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<B><font color="green">Cruise @ddicts coming out ROLL CALL! Admit your an @ddict</b></font>

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by John, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. John

    John Guest

    Ok, Its time to face the music.. Step out from behind that door, get up from the floor out of that fetal position and tell the world you have a serious problem and your a Cruise @ddict!

    My name is John and I'm a Cruise @ddict.

    We have a 13.5 step program here.

    Step (1) is acknowledging you have a problem.

    Step (2) is making this fact public by posting a reply to this message. Don't be afraid of what others may think.. be proud of your @ddiction.

    Step (3) is ordering a frozen drink with a nice umbrella thingy.

    ( I would like Chi-Chi please ) HOT!

    We'll cover further steps in our meetings, the secret handshakes, decoder rings and flags will be discussed then.

    Ok, its your turn to make the next move.
  2. logcabin

    logcabin Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    OK, I'm coming out, I'm Carolyn and am a Cruise @ddict. Whew! Now I feel better. LOL
  3. JOHN(NJ)

    JOHN(NJ) Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    It's not my fault!!!!!!! I grew up in a family that condoned being out on the water whenever possible. I had my own dinghy when I was 7. There were enablers that always had me away from land whenever possible. With an upbringing like that I didn't have a chance. And then they started with Marguarita's.....................................
  4. seamom

    seamom Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    Okay.............(clearing throat)

    My name is Seamom..........I'm a Cruise Addict (applause here please)

    So rack me up a frozen thingee or two..........anything in chocolate, coconut or pineapple will do.....................

    Help me.............
  5. Boston's J

    Boston's J Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    Yehhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa I am a true @ddict. My name is Judy I am from the Boston suburbs and I have a serious @ddiction to this Board and cruising. I am single although very happily attached to another @ddict and our next cruise is in October.

    John make mine a Pina Colada please. With not only an umbrella but two cherries on top.

  6. Sgrane

    Sgrane Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    My name is Scott...It all started innoncently for my wife and I...It was an older ship...blue...with pretty white stripes and two smoke stacks...we figured what the heck...we'd try it once...who's it going to hurt. Before we new what happened we were @ddicted. We need our fixes more and more...and of course our desire for bigger and better overtook us! My name is Scott...I'm an @ddict.

    As embarrasing as it is...I also must share...I like to wedges of lime in my Coronas...I can't believe I said that! Sharing is half the battle though!

  7. Ann Driscoll

    Ann Driscoll Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    This is Ann and I'm an addict. Our first cruise was for our 25th anniversary, and we were hooked. Our 2nd cruise was the cruise from Hell, but we still came back for more. Then, of course, we had to try a balcony; now, I'm ashamed to say that we won't even consider a cruise without one. How can we stop this addiction!! The best part is that my husband is as addicted as I am so I see many cruises in our future. CH@OS is this year, and for our 35th anniversary next year, look out Alaska.
    Oh, by the way, I'll take a Pina Colada while lying in the sun anytime.

  8. Beckiep

    Beckiep Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    I'm Beckie and I'm a cruise addict. Can I have one of those frozen thingies now? :)
  9. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    My name is E and YES I am a Cruise @ddict and dam proud of it. :grin My @ddiction started many moons ago when I was darn near conceived on the water. From there on out I grew up on the water and the rest is history. I will settle for one of those Dark Meyers Rum Pina Coladas with an extra dash of the dark stuff on top. :party
  10. Reader

    Reader Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    My name is Gail-Gigi-Reader Take your pick!:) It all started when I got sick of watching life pass me by...............I told hubby we were going !I dragged him screaming and kicking onto the voyager.12-9-01 I will now have to run to keep up with him getting to the next ship the Dawn princess.(lol)All I think about is how to get back on a balcony ,even willing to share my coffee with Alli!! I am a serious coffee drinker!:)The only problem is one addiction leads to another I cannot get off this board to get ready for work l(ol) was here at 3:00 A:M.

    MRS. G :)
  11. logcabin

    logcabin Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    Scott, don't be ashamed about the lime wedge, hubby won't drink his Corona without it!
  12. Nessie

    Nessie Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    My name is Annette and I am a cruise@ddict. I took my first cruise last year and didn't want to get off the ship. Hooked at the first try. I did not know of this board at that time, so no one warned me of the possible addiction to follow. I am now eagerly waiting my next Fix, ah...cruise. The frozen thingees are just icing on the cake..along with the chocolate midnight buffet!! I am grateful to find all the other addicts that make my addiction tolerable...Thank you.
  13. Re: <B><font color=

    Hi, my wife and I became @ddicts by pure chance 2 years ago. There was an error in a published price of a cruise and we could not pass up such an inexpensive vacation to Alaska. Never thought about a cruise before that... but now... we can't stop dreaming and planning our future cruises. We are truly @ddicted! My wife handles all the frozen drinks.... I prefer a well made Bloody Mary (does it still count?). Seriously enjoy this board! Thanks to all of you for your wonderful advise, thoughts, etc. It makes planning cruises so much easier to be able to talk to other cruisers. Working on our second cruise now (Caribbean) and starting plans for a Hawaii to Vancouver cruise in 2004!!! Life is GOOD!
  14. DeniseZ

    DeniseZ Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    I am Denise and I have been an addict since 1994.
  15. TexasSue

    TexasSue Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    I'm Susan and I too am an addict. I can't survive without a cruise booked and I talk about it all the time to anyone who will listen (even strangers) I'm also addicted to this board as all us addicts must stick together. My life is planned around my count down to my next cruise.
  16. DaveJ

    DaveJ Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    Hi John, my name is Dave and I'm from little ole U.K. My wife and I have been cruising for most years since 1984 so I guess this makes both of us @ddicts, Cruising the best way of life ever..... :thumb

    Prefer an nice LARGE vodka and tonic, bowl glass and plenty of ice real big chunks.

    Great Board and community :cheers
  17. Mgram

    Mgram Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    I am GUILTY AS CHARGED.......@ddicted all the way!!!
  18. Re: <B><font color=

    Hi my name is Nancy, my husbands name is John and we are true cruise addict.
    We took our first cruise in Oct 1998. That was all it took, since then our lifes changed drastically. We we have not been on a land vacation since. All we think and talk about is cruises, our friends just don't understand. Folks this is a true sickness. I'm sure there's not a 10 or even a 12 step program our there that will help us now, were to far gone.
    Please send money and brochures. Thanks

    The Fruita Kid
  19. tinker

    tinker Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    I have to admit I am an addict. I became addicted when my sister and mom talked me into going on a cruise in 1995. I have been on 17 since and have 2 more booked. That makes 5 this year. I have gone way over the cruises my mom and sister have gone on. They have created a monster. Now that hubby is retired, I am spending all of our savings. Can I come over and eat dinner once in a while when it is all gone???
  20. BobandMary

    BobandMary Guest

    Re: <B><font color=

    I'm Bob. My wife's name is Mary. We waited 18 years, wanting to cruise, but didn't think we could afford it. After our first time, we tried to deny it and flew to Mexico for our next vacation. But finally we admitted it. This board helps by feeding our addiction when were not our doing it. Right now its so bad, we are researching our next two cruises, not just one. Still not sure if we can afford it, but that doesn't matter any more. We even leave cruise brochures lying around the house for everyone to see. No point in hiding them. Everybody knows. And its to the point now that we want our next cruise to be longer than the last one. Maybe one day....a world cruise.

    Can anybody help us???

    Probably not.

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