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Bad reviews of NCL Sky?

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by BAKERSGIRL, Aug 4, 2008.



    I was wondering if anone has been on Sky since she came out of dry-dock? I read absolutely HORRIBLE reviews last night on cruisecritics.com. This is usually where I come for all topics cruising and have for years, but these reviews really have me scared. Sounds like she has major issues with A/C, plumbing, undercooked food, and service. I have a cruise booked for Labor day weekend and now am so nervous. I am one that always says a cruise is what you make it, but wow.....how do you get past these reviews. This will be my first NCL cruise. I have been on 5 on Royal Caribbean and 1 on Carnival. Any feedback?!?!?
  2. uppitycats

    uppitycats Guest

    I've been combing threads over there to get acquainted with the NCL line, and saw this, too. But it appears that the problem on the ship is being worked on, and NCL has (or soon will) notify anyone who will be directly affected by the A/C and plumbing issues (sounds like that the problems affect some cabins, not the whole ship). Those people will either be moved to other cabins or given refunds or credits. And the cruises affected are here in early and mid-August. Hopefully they'll be fixed by the time your cruise is scheduled.

    As for the food and service -- I read a ton of reviews there about all the NCL ships, yesterday. Seems like people either hate or love NCL, and have very positive or very negative reviews of their food and service. One person will review a cruise and really "bash" them; the next will review what appears to be the very same cruise and praise them highly -- so it's hard to tell what's going on. I know my husband and I aren't very fussy...I can only remember once in the 40 years we've been together that we sent back food because it was improperly prepared, so I'm not too concerned about our cruise, later in the fall (and on a different NCL ship).

    I think for 3 days you'll have a good time if you don't take it too seriously. As for dress, everything I've read about NCL makes it sounds like casual is the way to go, so leave the fancy dress at home. "Resort casual", khaki, comfortable...even a lot of jeans...seem to run through the literature.
  3. nmnita

    nmnita Guest

    the last few sailings have had better reviews. Will she ever get glowing reports? Probably not as she is a little older and now enjoying the short 3 and 4 day cruises. ships that do that seem to attract a different clientele the ships are less geared to top quality. This is the case on all lines.

  4. Eftara

    Eftara Guest

    can you direct me to the newer reviews that are better than the ones from the first sailing? i will be cruising this ship on 9/29 and if there are a/c problems it will not be good for my breatheing problems. your assistance would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  5. NoWakeZone

    NoWakeZone Guest

    I just got off the Sky on friday 8/15. The air conditioning is working perfect. In fact, it was so cold in my stateroom, that my wife made me turn it down (you have total control over the thermostat). It was nice and cool over the whole ship. It was great walking onto the ship, coming back from Stirrup Cay where it was BLAZING HOT! I was worried too about the air, but all is fine.
    hope that helped..
  6. nmnita

    nmnita Guest

    just go over to CruiseCritic and check the NCL thread. the reviews are fine, and the air is working with no problems for a coupld of weeks. I will stress, what I always do, a 3 or 4 day cruise is not the same as 7 or more days, but this doesn't mean you won't have a great time.

  7. pstew

    pstew Guest

    Here is a copy of the letter I sent to NCL's CEO Colin Veitch. My first post, I know, but here it is and you can decide

    August 18, 2008
    My address deleted

    Mr. Colin Veitch
    President and CEO Norwegian Cruise Line
    7665 Corporate Center Drive
    Miami, FL 33126

    Dear Mr. Veitch,
    Subject: Norwegian Sky (7/18/08)

