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<B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by John, May 11, 2002.

  1. beachmom5

    beachmom5 Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    Leave the board just as it is.

    I have sent many people to this community when they have a question because I know they will get an answer within minutes.

    I have trouble searching for specific "AREAS" and what cruise lines cruise to those areas.

    I also have trouble finding reviews on any ship that has cruised in a specific part of the world. I type in key words and still have to sort through reviews that don't pertain. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

    Whatever you do, I will still be here.

    Thanks for all your work.

  2. albycat

    albycat Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    As a newbie to this board I really like the format as it is...If a question is asked, someone will respond right away even if the same question has been asked before. Although I don't post often, I do read the posts and enjoy all of them. This is a great group of people and I really appreciate all the help and advice I have received here. Thanks John for all you do to keep things running smoothly and for all the wonderful features that are part of this board.

  3. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    I like the format that is here - BUT, I do like the category topics also when I'm looking for a specific cruise info. or others that will be cruising when I do.

    I don't want this format to change. I like it when I can disappear for a while and come back and find the same familiar names and great discussion topics.

    Maureen :ufo
  4. Seawall

    Seawall Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    I vote for leaving it the way it is..... As all others have said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. John, your intuition is great, and go with the gut. Nuff said.
  5. LindaG

    LindaG Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    Although I do not post often, I do enjoy reading daily. IMO, I like the way the boards are set up just the way it is. If I want to find out about something in particular, I can use the search option & more often than not I will find my answers. I believe that because of the way this site is set up, it helped create a "tight-niched" family sort of atmosphere. Either way, I will stay a part of this & enjoy this board. Thanks John for all your time & effort!
  6. Reader

    Reader Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    I like our board as is John!!:)
  7. BobandMary

    BobandMary Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    Two concerns:

    This board is user friendly. Topics are not diced up into small segments and we don't have to click though a lot of drop down menus, and then not find anything of interest. We simply scan through the subject lines and click on those messages we want. Sort of like joining a large group of friends on deck and joining those conversations of interest.

    This board has friendly users: Every now and then we see a negative comment or harsh complaint, but it doesn't start a string of angry messages. Probably because all messages are right out front for everyone to see, not hidden under a bunch of topic dropdown menus. And the open feeling allows us to post things we want to talk about, just like real life!

    The easy sharing of information makes this board special. We have never found the specific items we searched for on other boards, but can always pick up good tips and information from this one, just because someone mentioned it, or we ask a question.

    Don't segregate too much. We like joining the group on deck.
  8. Catherine

    Catherine Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    I know I have not been posting much lately, but I have been here, reading all the posts and keeping up with what is going on.
    I first found this board almost a year ago (June 2001) after we had booked our Hawaii cruise, I found several boards and for a few weeks I went back and forth between them, I found this board the easiest to follow, too many different sections on the other sites were confusing to a cruise novice, it took me a while to actually post as everyone seemed to know each other but I really enjoyed the banter and getting to know the regular posters even though they did not even realize I was here. When I did begin posting I was amazed at how eager everyone was to help me and welcome me into the family. I soon became a "cruise @addicts" addict.
    Recently, as most of you know, Danny, my husband, was quite ill and the support and comfort I received from this board was overwhelming and I will be eternally grateful to you all for helping me through that time.
    My point here is, that as a newbie to cruising, I found this board to be the easiest to follow, yes, there are a lot of OT's, but a person can take or leave them, the answers to questions asked are always so quick and informative, and the friendship I have found here is what keeps me coming back. Thank you all!
    John, I know you have our best interests at heart as per usual, we trust your judgement but as many have said, "different strokes for different folks"
  9. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    John, I am wondering what started you on this post?
    I thought perhaps it was fueled by your sponsors???

    Anyway.. I went to TWO other boards and counted messages posted on 5/11...the same date as you started this post, and this is what I found.....

    <font color = red>board one...... 41 posts on May 11th. that was the total from 8 segments of that board.

    board two.... incomplete... I counted 26 posts on May 11. on 5 segments... then the computer froze up (perhaps from boredom????)....</font>

    Then to see how hard it is to pull up info on this board without using the "know before you go" feature.... I went to "search" and entered a cruiseline. In TWO pages I got 100 referrals....and there were more pages offered. and as the first line(s) of the topic are shown... it would not take too much effort to see what fit your bill.

    So... 100 + referrals VS 41 or 26 allover posts on other boards... where is the most information??? and I did not even used the "Know before you go" segment.

    AND... no matter how many times a question is asked... anyone can ask about ANYTHING and get Courteous answers at once.

