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We're thinking about doing a back-to-back Caribbean cruise for our aniversary. I would like to know what the advantages and disadvantages are. Would we be better off taking a 10-11 day cruise and spending the extra days on land? Does Celebrity offer any monitary incentive for back-to-back cruising?


I have a little input on this. On our last cruise we met a couple from England that were doing a back to back on the Century. The Century alternates Western/Eastern Caribbean. So first of all they stopped at different ports (but they really didn't do much at the ports). They complained that the entertainment, and the menu was exactly the same for each week. The complained all the way up to the Captain. So that is one thing that is negative I guess. But as a regular on this site or being a reasonable person I would have known this was going to happen. So if that really bothers you I would go to a 14 of 10 day cruise. But if you know thios and it doesn't bother you than do the back to back, a lot of people do..


I have done many back to back cruises but not back to back on Celebrity yet. It is true that the food and entertainment will be the same, however the good thing about that is if you find a food you like you will get it again. If it is a food you don't like you know to order something else. Same for shows if you don't like it don't go again if you do like it you can see it again.

If the back to back goes to the same ports the nice thing is you do not have to rush the first cruise to see everything in port. You can relax knowing you can see something else the next cruise. If the ports are different obviously you will have something different to see.

The best thing about back to backs is you seem to relax more knowing you will have extra time onboard to see and do things and not have to rush for anything. It is also great at the end of the first cruise to just relax while everyone else is packing to leave.

If you stay in the same room you do not have to pack anything. If you change rooms pack only loose things and leave things on the hangers. Talk to the room steward and tell them you are staying onboard and they will work out shifting your things to the next room. When you get to the next room the things on hangers will be hung up and you only have to unpack the loose things.

As far as deals booking a back to back it is just like any other time. It will depend on how full the second booking is whether you get a deal or not. When you get a price break it usually is not a big one but every little bit helps.


If I can't get the price I want on the C@ Group Sun Princess cruise next year, this is an option we're looking at for next spring - back to back on Celebrity Century. I have done some research and PEB nailed it down very good with above post. No discount for B2B, but getting the same room would seem to be the best way to go (I HATE packing!). Also, getting up on that Saturday morning at the end of week one and lounging by the pool for a few hours sounds very nice to me! :)


Thank you Hooked, PEB and seagarsmoker! I appreciate you sharing your opinions. I think I'm sold on the back-to-back plan. I'm looking forward to that first Saturday when I get to sit out by the pool while everyone else is leaving. It will be a little like having my own private yacht for a few hours.

I understand that the menus and entertainment will remain the same and find it ridiculous that anyone would expect it to be different. The couple from England who complained must live in a better world than I. I'll be honest with you, if we have leftovers from dinner, we usually eat them the next night. (Oh no! The same menu two days in a row!) So eating the same thing two times in two weeks sounds pretty good to me.

Happy sailing!
And thanks again!

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PEB has most of it down. We found it a great way to do 14 days. You may not get a break on cost of cruise but if you look at two 7 day cruises at different times you save air. Also as I have often said here. That turnaround day in port is like another stop. But this time you get to come back on without any lineup cause. "You been there already" Two weeks also allows you to skip shows without missing anything or... missing it cause it was not quite worthwhile in the first place. lol.

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Mary El

We've done a couple of back to back with Celebrity, on the Zenith and on the Century. Loved it.

The only caution I have is to make sure that your TA books you in the same cabin so you don't have to change cabins on the second leg. I've known that to happen to people before where their TA did not ensure that they were in the same cabin on the second leg.