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Back from Radiance

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Scott, May 1, 2001.

  1. Scott

    Scott Guest

    We got in from the Radiance last nightand have begun the process of returning to normal life.

    The ship is stunning! Most of teh service issues seemed to be fin on board. Embarking and disembarking are another story however. That was simply horrible, but we are home safe and sound and had a great time.

    I'll take any questions while I work on the trip report.

    Scott in TX
  2. Donna

    Donna Guest


    Hope you enjoyed your trip. Will look for the review.

    Rest up.
  3. glo-ree-bee

    glo-ree-bee Guest


    Since we go in about 3 weeks I will be watching for any info you have on your trip. What happened about the embarking? I know disembarking on any ship seems to be the pits so I just prepare myself for a long wait!

    Glad you enjoyed the ship otherwise. Hope memories will always be pleasant.
  4. Scott

    Scott Guest

    Embarking was a bit trying as we had to do so in Ensenada. We rode down from San Diego via bus. They dumped us at the Civic center there and stood in long lines and after sitting in long lines. We eventually were bussed from the center to the ship. But we did sail three hours after our stated time.

    As for disembarking - our color tag was called 2 hours after the stated time. Then the bus driver has no idea how to get to the airport and refused to call for help. So, we found the cargo areas and explored those quite extensively.
    Yes, disembarkation is a hassle, but how come Disney can do it SO efficiently and the other lines have not got a clue?

    As for those self leveling pool tables? We put it to a difficult test out in the Pacific on our way to Victoris. They worked like a charm!!
    Loads of fun watching them adjust.

  5. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    I wonder about RCI's disembarking proceedures too. Why can Princess get you off the ship before you want to get off - by 8:30 in the morning and RCI can't? Guess we better plan for a later flight home after our Radiance cruise.

    Was the Pacific rough then, Scott? Or did you make the ship move just so you could see how those billiards tables work?
  6. Scott

    Scott Guest

    The Pacific was rough. :) But I think all of us secretly wanted some rough patches to see how the tables held up. The story goes that one of the installers slept on a table crossing the Atlantic to test it. He slept like a baby!

    For $90,000 a table I suppose the idea of self leveling beds in each cabin is an idea a litte premature? :)
  7. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Unfortunately, yes. But, there is the hammock, which is on a similar principle!
  8. Matt

    Matt Guest

    I boarded the NCL SKY same place same day. I was wondering what was up with the Radiance as I thought that she was to leace at 5pm but was still there at 730pm when I looked. What time did they let you on the ship? It seemed very empty at 5pm when I looked at it. The Radiance was docked when we arrived at the peir at 1230pm. The Sky didn't arrive until just before 4pm, but we were on within 30minutes. The people that took the bus transfers from San Diago had to stay on there busses for 1 1/2 hrs after they arrived at the peir so there were some unhappy people. NCL blamed it on US Customs/Imagration. What were your port of calls and on which days?
  9. Scott

    Scott Guest

    We boarded about 1:30, but those in line behind us had it much worse than we did. It was a long embarkation process. We left port at 8:00, although 5:00 was our original sail time.

    We visited San Diego (4/24), Catalina (4/25), San Francisco (4/27), Victoria (4/29) and Seattle (4/30). Throw in two sea days and that was our trip.

    We did notice how quickly the Sky was able to fill up and sail. I suppose that is the benefits of sailing a seasoned ship versus one on it's second official sailing.

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