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<B>How long have you been on this board?</B>

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by BobTuck, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    How cruise @ddicts started. And how it evolved into a community board.
    First. How the board was born.. John posted this a while ago, and I repost it here…

    Once upon a time.. (Sorry wrong story).

    Cruise @ddicts began back in <font color = red>July of 1999.</font> Ingrid and myself had just returned on our first cruise. We sailed on the Grandeur of the Seas and had a wonderful time. During or pre-cruise planning we both read cruise reviews and visited messages boards, other cruise sites and newgroups around the internet. When we returned Ingrid was watching as I was working on making web pages. I had been working on web pages for my family's business and did other web sites projects. She said she was interested in working on a site of her own. So as I sat in front of the web page editor I started questioning.. "So what kind of page do you want??" ... We talked about many topics such as something work related for her and so on. She said "No" to a few ideas.. and then I suggested. How about a "Cruise Web site" ??? I really liked the idea...and she did also. It may have been due to too many soft drinks but I started making the basic layout of the site right then. One of the first things I did was come up with a logo and name for the site. I sat and thought... for a moment. I typed in "Cruise @ddicts" and our slogan would be "A place to get your fix when not onboard".

    I chose this name due to myself and Ingrid being called "Cruise Addicts" by our tablemates on our previous cruise. Because we had read everything possible about the cruise on the Internet and I had sailed the ship before... We knew a great deal of information. Our tablemates teased us and nicknamed us "Cruise Addicts" due to this. So even weeks later they emailed us calling us... the name. I can still recall... "Here come the Cruise Addicts!"... We liked the name since we would have long discussions on about the ship, ports and other little known information we had learned and now could share with them.

    So that’s where the actual name came from, I think its very fitting. My thought was if you’re a Cruise @ddict and you must "Need your fix"... So it would have to be a place to get what you want when you wanted it. No big delays.. or having to search for it. An @ddict needs his fix quickly... you know

    This was the template to start. As I got into the site beyond the name and logo I installed a basic message board. The message board was very basic and hard to manage once people found us.

    You'll have to remember this site began a sub directory of my family uniform shops website. It was at http://www.sruniforms.com/CruiseAddicts/ It was made only for fun... a place to put our favorite cruise links and resources. We were lucky enough to have a message board program which was included with the uniform web sites hosting package. So this added to what was a very basic home page.

    I had never ever had a personal home page of my own. So as I spent more time putting together a site on a subject I truly loved and enjoyed - the site grew. Ingrid wrote the newsletters and watched with me as the site went from very basic to actually busy with allot of luck - quickly.

    I had advertised the site around the net in different areas. Soon people came to our new virtual home.. and posted "Hi!". Many of the new faces that first walked in our home and said hello stayed and have never left. We wrote back and said hello from our own computers and talked about what we love.. cruising as the central topic. We introduced ourselves to our guests and they asked questions. They wanted to be certain we were going to keep a good clean home. We explained that we intended to keep a very close eye on our new home and baby. They thanked us and invited their friends from around the Internet to come to our site and visit. The first poster was "Herb", he posted and said hello and soon many names like red stripe, Einstein, Mgram, CruiseAholic, TrueRosie, FlaJack, and many more others soon came to visit and stay.

    As the days became months we felt blessed to have such a nice group of people visit our site daily. All we had was a message board as our sites main feature. In the months ahead we got so many messages that it became hard to manage. With the help of a very good friend David Venable. I was able to upgrade our message boards. We soon had some of the greatest features and everyone enjoyed the changes and new look. What was at first was very basic now became very good-looking. We were next even able to add a photo gallery for our community. Yes, our simple home page was now becoming a true online community. A place where people came daily and shared information about all topics and events... with cruising as the topic that joined us.

    As the pictures were being added and the messages were being posted we still needed a real site domain. We had to put everything under one roof; the site was still just a part of an online store for uniforms. So we created http://www.cruise-addicts.com where we could now put all our sites features under one roof.

    In the months to follow we've grown from a handful of users, a few pictures and posts to what our site is today. Our small message board now boasts 185,543 posts (Now 460,311) for a daily average of an amazing 558.1 posts. Our once small photo gallery is now a virtual masterpiece boasting an impressive 10,911(Update! Now Well over 28K ) photos in 573 (NOW! Over 1K) member galleries. Our once humble home now welcomes (many) thousands of users each day. We've grown along the way working on keeping our home fresh with features and information. Our obsession to get our own cruise fix has enabled us to offer Cruise Reviews, Web Mail, Chat Rooms, Downloads, News, Links Center, and more.

    In February 2001 we were very lucky to have been able to actually meet many users in person from literally around world from our site. This was a wonderful experience we treasure.

    Our site is now sponsored by a handful of the Internets leading online businesses, which provide for all our cutting edge servers and allow us to maintain and add new features.

    In ending...To those who call Cruise @ddicts home and everyone who has visited us along their way, a sincere Thank you. We had hoped it would remain a special place and I believe this still holds true.

    John, Cruise @ddicts

    John, if you want to update those numbers.. feel free to do so :grin as I know they are much bigger now.

  2. Princess Pat

    Princess Pat Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    Since around the beginning when Dall, CruiseAholic, Rosie, MaryE and others were routine posters. Dall invited me to come over from the other board where gremlins were a nuisance.

