certain number of people will not show up for the flight but a cruise is a little different. I know that most of the Miracles sailings from baltiore are CLOSED because they are filled up.

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