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Back From Century

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by BrooklynTherapist, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. We just returned from a cruise on the Century (Western Caribbean) and fell in love with cruising!

    The rooms: We had an oceanview cabin on the Panorama Deck (8th floor). Unfortunately, or luggage was too deep to fit under the bed, so the size of the room was truly compromised. We had to climb onto the bed from various angles because of our suitcases. Make sure your suitcase will fit underneath your bed or you'll be doing gymnastics as we did. Our stateroom attendant was wonderful. Like clockwork, by the time we returned to our cabin after dinner, to grab cash for the casino and often change our clothes, our bed was turned down and a chocolate placed on each pillow. A card with the following day's weather prediction was placed on the bed, though it was NEVER accurate. Thunderstorms were predicted for each day and we never had rain. Water pressure was good; however, there was no way to actually get cold water and we found ourselves brushing our teeth with lukewarm water. Oh well, worse things could happen.

    The dining: The food was quite good. We're from NYC and don't impress easily, but we enjoyed the fare in the dining room each evening. The Islands Cafe was fine for breakfast and lunch. When we didn't like what was offered in the Islands Cafe, we went out to the grill. Unfortunately, we found the burgers quite overcooked and often cold from sitting out. The pizza was always good and kept us appeased until dinner time. There was a wonderful variety in the main dining room and I never tasted anything that was less than enjoyable. Some selctions were better than others, but that will be found anywhere. Gourmet bites were passed in the public rooms around midnight, but we were always too full from our late seating dinner to try anything.

    Entertainment: We really were disappointed. The Celebrity Singers & Dancers put on a show akin to something you'd see at your local high school. There was never much going on after 10 or 11pm, so night owls were often left with few choices in the late evening. We went to the 3 karaoke nights and found Robert (the host) incredibly entertaining. He had great energy and and amazing wit. During some of the truly terrible performances, we found ourselves awaiting what we knew would be an amusing comment from Robert. The music in Hemispheres (Century's nightclub) was poor. The DJ moved from one decade to another, playing the BeeGees one minute and J-LO the next. The club never got crowded and after a couple of tries, we gave up on Hemispheres. The entertainment at the pool sufficed at keeping us from becoming bored. Overall, we were unhappy with the entertainment onboard, with the exception of karaoke and Louis Johnson (the comedian).

    Casino: The casino is small. One each of craps, roulette, let it ride, 3 card poker, and Caribbean stud. There were 2 or 3 blackjack tables and an abundance of slot machines. We found most of the dealers and pit bosses to be very friendly. If you're cruising on the Century anytime soon, be sure to seek out Cheryl (a dealer) who is talkative, friendly, witty, and helpful. We don't enjoy playing at tables with dealers who lack in the personality department and found ourselves almost following Cheryl to the table she was working.

    Ports: We climbed Dunns River Falls and found Jamaica to be nothing like described on many of the boards. As far as exiting the falls: say, "no thank you" and the vendors leave you alone. Don't tell them your name or where you're from because they'll engrave your name on something quicker than you can blink and you're now forced to buy it. Don't shake hands with the vendors. We saw several people do so as we walked and they quickly found that the vendors would not let go. Walk, say no thanks, and you'll feel perfectly safe. We spent some time at Margaritaville and loved the drinks. The short walk from the ship to Margaritaville was fine and we never felt unsafe.

    We went to Stingray City in Grand Cayman. Unfortunately, Cayman was expecting a storm the following day and the waters were very rough. It's supposed to be calm, waist-deep water, but most of the people on our excursion found themselves being pulled under. Nonetheless, swimming with the rays was fantastic! Cayman is beautiful and we'd love to go back.

