Aug 6, '03-ALASKA via CCL Spirit


Desiree Davidson

Just curious, anyone that has been to Alaska close to this time frame- wonder what your weather was like. We'll have our FIRST balcony, mid-ship, connecting room with daughter and son-in-law and just beginning to really think about this trip (just got back from the Caribbean and can't help but think of the possibilities next year).

It's like I don't really know what to expect at all, like our first cruise, since it's our first time to Alaska- (3 cruises to the Caribbean). Anxious to read what others have found on their Alaskan cruise. This may be our last cruise for awhile, but I hear it's so WORTH all sacrifice to go. I think my daughter wonders how it can compare to the LONGER cruise available to Europe for even LESS money.

Thanks to all Addicts- a great, knowledgeable and experienced group for friendly folks.


We've gone the inside passage leaving around Aug 10th for 2 straight years. In 2001 we had sunny weather until we reached Ketchikan which was almost at the end of the cruise. Before that it was sunny and High 70's temp at both Skagway and Juneau. Of course on the ship the temps change constantly depending on the wind and where in the passage the ship is. You'll find the balcony chilly at times.

In 2002 (same itinerary) the weather was cloudy until we reached Juneau and then it poured rain. The next day in Skagway it was cloudy with light rain. The following day in Glacier Bay it was clear and awsome. We had sun the remainder of the trip, even Ketchikan which is quite rare I hear.

You are correct in choosing a balcony IMHO. The sights are just too incredible to miss.

You should find the Alaskan cruise to be much quieter than the Carribbean. Much less pool party activity and the like. Incredibly peaceful.

I've posted some photos in the photo gallery labeled Zaandam, Aug 2002 (or something like that). This should give you an idea of the weather we had.

I can't think of a better place to cruise than Alaska.

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