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Back from the Caribbean Princess

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by bretdeb, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. bretdeb

    bretdeb Guest

    Just got back from the Caribbean Princess' maiden voyage. I will post a review later this week, but I can tell you she's an amazing ship! We had a wonderful time! Like I said, I will post a review, but if anyone has questions...I'll do my best to answer them.

  2. dana

    dana Guest

    welcome back.

    i have a few questions.

    What type of activities ddi they have on princess cay? did they have a barbeque?

    did you eat at the sterling steakhouse? how was it?

    did they have those big cinnamon rolls in the a.m?

    how was the nightly entertainment?

    how were the staterooms?

    what time did the dock in ft lauderdale, as i have a 11:30 a.m. flight home.

    did you go to the spa and have any spa services?

    what kind of daily enrichment activities did they offer and how were the fees?

    do you remember the nighlt themes for the dining room?

    how was the library?

    thanks for all fo your help

  3. vjj5712

    vjj5712 Guest

    I have questions too.

    1) Did you do Personal Choice Dining? Can you make reservations for it the whole week even at prime times 6:30 - 7:30?

    2) Movies under the stars - How do you reserve seating? Is it loud where it is enough to be annoying on other decks?

    3) What nights were formal and French night?

    Thank you.
  4. bretdeb

    bretdeb Guest


    - We did have a barbeque at Princess Cays, and many activities (although, my favorite activity that day was getting sunburned...ouch!). Activities ranged from snorkeling, boat rides to wind surfing and relaxing.

    - We did eat at the Sterling Steakhouse. The food was good, but I have to say that they provided the worst service out of all the dining experiences. It was as if our table didn't exist (no waiter, took forever for food, just to name a few). But I also overheard people saying how they received the best service. I guess we were at the wrong table that night. But again the food was good (don't know if it was worth the $15 charge pp).

    - I didn't see the big cinnamon rolls.

    - The nightly entertainment was very good. Everything from comedy acts to Vegas type performances. They also had Princess Idol (like American Idol, but it was the passengers performing).

    - We had a Balcony cabin on the Riviera deck. It was decent size, not huge, but well accomodating.

    - It docked early in the AM in Ft. Lauderdale. We also had a 11:30 AM flight. We made it just fine. Just make sure that you are one of the first ones (red tags) off the ship...just in case.

    - My wife used the spa. They're still trying to work the bugs out. It wasn't a terrible experience...just running late. But it's very nice. I used the steam and sauna that are in the men's and women's locker rooms.

    - Only remember one "Island Night" theme night.

    - Didn't use the library...but it looked nice.

    Hope this helps!

  5. bretdeb

    bretdeb Guest


    - We didn't use PC dining. We prefer the traditional dining, but did go to Sabitini's and Sterling Steakhouse two of the nights.

    - To reserve seating for the movies under the stars...you just call the conceirge services and they will send you tickets. Very easy, and they really show only one movie twice a night for four nights. One night I noticed many lounge chairs available. The sound is very good, but not overpowering at all on the other decks. In fact you can't hear it at all unless you're on the deck where the movie is showing.

    - Our formal nights were the 3rd and 5th nights. Sorry, I don't recall the French night (that may have been one of the night we went to the other restaurants).

    Hope this helps!

  6. ginza17

    ginza17 Guest

    Glad you had a great time. Was the ship as awesome as they are saying? Drink prices reasonable? We are cruising the Caribbean Princess 7/17/04...

  7. vjj5712

    vjj5712 Guest

    Brett, thanks for answering so quickly. I would like to try Sabatini's...is it worth it and still a 3 hour course? Good to hear that the sound at the movies is not overpowering as some people were so afraid it will be. I hear that the Horizon Court closes now at 5:30 and the only place to eat something real late would be at the Cafe Caribe...........and that to me just sounds too spicy. Did you eat that at all?
  8. bretdeb

    bretdeb Guest


    She's amazing! She was the envy of all the other ships in port. I wouldn't say the drink prices are reasonable, but based on my bar bill...I must have thought they were. There was a certain point where I said "Oh who cares about the prices"...I believe it was the first day.

  9. bretdeb

    bretdeb Guest


    We did go to Sabatini's...it was wonderful!! I believe it was well worth the $20 charge pp. And yes...it was close to a 3 hour experience. Alot of food! It really is more than just dinner...it truly is a dining experience.

    The Horizon Court did close earlier, and the buffett was in the Cafe Caribe. Some of the food may have been spicy, but you also had alot to choose from that was less spicy. The food wasn't the best there, but you did have variety.

  10. Tammi

    Tammi Guest

    I have some questions about the balcony's.

    What deck were you on?

    Do the balcony's teir like on the Golden Princess?

    Are some balcony's bigger then others?

    Are the balcony's 1/2 open 1/2 cover?

    Thanks for any info

  11. Keisele

    Keisele Guest

    Yes! Tell us about the balconies! We are on the Dolphin Deck in a mini suite and was wondering if our balcony is exposed or what?! What deck and where was your room?

    Did you have Personal Choice Dining or Traditional? How was the food?

    We are sailing 5/29.....I'm so excited!!!!
  12. ginza17

    ginza17 Guest

    the balconies do tier...the caribe deck have the half covered / half open decks, which makes them quite larger then the other decks...

    We are sailing 7/17/04,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Post Edited (04-12-04 20:42)
  13. fig414

    fig414 Guest

    I this ship does not have the cinnamon rolls I am going back to Carnival.
  14. perky

    perky Guest

    I appreciate hearing about the ship , we have a group of 7 women going on the April 24th cruise. We will have 2 balcony cabins and one mini suite on the Dolphin deck, I was wondering if you happened to notice if the Dolphin which was two below you had deeper balconies ? They appear from all the literature to be larger. Thank you for all the great information it sounds wonderful and adds to the anticipation. From the sounds of things Princess might be our new annual Cruise line. Thanks again.
  15. bretdeb

    bretdeb Guest


    The deck that was two below us was a bit larger. We loved sitting out on the deck with our morning coffee. Our friends were in the cabin next to us, and our Steward, Elric, was very accomodating to open the divider for us. you'll have a wonderful time!


    Post Edited (04-13-04 10:50)
  16. ginza17

    ginza17 Guest

    was it easy for them to open divider between balconies? we have friends staying in the cabin next to us and think that would be awesome to have the balconies open up to each other...
  17. bretdeb

    bretdeb Guest


    It must have been easy, 'cause we asked our Steward...and within 30 minutes it was done. They're not able to take the divider out...all they do is open (unlock) the door between the two balconies. Still...very convenient!

  18. snippitts

    snippitts Guest

    We are in a mini suite on Emerald with friends next door. Can we all sit on one balcony?? Is there enough room for a lounge chair??

  19. bretdeb

    bretdeb Guest

    We were all able to sit on one balcony, and ours was smaller. We could not fit a lounge chair on ours. I would guess with a suite, your balcony will be much bigger. Also, if it's big enough for a lounge chair, chances are they will have already accomodated you with one or two.
  20. lmgardner

    lmgardner Guest


    We are also on the Riviera deck and have requested the balcony door to be opened between cabins. Is the balcony always shady or at certain times of the day does it become sunny? As I look at pictures, it appears that the Lido deck above extends way out over the balcony area. Also, was it noisy in that location? We are under the Horizon Court in cabins 614 and 616. Thank you! We sail in less than 3 weeks. Hope they work out all the bugs by then!

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