back from the worse cruise ever!!!


Herb & Judy

sdettlof you said that you would never sail on Carnival again! Thank God I won't have to look at your ugly face! If I'd been Captain I would have told you to get off my ship. Anything about that you don't understand?

In two weeks my wife and I sail on the Liberty for our 14th cruise. We'll be platnium members on our next Carnival cruise.

I took my first cruise in 1963 and I promise you I'll be cruising in heaven.


Herb & Judy--- make sure you are good. The good people have nice cruises in heaven--- like good table mates, short lines at the buffets, plenty of choice chairs at poolside, excellent food, etc.

Bad folks have bad cruises in heaven--- like rough water, bad food, grumpy table mates and cabin stewards that don't clean your cabin and don't leave towel animals !!


I do wish I had found this board before my first cruise in 2002. It was on the Triumph and it was wonderful, much more than I ever expected. I found this board before my 2nd cruise and the information has been more than helpful in planning number 2 & 3 and now working on hopefully #4. The thing is, each cruise was wonderful but in different ways. Yes some of the food was better on some ships than others. I wouldn't catorgize any of it bad, just some a little better. I have yet to find anything worth complaiining about at all. I find the time with the friends I cruise with, the friends I have met and new friends I make each trip make the cruise a success. Like everyone says. You make the cruise , or any trip for that matter, what it is. I approch each trip with the idea that this will be the best trip ever and it usually is. Our last trip one of our shore trips didn't pan out and we were suddenly having to make different plans. Yes it was dissapointing but we still managed to have w wonderful time. Heck we were not at work! We were with friends in paradise.
Maybe the poster is lurking here reading these comments from everyone and will realize that her trip really wasn't that bad.
Give it another try. If not with Carnival another CL but give them a chance. Go with the attitude that your going to have the time of your life and I think you will. After all. The cruise lines arn't what really give you the good time. They give you everything you need to have a great experience, but you have to put forth a little effort to take what they offer and make your vacation great. THey give you the tools, & these boards give you the instructions;). With that combination you can build the vacation of a life time.


Hi We have cruise 9 times our 10th is coming up April 1 and we just booked out 11th for next yr on Carnival. 5 have been with CCL and the next two are CCL.

We have never had any problems at all. We have cruised all different times in the spring and even last year for spring break. Son is in college. Everyone was well behaved no drunks at least noone that made A___ of themselves. Food is a s good as Royal Carib. We have had good weather bad weather excursions the same. We have had refunds for various thing that did not turn out as stated.
But again these were booked thru Carnival.

I am sorry but give it another try. We booked a celebrity years ago and did not check out the ship. It was old the food was not so good but I had my parents with us (80) and like someone said its all what you make of it. You could get the same thing at an all inclusive resort too!!!

Cruising is great give it another try,