    But the bottom line is... this is your board.
  10. Cindy

    Cindy Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    For my 2 cents worth: I think this board is just fine the way it is, and I feel like everyone in the community is a personal friend. Cruise-Addicts is definitely the most interesting cruise board of all - no matter what the subject. Also has the very best cruise reviews. The addition of the "Cruise Tracker" has been terrific also. The changes you've made so far, John, have been wonderful enhancements - so anything you decide to do will be o.k. with me. Thanks for asking!
  11. herb

    herb Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    I find there are too many "OT" messages, and the cruise related messages posted on this board end up getting lost in the crowd. Maybe there should be 2 message boards.

    1. Cruise related posts only
    2. "OT" topics

  12. Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    The reason I like this board is because it ISN'T topic driven. The topic driven boards on other sites can get awefully slow and boring at times.

    I like to read info on many different cruise lines and it would be inconvenient to have to check all the different boards. Besides, having one single board creates more of a community instead of the "HAL posters" vs. the "Princess posters". We're all one here and it makes the board a special place.
  13. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    Exactly what you are asking for is already here. The Community Board allows OT [posts and the Know Before You Go Board is specificly cruise related questions with NO OT Posts. Sounds like you might prefer the Know Before You Go Section. Give it a check and see what you think. :thumb
  14. Raven

    Raven Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    I was gone all weekend so I'm a bit late in coming into this discussion - but what the heck...lol. I think if you added a couple Topic sections it would be helpful without being confusing. Perhaps just "Port Info" and "Ship Info" sections, for example.

    Don't get me wrong, I greatly enjoy C@ most of the time and understand why so many enjoy the OT and community aspect of the board. I think some of us who are not into the OT's all the time tend to wander to other boards for specific info sometimes, instead of wading thru posts and doing searches to track down what we're looking for.

    Perhaps a few more topics would help some of us who hang around on the fringes to become a little more active on here. I think one main board helps guarantee that it stays very active but also tends to inhibit growth in some ways as newbies, lurkers and visitors may tend to just read and let the ones they percieve as the "Board Pro's" do the majority of the postings.
  15. herb

    herb Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    Hi Einstein -

    Unfortunately serious cruise related questions are posted along with the OT posts. And because of all the OT posts the cruise questions get pushed farther and farther back. That's why one message board should be OT only; the other cruise related only. Then we have a choice; do we want to hang out and BS --- or ask and answer cruise questions.

  16. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    Well herb you make a point but what happens when the majority of this site hangs out at the board that is OT and then you are in the same boat (no pun intended) as the Know Before You Go Board is in with a limited # of posters available to answer the questions. So tehn you still have people heading to OT board to get the questions answered. Bottomline is there is really NO happy solution here for the OT posts except to ignore them for those that wish and use the search to find the topics that are pertinrnt to what they are looking for. The so called OT problem started the day this site started because that was what this site was promoted for was its ease of use, friendly atmosphere (NO Trolls), family type setting. To try and take that away would be like removing the Heart of the site and starting ALL over. Another problem IMO that would surface with a OT Board is the setting of rules for what is OT and what is not. Such as .... If a Cruiser falls and and injures themselves and is upset with the way Carnival handled the situation is it OT or Not? We walk a fine line between OT or not in most instances except for the possibly the jokes and quotes of the day and even some of them have a cruise related theme. The majority of posters are here because they like to banter about cruising as well as have a sharing of their personal lives also. I know that this still doesn't change your feelings on the subject herb nor does it change mine. Its a problem that many of us face each day in making decisions as its nearly impossible to please 100% of the people 100% of the time. John has done a magnificent job IMO of handling that and no doubt will in the future as well. Well time for me to address other issues so have a Gr8 Day my friend and may your countdown clock speed up soon. :thumb
  17. herb

    herb Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    Point well taken, Einstein. Maybe John could look into what "cruise-critic" message boards do : "bumping" posts to the top in the order of their replies. I happen to like that feature.
    As always, I enjoy reading your posts and take your advice seriously.
  18. DaveJ

    DaveJ Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    I like it as it John. But if there are to be changes then great we should not stand
    in the way of progress. Perhaps just one Board for Cruising Info and one for
    chat. But then we more-or-less have this now.

    thanks for all your hard work everybody
  19. JOHN(NJ)

    JOHN(NJ) Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    Go for the upgrade John. Before it breaks you do some maintainence and tune ups. It's not like the community board will be thrown off. Cruise line specific area's on websites are very informative and a good place to get alot of idea's. I don't believe this site will lose any of the "community " feel if we have a little more info flowing about cruising. The people who post the most on the community board will still have their favorite place and people who want to exchange thoughts and feelings about cruising will have an option. There will also be some who will enjoy all the boards. I think this board will grow with added topic boards. I understand how some posters feel they might become little fish in a bigger pond, but it's better than a lot of big fish in a smaller pond.
  20. BSeaBob

    BSeaBob Guest

    Re: <B>Do you want more topic driven message boards?</B>

    I think "Topic" boards would be a great addition.

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