    Cozumel: We went to the Dolphin Encounter and this was my favorite of the excursions. Cozumel was beautiful and offered some nice shopping. Whatever you do, don't think that the silver & tanzanite jewelry is real tanzanite. The tanzanite in the stores (set in silver) is lab-created, basically akin to cubic zirconia. I looked at a ring & when I asked the price, I was told $238. I immediately said, "no thanks." The salesman asked what I wanted to spend and I said, 40. Within a second the $238 ring was mine for $40; I probably could've gotten it for $15 if I'd haggled a bit more. Back onboard, I found a woman who'd bought the same ring for $250 b/c she thought it was real tanzanite. A word to the wise: most stores will not leave tanzanite out and not locked in a showcase, nor will they drop the price $200 in less than 5 seconds. My silver and purple glass ring is quite pretty.

    I was able to get a Movado (can't remember which port) for $250 ($500 in the US) at one of the ship recommended jewelry stores.

    Key West: Though Key West is beautiful, we found there was little to do aside from shop or visit historical places. We walked around and found that you can get the same great prices in Key West as you can while in the Caribbean. I saw my Movado for the same price I paid in the Caribbean. It's still duty-free as long as you ship your purchase rather than take possession in Florida. We went over to the original Margaritaville and enjoyed the first good burger we'd had in a week. We found a Coach Factory store and I bought a couple of items at great prices.

    We were invited to dine at the captain's table for the first formal night. It was a wonderful experience, particularly since this was our first cruise. The Master of the Century was witty and very intelligent. He was a fascinating man to dine with and we'll cherish the memory.

    The ship's social hostess, Amanda Grant, was very sweet. Not only did she select us to dine with the captain, but she made it a point to chat with us daily. We never saw her without a smile on her face. She's an asset to Celebrity.

    The breakdown:

    Dining: Thumbs up in the Grand Restaurant. Sideways thumb for the Islands Cafe and Grills

    Entertainment: Thumbs down, with the exception of Robert's entertaining ways during karaoke.

    Service: Thumbs up everywhere

    Ports: Thumbs up

    Casino: Typical casino :)

    I hope the review is helpful to anyone considering this ship & itinerary.
  2. seagarsmoker

    seagarsmoker Guest

    Thanks for taking the time to post a review. We've been on the Century twice and overall your comments are about the same as ours. Think we had better experience at the grill, otherwise ageee with everything else.
    The Century is a great ship and we're hoping to cruise on her again in spring 2006.
  3. FranD

    FranD Guest

    Very nice review, thank you. You should post it over in the Reviews forum also. Cheers!
  4. EMS8

    EMS8 Guest

    Hey Seagarsmoker, my wife and I are sailing the Century 9 night E Caribbean on March 18, 2006. Maybe we'll see you there?
  5. seagarsmoker

    seagarsmoker Guest

    Michael, will let you know for sure next spring (we'll wait until after the CL@SS cruise), but that is the exact sailing (3/18/06) I have as the leader of the pact so far.
    This cruise gets a couple of bonus points - the Century is just about a perfect ship for us (size, layout, staff, food), my bday falls during that time, we really like the Century.. :)
  6. EMS8

    EMS8 Guest

    JB, my wife's birthday falls in that time period as well, and our 33rd anniversary is 2 days after the cruise. I guess we might just celebrate both events. We have sailed the Galaxy twice, the Summit and Infinity once, so I am anxious to sail on Century. I have heard so many positive comments about her on this website as well as another cruise web site, I can't wait to find out how good she is myself. OBTW, does your userid have anything to do with your passion?
  7. seagarsmoker

    seagarsmoker Guest

    'OBTW, does your userid have anything to do with your passion? '
    Yeppers, sure does - for 23+ yrs.... :)

    Can't think of any place I'd rather be than on a cruise when you have something special to celebrate!
  8. Chelsi

    Chelsi Guest

    Thank you for your review, we are going on Century on Oct 9th, 45 days!!!!! This reveiw helped us a lot. Did you take any tours in the ports and who did you book with? Thnaks for the names that will make it even more fun!!!!

