Automatic Tipping



Solution, I believe you are mistaken. MOST cruise lines recommed FULL tipping for 3rd and 4th passengers be they adult OR child.


AWESOME job Cricket! Very well said. Simply put, lazy, rude, unprofessional people should not get tipped and that is what the cruise line is trying to do.


I believe that they should get tipped more denise! Lol Kids can make a lot more work for room stewards, and waiters.

DoctorB...I don't believe that the lines are trying to give tips to those that don't deserve them, but I believe that it is an easy solution to luring workers to work for them by saying they get guaranteed tips. I do think that if a worker was unreliable and did a lousy job the lines would definitely fire them.


I too think DrB has brought up some very valid points. I have worked for tips, so no violins please. Yes in a restaurant waiters will often have to tip out the hostess and the cooks, but not everywhere. Also the States has a weird system that I still don't understand about paying less than minimum wage to some workers. Why bother to call it a minimum wage if in fact it isn't? In Canada minimum wage means just that, the LEAST amount that a person can earn.
I too think that tips are for front line workers, back room workers should get a slightly higher wage since they are not " tipped " workers, and if they are not pulling their weight they should be fired, and that should be decided by back room supervisors who actually see what is going on. I too resent paying wages , which is what I believe the tips really are, instead of an "extra " reward for good service.

We leave the tips on,because even if we recieved good service, the policy they have in place now for the workers is barbaric and punative. Think about it, if your room steward , who is doing a good job , gets stiffed by the cruisers in the cabin beside you, then any extra money you give them they must hand in to the pool since they must make up the shortage that the cheapskates created by removing their share of the tips .... so cheapskates can in fact put a steward into " debt " .!!!!
The whole system sucks. I wish that everyone would just tip properly and and that bad staff get fired , and that the cruiselines stop paying slave wages. And no I don't care if my cruise payment goes up 100 or 200 dollars so that they can pay a decent wage, what difference does that make when I tip that much anyways?! May be the problem is all the cruisers who are too cheap and want five star service for 299$, I have seen some fools would don't even know how to behave in a nice restaurant snap their fingers at the waiter and beckon him like he is a dog, they are most likely the ones who also cheat the staff of tips.