    I am writing to you today in the hope that you will be able to assist me with some concerns I had with my recent cruise on the Norwegian Sky (7/18/08 to 7/21/08). The 3-day cruise from Miami last month was a terrible experience for my family, and me, as the level of service from houskeeping was abysmal.
    Our arrival onto the ship was normal and pleasant, the port facility is nice and getting onboard was quick and easy. My family and I had our lunch and spent some time getting to know the ship. After a while, we went to our room, and found it was not ready yet. This is understandable, since there is so much to do that day for the crew. We changed into our bathing suits and spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool. At the time of the ship’s muster drill, we returned to our room to find it was not yet ready, as there was trash from the previous occupants on the desk and the bathroom was not cleaned. After the drill, the door had been closed and the sign taken away that said the room was still being cleaned. I can understand how this might happen, so I called down to the housekeeping department and asked that out room be cleaned while we were out to dinner. When we returned 2 hours later, the room was still not cleaned! This I do NOT understand. We also noticed that the mini bar had not been restocked, so I made another call to the front desk to let them kow that this needed to be fixed and to make sure we were not billed for the previous occupants use of the mini bar.
    The next day was spent off the ship and a nice time was had by all. We returned in the early afternoon and started to get ready for dinner. My wife asked if we could get an iron, so I called housekeeping and asked for an iron to be sent to our room. They said “No problem, Mr. C we will get it right up.†We waited in our room for 50 minutes before we gave up and went to dinner. (I’m STILL waiting for that iron to show up).
    That night, the ship was having some issues with the plumbing, and our toilet was not working. As a result, there was a sewage back up on our bathroom floor. Again, I understand that these things happen, but how you react to these things is how I judge you as a service provider. Your team did very poorly. I was up in the morning, and called housekeeping to let them know that we had a problem and that there was a backup on our floor. I told them that we would be on the island for the day, but to please take care of it while we were out. We left early and returned on the last tender back, only to find our room in the exact condition we left it. I was upset, so I went to the front desk to “make sure†that they knew the room was in such bad shape. “No problem, Mr. C we will get right on it†was what I heard, so it was off to the pool for a while. We returned to get ready for dinner, and the room was still uncleaned with what was now day old sewage on the floor. At that point, I was walking the hallway asking EVERY crewmember I saw if they could get me a plunger so I could fix it myself (Is this normal?). I finally found a crewmember that came to my room and fixed the blockage. I stood there and watched him so that I KNEW it was fixed. When he was done, I thanked him and asked that the room be cleaned. “No problem, Mr. C we will get right on it†You can probably guess by now that when we returned from dinner, the room was still not cleaned. This was the final straw (or so I thought). I went to the front desk to let them know that we had a real problem. While there, the front desk clerk printed a copy of my bill to make sure the minibar issue was had been taken care of. It had not. “We will call the head of housekeeping and take care of it, Mr. Câ€Â.
    Guess what? I spent over an hour standing in line the last morning to take care of an $11 mischarge that I told them about on day one. I have never been treated so poorly on a cruise as this most recent trip.
    I want you to know that I am not a frequent cruiser, but I have made five so far, including two with your company. I also made the arrangements for 2 other family’s who accompanied us on this cruise. I was hoping the cruise survey I filled out would have been enough for one of your representatives to contact me after I noted the same facts, but evidently not, thus the letter to you.
    My expectation is for you to look into the practices of your crew, and to remedy the situation, and provide me with a full refund in the amount of $-Redacted-

    Name Redacted
  8. nmnita

    nmnita Guest


    first of all, you know you will not get a full refund, I doubt you will get much at all and second, you are not answering the OPs question. It is in referance to anyone who has cruised the Sky in the past few weeks. The original problems we all know about. I would ask you about the survey or normally what is called a comment card, did you get this the last day of the cruise? If so, this is a surprise, as they are not doing this anymore. They are handling them electronically.

  9. pstew

    pstew Guest

    [quote nmnita]pstew,

    first of all, you know you will not get a full refund, I doubt you will get much at all and second, you are not answering the OPs question. It is in referance to anyone who has cruised the Sky in the past few weeks. The original problems we all know about. I would ask you about the survey or normally what is called a comment card, did you get this the last day of the cruise? If so, this is a surprise, as they are not doing this anymore. They are handling them electronically.


    Excellent points. I suppose I paid more attention to the title rather than the actual post. The comments were done via email/web posting. I'm don't know what to "expect" them to do, but I had to get this off my chest.

    Sorry about the threadjacking.

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