  9. EMS8

    EMS8 Guest

    JB, I've been enjoying them for 34 years. My favorite is Padron Anniversary series, just wish I could afford to enjoy them more often.
  10. Chelsi,

    We used Peat Taylor in Jamaica. He was wonderful and the tour was only $30pp (including admission to the falls). Google his name in quotations and his site will pop up. The tour also included Fern Gully, Wassi Pottery Factory, and a SAFE tour of parts of the island. When school is in session, he also takes the tour to a school (sorry we missed that part). He was an amazing tour guide and I highly recommend him.

    We tried to book the Dolphin Discovery independently, but they had no openings. We ended up booking it through the ship, which cost us an additional $24 pp ($75 vs $99). In my opinion, it was well worth it.

    I never had a chance to book Stingray City independently (though Capatain Marvin's comes recommended by many of the users of this board). We used the ship to book this tour and Stingray City is a must see.

    We walked around Key West, as most passengers did. There were few tours available and none that interested us.

    Unfortunately, we were told that Robert, the karaoke host, was getting promoted and would no longer be hosting karaoke. Fortunate for him, not so for the passengers who'll miss his wit and energy. Check out karaoke just in case as we found him quite entertaining.

    Know that anything you book through the ship will be more expensive than booking on your own. If nothing else, make sure you use Peat Taylor in Ocho Rios.

    Feel free to ask anything else :)
  11. Chelsi

    Chelsi Guest

    Thanks for the help just a few more questions...
    DO they let you bring soda, water or other drinks on the cruise ship when you first board?
    Did you buy a soda card? Were soda drinks free at dinner? Did you try the aquq spa? How much was it if you did? I think that is everything thanks so much we have 8 people total in our group, but I'm doing the research and these were some of their questions!

  12. Technically, you're not supposed to bring drinks onto the ship. We didn't attempt to do so, and I don't know what would have happened if we'd tried. I would imagine that bringing soda or water wouldn't be as much of an issue as trying to "smuggle" alcohol. We're social drinkers, so drinking in our cabin was never a consideration and I certainly wasn't going to carry a flask to try to add alcohol to soda or juice. We saw no need to smuggle alcohol.

    We both bought soda cards on the first day. We were NOT charged for soda at dinner. There are varied opinions regarding the value of purchasing a soda card. I liked it because when drinking soda at the pool (which I sometimes did), once my ice melted, I simply ordered another soda. Had I been paying for each individual soda, I would have not done so. Get friendly with your assistant waiter. We had difficulty getting the bar serviceperson in the restaurant. By the third night, our assistant waiter was ordering the sodas for us and we never had a problem thereafter.

    We didn't use the Aqua Spa.

    Century does not have any restaurants with an additional charge. The Sky Bar offers alternative casual dining and requires a reservation. There is no charge to eat there, though. It provides an alternative to the Grand Restaurant and Islands Cafe for dinner. We never ate there since we were quite content in the Grand Restaurant.
  13. Chelsi

    Chelsi Guest

    Thanks so much for your answers!!

  14. Cruisin'Kim

    Cruisin'Kim Guest

    HI Chelsi,

    We were on the Century back in August, and used the Aqua Spa. It was always busy - many people use it - but very pricey!

    I had a pedicure done, and for the price, when we go on the Summit in January I'm just going to have one done before we go. My husband had the warm stone massage done - he said it was great (he has M.S. - gets around fine, but one leg has pain most of the time and it was really good for that), he also had a kink in his neck, and it worked for that as well. But again, really pricey (I think it was over $200). Use the Spa pool if you have a chance though - we had a free session with our suite, but I think it is $20 per session or $60 for the cruise - it was great!

    We didn't buy a soda card, my husband isn't a big soft drink fan, and although I drink them at home, I didn't think I would need the 3-4 a day you would need to justify it. They have free juices, lemonade, and ice tea if your looking for something cold. It all depends on how much pop you drink.

    Have a great trip,

  15. dreamer

    dreamer Guest

    Hi everyone!! I spoke to Celebrity last week about the spa pool and I was quoted $15 per day for the Century. Hope that helps.
    sailing Dec. 2005.......seems like a longggg wayyy away.....

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