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Stormin'...Will do ~~!!~~ There is a joebatl posting now here and on Cruisecrazies. On Cruisecrazies I am using the screen name joebat1-ark .
They have also signed up under my brothers ex-screenname on the other board--eldooilman.

PLEASE be sure it is me, as both names look the same ....

Herbie and I would LOVE to cruise with you and Skippy.... especially after the first of the year, as Paula has used up most of her vacation time for this year......

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Thanks Stormn,
I've been to the eastern side of Mexico and gone to Carlos and Charlies. Good times there.... Until morning.


Hey Norm!

If you're looking for a good price on a cruise, check out the "Past Guest Reunion Cruise" on Paradise - September 28, 2003.

Cruising to Miami, Nassau, Casa de Campo, and St Thomas.

How about it? You said that you've never been on Paradise yet!! There's still cabins available for anyone interested.

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Well, well , well....seems there is a "Fun House " cruise being planned and I had no idea....we have the Glory booked for May 2004 ..back to back cruises....no Feb cruise planned yet ...working on it .....but we do still have our group of crazy and wild parrot heads going on the Inspiration for Labor Day week (August 31,2003)...now you could still go with us Norman ....and Skippy too....not to late to join us LOL....

Glad to see you are posting and sharing your knowledge .....


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Hey Norm you just posted on a 2003 thread. You might have better success if you ask in a New Post in the same forum. Start your own it's easy.

welcome to Cruise @ddicts