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<B>Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL</B>

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by John, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. John

    John Guest

    Hi, My name is John. I'm from Bradenton, FL USA and I'm a Cruise @ddict.

    I hope the rest of your will join me in introducing yourself in this ROLL CALL, so if your a Cruise @ddict and you know it... post a reply here. If you don't post that often now is the time to say hello and admit your a Cruise @ddict also. Were here to help you.
  2. Lill

    Lill Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    :wave I'm Lill from North Carolina. :NC
  3. seadog

    seadog Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    Hi, My name is Earl (aka Suer's Evil Twin) from Falls Church, VA.

    <a href="http://www.escati.com">
    <font face=arial size=1>Brilliance of the Seas – Circle the Caribbean:</font>


    <a href="http://www.escati.com">
    <font face=arial size=1>Mariner of the Seas - Eastern Caribbean:</font>

  4. Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    Jeff & Susana

    Checking in from just west of Chicago at 2 degrees above zero this morning.
  5. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    E & Red checking in from good ole Central :NC where it is TOO dang COLD right now. :(

  6. BostonsJ

    BostonsJ Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    Boston's J (Judy) checking in from the Artic Circle oops make that the burbs of Boston but it feels like the Artic. Oh my gawd is it cold. Take me backkkkkkkk to the beach in Antigua. :grin :grin
  7. 12Cruise

    12Cruise Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    I am a cruise addict...I admit it freely...it's a heavy cross to bear but someone has to and it might as well be me, I'll do it gladly!!!!!!

    Cold here in Kentucky, currently 19, high will be 26, snow starting this afternoon and then windchill maybe going to as low as -10 tonight. Tomorrow's high will be 17. Brrrrr

    To all fellow cruise addicts be safe, be happy, be well and be warm!!
  8. Cindy15

    Cindy15 Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    I am certainly a 100% cruise addict from Dracut, MA and freezing as well bbbrrrrr
  9. Nessie

    Nessie Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    Hi, My name is Nessie from Georgia and I am proud to be a cruise-addict.
  10. Kathyh1313

    Kathyh1313 Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    HI! I'm Kathy from the burbs of Boston. It is just too, too cold here. I am definately a cruise addict. Hubby and I do NOT have a cruise booked right now and I am suffering serious withdrawal.
  11. Cricket

    Cricket Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    Hi , this is Cricket from Maryland!
    Hey....ok...So I am a cruise addict, but John has said that he is here to help me...well, all he has done is to lure me into more cruises! Aren't "Addicts" supposed to stay away from their addictions? Heeheehee!
  12. marye

    marye Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    marye from Newburgh, NY. (aka as the temporary North Pole with 1 degree today!!!!!!)
  13. DeniseZ

    DeniseZ Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    Hello @ddicts.....my name is Denise and I am a Cruise-@ddict . I live in Fredericksburg VA and work in Washington DC. I post under two names, DeniseZ and nieciez. I am coming up on my 3rd anniversary with Cruise-@ddicts.
  14. kitten

    kitten Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    Hey-Up C@'S, a very displaced Brit here reporting in from Atlanta, Georgia. I'ma Cruise-Addict and proud of it! :thumb
  15. Jeff S

    Jeff S Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    Admitted Cruise Addicts Jeff & Kari from mid-Michigan here as well. This is Jeff and I'm board every day and many evenings as well.
  16. BarbaraK

    BarbaraK Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    Hello from Barbara in Charleston SC, its raining to day and dismal!
    Like Kitten and a few other addicts here I am a 'displaced Brit' also :lol
  17. ginny

    ginny Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    Hi, Ginny and Cruise4-2 (Rick) here from Sunny SW Florida and proud to be a cruise @ddict. OMG cold weather is on the way, time to look for the next cruise. :grin
  18. Beckiep

    Beckiep Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    I'm Beckie in central Connecticut and I'm a cruise addict.
  19. debgirl

    debgirl Guest

    Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    My name is Debbi and my husband Gary are cruise addicts from Overland Park, Kansas.
  20. Re: Cruise @ddicts ROLL CALL

    Previous Ginnylou and Lil'l Red from Southern California. Sure is nice here.

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