  3. Re: How long have you been on this board?

    I've been here sense Sept, 2001, mostly a lurker for the first few months.
  4. ginny

    ginny Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    I don't know how long i've been here........it's been a long time. :)
  5. Rosie

    Rosie Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    I found this board shortly after getting my laptop. It was right after 9/11/01 and I REALLY NEEDED A CRUISE!!!! I was in the process of booking cruise #3. I started out lurking and then a few months later started posting.
  6. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    I discovered this site sometime in the summer of 1999; been lurking and posting ever since. At the time, I was planning my fourth cruise overall, and my first on HAL. Much water under the bridge since then, with cruise #16 in March on the Nordic Empress.
  7. PeabodyNVL

    PeabodyNVL Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    I think I've been here since about 1/2001. I know I joined a lot of cruiseboards around that time. I was supposed to sail to Hawaii on the United States Line ship Patriot in March. After reading pretty bad reviews for her from her first month of operation in December 2000, we decided to do a10 day land tour of Hawaii, which we absolutely loved!

    Prior to that, I had been on AOL's Princess Cruises board for my 1999 Grand cruise. The AOL cruise boards disappeared for a while to be replaced by Cruise Critic. Now, the AOL boards are back, so I am on all of these boards.

  8. Corky

    Corky Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    I think a little over 2 years.
  9. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    Well My lady Dentist Boss had 11 weeks of Maternity leave and I was only Part-time from Sept.1 of 2003. till Nov 15th .Mark my DH. was looking for cruise info on hotels for the Golden as the last hotel in San Juan was perfect but pricey..He chanced onto this site,I lurked for a month and then joined in which FLOORED my family as I did not even touch the Computer, but I'm so thrilled to have found you all so it's now 6 months...:)...Joanne
  10. kruznut

    kruznut Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    Like many others i sort of stumbled onto cruise-addicts a few months ago and just lurked around and finally began to post. I must say that i think it is a wonderful site with good people who are kind and courteous to one another. I enjoy the the fact that it's kept clean and fun.

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  11. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    This spring it will be 3 years for me. I lurked for awhile and then I started posting and never left.
  12. kitten

    kitten Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    Just a tad over 3 year's now! Just found this site by serving the net, found this the best place to be and have stuck around ever since, (much to the chagrine of our Capt.John!):grin

    Edited: to spell a word right! :grin

    Post Edited (01-30-04 10:48)
  13. reese

    reese Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    Not real sure but know it was before the RSMC. I sure do remember the build up to that, and that Saturday evening unveiling. :grin
  14. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    I arrived here from the cruise2.com board very early in the sruniform.com days :grin! This site has sure come a long way since those early days and thankfully, for the most part, has been a happy and safe playground for all of us.
  15. JANPEP

    JANPEP Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    I am not sure how long I have been posting but like other I was surfing the internet under the topic cruise & found this site. I was surprized at how friendly eveyone was. If I had a ? it was always answered right away. Then I started checking in every morning just to say hi & see how everyone was & what the weather was around the country.
    Now I call it home.if I miss a day I feel lonely.
    Thanks John so making this such a wonderful site to visit every day.
  16. herb

    herb Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    as John explained I was the first to post on cruise-addicts.

    Can't believe it's almost 5 years
  17. IraGayleW

    IraGayleW Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    I've been here for about a year now. I was researching our first cruise last October on the Norwegian Dawn. I don't post much but I'm here everyday checking things out. I, too, enjoy the kind and courteous attitudes of everyone on board! Thanks to everyone who is invovled in keeping C@ a fun place to visit.
  18. Jamman

    Jamman Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    Since the very beginning!! Was on that lifeboat with a lot of others from that other sinking board, and John came and rescued us!! It's been a great run so far, and hope it continues for a long, long time!!! :thumb
  19. John

    John Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    Hi, I've been here since July 5, 1999. ;)

    Here is alittle About Us snaptshot.

    The Cruise @ddicts online community consists of:

    * An average of over 7800 unique visitors each day

    * Members who cruise an average of 1.8 times per year, and 15% of members who intend to cruise 3 or more times this year

    * over 2,560 cruise reviews on 176 different ships

    * 1,502 photo galleries containing over 32,430 cruise-related pictures

    * A tracking feature that indicates members currently have 1,103 cruises booked.

    * Cruise related message boards that generate hundreds of new post each and every day.

    A demographic snapshot of our membership is as follows:

    * Average age of 45.8 years almost equal gender split (56% female and 44% male)

    * 63% in white collar occupations, with professional/managerial being the dominant classification.

    * All 50 states are represented in our member base with the important cruise-port states of Florida, California, New Jersey, New York and Texas making up the top 5 member states After the U.S.A, the next most represented countries include Canada (with members from the Maritime provinces, Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies, and Western provinces) and the U.K. 20 other countries also represented in our member base

    Further, Cruise @ddicts has been identified as a premiere cruise community by Fodor’s Plan & Enjoy Your Cruise, SmarterLiving.com, Web Bound, and KTLA’s Cyber Guy. As well as newspapers around the globe.
  20. Gitte

    Gitte Guest

    Re: How long have you been on this board?

    Since the very beginning. I think the first or second week.

    Gitte :)

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