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Back from the SKY

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Matt, May 3, 2001.

  1. Matt

    Matt Guest

    Back from the Sky had a great time. It is a very nice and clean ship, I missed the windows like RCI have on there vision class. Freestyle was interesting I loved not having a set time to eat and it was very nice to meet lots of differant people and have a different view every time, but missed the relationship that is built with one particular waiter. I found that the service in the dinning room was not very good but the service everywhere else was good. It was nice to be able to stay in your room until your color was called for disembarkation if you wanted too.
  2. rox52

    rox52 Guest

    I got off the Sky last Monday. I found the service in the Seven Seas much better than the Four Season's. How'd you like those reading lamps over the bed? Bump, bump, bump.......
  3. Matt

    Matt Guest

    I bumped my head three times on them heard they are changing their placement on thier new ships. We got off last monday aswell. Did you go to the guest talent show what did you think of the lady with the "YAK" coat?
  4. deb

    deb Guest

    We were on that repositioning cruise too. We had a great time. My boys were 2 of only 5 teens on board and had the teen club to themselves. I hardly ever saw them.
    That last talent show guest was something else. I guess she figured she was old so she was entitled?!!! Do you really think it was her 500 and something cruise on NCL?
    I actually liked the service better in the 4 seasons, even asked to be seated at the table of one particular waiter (roberto solis) and wasn't able to twice because that section was full, but the rest of the resteraunt was fairly empty! So I guess I stumbled upon a good one early on. We did get to sit in his section for 4 meals, one lunch 3 dinners.
    I thought the breakfasts on the buffet were bad, but the rest of the food was good, especially the presidents menu. I had the chilled soup 3 or 4 meals and really liked them. I did not get to any of the alternate dining rooms. I liked freestlyle a lot. I don't think we ate at the same time more than two times, so it came in handy. I enjoyed meeting different tablemates. I was surprised at how many of them this was their first cruise.
    My main complain about the cruise was the weather. Who would have guessed the west coast was going to have a cold snap when we were there (and they had record warm weather back here in NH!) I can't blame that on NCL.
    Deb in NH
  5. rox52

    rox52 Guest

    I didn't go to the passenger talent show, I think I had one mai tai too many to stay up late that night. You must be talking about Geraldine - she said she was going to sing, but was having trouble with her throat. She also said she never gets off the ship - too dangerous for a lady her age traveling alone. She was a hoot. I'm glad someone had good service in the Four Season's. I think I had the same waiter for breakfast one day, no service problem that day.........oh I take that back. The bus person, came to pour me some tea, then took the pot. Couldn't get syrup for my pancakes either. Hmmmmm.....maybe it's just me. I loved the cold soups and had them every night that I could. Really like the orange/carrot. I was disappointed with the chocoholic buffet. Again, just me, but all of the chocolate desserts tasted the same. The cold snap was weird, but no problem getting a deck chair that day. I was expecting an older pax list, but it was much older than expected. I'm sure that I would recognize your teens if I was them (few and far between). Happy to hear they had fun. What did you think of Kelvin TV? I thought the port talks suffered because he is so focused on selling cruises. I remember previous port talks being so much more specific i.e. if you're buying such and such expect to pay such and such. Same with the excursions and points of interest. Even the port maps included sales pitches. I was pleasantly surprised that we weren't charged for the Evian and Pelligrino water in the staterooms. Wish I'd known other "younger" pax before getting on the ship. Would have been nice to meet for a pre-dinner drink. All things considered, it was an enjoyable trip. I'd go again.
  6. Virginia

    Virginia Guest

    is this the
    sky Princess or Norwegian Sky?
  7. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    Norwegian Sy

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