August Cruise



I booked a western Mediterranean cruise for next August sailing to ports in Italy, Spain, France and Croatia. Now I have been told by several people that this is not an ideal time to travel to these countries as many shops and attractions are closed because of the heat. Based on feedback from this forum, I might decide to change my date of travel. I'd love to hear from anyone who could provide me with further information.


From what I have read from many posters on cruise critic, August is the worst month you could have picked for a Med cruise! They say the heat is unbearable, and like you said, many places are closed down because of this and the european holiday season. I have my Med cruise booked the end of May and first of June, where the temperatures are suppose to be a great 65-75 degrees. Some other favorite times for Med cruisers are the Oct.-Nov. months, when temperatures once again cool down. I wouldn't go in August if you have the choice of changing months.


If you want to cruise the Mediterranean, far better months than August are late April, May, September or early October.

If you are limited to cruising in August and want to do so in Europe, then I would suggest a Northern European itinerary or British Isles itinerary.


I cruised on the Millennium in the Mediterranean in August of 2003...
Yes it was hot...but, I don't mind the heat...I wore shorts and T-Shirts everywhere and carried ice and water in an insulated bottle while on shore excursions...The hot weather was actually somewhat enjoyable...

As to things being closed, that simply was NOT a problem at all...We never really noticed anything being closed ...I mean NOTHING...I am sure there are lots of Europeans taking vacations in August, so there are businesses out there closed--but nothing that you would be concerned with as a tourist...Gift shops, attractions, restaurants, everything a tourist would care about, were open and thriving...

Sure, if you are overly concerned with hot weather and would rather have the temperature a few degrees cooler, go in May or June...but there is really nothing wrong with August at all...We had an absolutely wonderful time...

Lady Jag

I've heard the same thing ShipMaven and others above say - August is the hottest month there, there's thick smog in some of the ports and most Europeans take their vacations in August too, so many shops are closed during that time. If you don't mind heat or crowds, go in August. If you do, choose a shoulder season. :)

Frank Black

Maybe you want to look at a Baltic cruise. The weathewr is great in August.


Again...I was there in August...
I saw NO "thick smog" in any of the ports (as a matter of fact, the only time I ever remember "thick smog" was in Milan in DECEMBER!!
Yes, it is the "hottest month" in the Mediterranean...but, remember also, in Mediterranean climates, there is very little humidity and no rain...So, "hot" there is far more bearable than "hot" in, say, Florida or the Caribbean...Being from Southern California (a Mediterranean climate), the weather was absolutely fine by me--just like home...

As to Europeans on vacation and things closed, the Mediterranean IS where the Europeans go on vacation...All of the "things" tourists want and look for were OPEN and thriving...You don't close your restaurants and gift shops and art galleries and tourist attractions during the high tourist season...

A lot of folks advisiong everyone to avoid August have probably never cruised the region in August...
We found it, yes, a little hot, but, otherwise, absolutely delightful...

I'd go EVERY August if I could...
Sure, given the opportunity, I'd go May or June as well...but absolutely nothing wrong with August...

Laura E.

I went on a Western Med. cruise at the end of July/beginning of August 2004 to all of the ports you have mentioned. The heat was not a problem.

Perhaps some people are thinking of August 2003 when all of Europe had a record breaking heat wave. I am from Southern California and found the climate to be similar. Upper 80's to low 90's and no humidity. The tour buses were air conditioned and kept comfortable. In Italy we were told that the locals were away on vacation which was a plus for us because the crowds were smaller. We didn't find any restaurants or shops that were closed.


We cruised the Med this past summer, late July to early August, stopping in Italy, Greece, Malta, Barcelona and France. It was pretty hot, but then we love that kind of weather. The only places it got a little too hot were at Pompeii (not real smart -- roaming around arid ruins in mid-summer!) and Santorini (again, not smart to climb an active volcano in August heat!...). But in the cities and towns we visited the weather was quite bearable, and everything except one restaurant was open for business. The adults ranged in age from 46 to 52 and the kids ranged in age from 8 to 12, and we all had a great time. If you can tolerate heat, go. But if not, wait til September of October. We visited Italy and Sicily a few years ago in October (not a cruise) and the weather was wonderful.


We booked a cruise on the Carnival Liberty for August 13th. (12 day) We chose that date because the 20th is our 50th anniversary. We probably would have been better off in Sept. or Oct. because of the summer heat. But we have lived in south Florida for 25 years and I doubt it is any hotter in Europe.


For Bruin Steve: Good post..! August is the month we in Europe take vacations. EVERYTHING closes. "Except' for things tourists want and need,! As a tourist you will have all you need to make your vacation enjoyable. Caio.

D & M

I will be looking for an "after" report on your cruise, whatever you decide. We are booked for the October 12th cruise on the Liberty. Heat had nothing to do with our choice though. If I had my choice I would go in August (our actually anniversary is in August) but I cannot get the time off from my work then.

We will be celebrating our 30th and hope for decent weather. Good luck and congrats on celebrating your 50th!


Things change from day to day: We changed outr booking date from August 13th to Oct. 12th. This is the last Med. cruise before the Liberty leaves for Ft. Lauderdale.

So D & M we will be on the same cruise. Maybe we will met someplace. Our cabin number is 8359 Veranda deck.