back from the worse cruise ever!!!



sounds to me like she just wants to complain...... I've sailed 16 times on Carnival (25 cruises total) and this is not typical of any of them. But some people just can't be happy - no matter what they are going to look for the worst possible scenario.

Loved the part where she wants a refund from CCL for the excursion she booked on her own!! that is priceless!!



Sorry to hear that you didn't like your cruise. I am certain, however, that a majority of your fellow passengers DID have a great time. As posted above, you made some mistakes -- i.e. not reading the book in your cabin to notice that there is 24/7 Room Service, not reading the capers carefully enough to note the times that the Deli and Asian Wok were open and planning your day accordingly, for thinking that the same food served in the Dining Room at dinner is EXACTLY the same as what is served in the buffet, for booking a tour outside of Carnival at 8:00 AM and expecting to get priority tendering AHEAD of the people who booked tours through Carnival, for not taking a good long walk around the Lido and Panorama decks to find the unsaved chairs which I assure you DO exist because I find them all the time, BTW you say 1/4 of the chairs were saved so according to my math that means 3/4 were not saved so what was the problem? And God forbid people have to walk around to find a chair and in the meantime enjoy some exercise!!

It seems like cruising is just not your cup of tea. Based on your statements, it sure does seem like this was your very first cruising experience. If it has ruined your desire to cruise, that really is unfortunate. I caution you against characterizing the line and guests in the manner you have. Most of your complaints are things you won't find are any different on other lines. Yes, some are there to party, but BTW, what is wrong about that? The goal is to have FUN! No matter where you choose to vacation you will find a few people who get a bit carried away. This is NOT unique to Carnival. Heck, you can find unruly drunk people at your local church festival!! I think this issue is just a general intolerance on your part for people's differences. The great thing about cruising and especially on Carnival is the diverse activities. There really is something for everyone.

Well, enough said. You need to decide whether you will let your anger get the best of you or not. I have a feeling that your sentiments apply to lots of things in your life and not just this cruise. Perhaps you might enjoy a week at an all-inclusive resort instead. My advice on that or any other vacation is to do your homework.

Eleven cruises, 9 on Carnival, planning another Carnival Cruise for February 2007,


WELLL DONE lainie!!!!!! :) bravo, for being a class act , and speaking it so well, i couldnt have said it better myself. I cant stand people that come to these boards and rant, that say new to the sandbox, and then dont stick around to take a beating :)

All of us regulars, and most new people AREcruise addicts!!! but for a first time cruiser to jump on a board and post, and then not stick around to defend ,,,, whatever!!!

I loved my first cruise, i also sat on this very board for months prior to cruising, i knew what to expect, and i felt like i had already been there before i got there... no suprises, and there hasnt been since that first cruise..,RESEARCH anyhting your going to do for the first time, wether it be cruising , or building something, or cooking,,,, if you go into it with your head stuck up your arse your bound to run into a wall!!


Hey Melissa

Is “arse†some kind of pirate lingo that I haven’t heard.

Like arse, arse me bucko. LOL



I agree with Lainie and Melissa. If they didn't or wouldn't have a good time or find ways to enjoy themselves, they should find an alternative vacation venue. I have only been once and sure there are always something or someone that may rub you the wrong way. My advice, go to a different part of the ship. And I also agree that room service food was excellent! Oh well, hopefully we dont run into anybody that unhappy on the Miracle in May, but if we do, we'll just go away to a different part of the ship.

Happy cruising everybody,


Troll Alert ---- FYI -- this person is known as TJSHARKTANK over on another cruising site's boards and posted this rant under 2 different titles to get attention there.


I hate trolls as much as i hate gettin goff the ship!!!

As you ALL very well know however I have a way of dealing with the troll situation,,, theres nothing worse than a born and bread Newyorker that now resides in Jersey :)


I am with you Ccups...first year in 4 years we are staying home, SIGH. How does one make it through this?
Sorry not meaning to hyjack thread.


I have to say, I am happy to read all of your responses to this post. Never having cruised before (that will all change in December!), I dont' really know what to expect. Thats why I am here, to learn.

Frankly, I eat a ton of not so great food here at home, so a lukewarm pizza in paradise sounds like a heck of a deal to me! :) All I am saying is, while cruising my not always be perfect, what is, atleast you are in a wonderful climate, with ocean breezes and something new to see at every port, right?

Maybe I am just a simpleton, but it seems pretty straight forward to me. :)


It is......... You have the right attitude, therefore you are going to have a GREAT time in December!! :grin


you will have a great time as you seem to know nothings perfect. Some people think that when they set foot on a ship, there will be someone there to drop rose petals all the way to their cabin, run the shower for them, sit by them while they potty and be handy with the toilet tissue when their done. Fortunately, most people are not like that and can enjoy themselves.
Unfortunately, there are some that will board a ship and immediately start looking for something to
complain about and won't be happy no matter what the staff tries to do for them.
Remember the Steve Winwood song a few years back " Roll With It " ? If the water gets rough, that's a livelier ride at no extra charge--- " Roll with it, Baby ", If the steak is tough, send it back and get another--- it the second is tough, get a chicken breast-- " Roll with it Baby ",-- If it rains a shower, stay inside and
get acquainted or re-acquainted with your spouse--- " Roll with it Baby ".

Have fun .


=yeah I agree with all of the above posters. You can see in my signature how many times we have cruised Carnival. We have ALWAYS had wonderful cruises and memorable vacations. We were on the Victory for the lst time last month and everything was PERFECT. The only thing I didn't like was that they made me disembark at the end of the week. (td) That was ONE time I wanted to give a good swift kick in the shins to a crew member :X


"leaving in 2 days, question about cabin
Posted by: sdettloff (IP Logged)
Hi! I'm NEW to the Sandbox
Date: February 24, 12:01AM

We are going on our first cruise in 2 days! We are taking my parents, who are seniors, and when I booked, the Carnival representative told me to split my parents up between the two rooms so that me and my SO could get the senior rate for our cabin. I thought all was well since THEY were suggesting it. I did ask about the sail and sign card and how we'd straighten that out and was told that I could do it at embarkment. But now that it's getting close to that time, I'm nervous! Has anyone else done this? If so, WHERE do I do this? I don't know how to complete the sail and sign card that Carnival sent because I don't want to have it set up with my credit card for me and my mom, for example, and my mom's credit card for my dad and my SO!! Please HELP!


This is the same person that managed a discounted rate to begin with.


You can all set up your own sign and sail accounts at embarkation, just let the check in registrant know you will all need your own sign and sail accounts, its very easy


I, too, am sorry you didn't enjoy your Carnival cruise. We were on the Victory a few years was one of my favorite ships!

I have to agree with you as far as the desserts are concerned...the cakes are pretty tasteless. Perhaps it's something european? I've found the cakes with the most taste are those without sugar. Only recently have the chocolate desserts gotten better!

Having rarely eaten on the Lido deck at dinner time I couldn't say whether or not it was the same food.
We really enjoy the dining room menu...but then we don't always eat beef. Lunch on the Lido deck is different than in the dining room.

We have had a bad experience before on a Carnival cruise....almost the whole cruise was full of unpleasantness. It was our 10th cruise on Carnival...thankfully, our 11th was back to normal standards.
We don't plan on going on that particular ship again...especially if it has the same crew...but our experience won't keep us from traveling on Carnival again.

As far as everyone drinking themselves silly....I haven't had a single drink on 11 Carnival cruises. We occassionally see a group of four or five people who have had more than they should...but they can usually be avoided if need be by going someplace else on the ship.

Perhaps cruising isn't for you.