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Bahamas vs. Belize/Cayman/Coz.



We are planning a cruise for our 5 yr. anniversary, We’ve never been to the Bahamas and may do a 4 day on RCL’s Soverign of the Seas That or maybe a 7 day Belize/Caymans/Cozumel on RCL’s Nordic Empress...we’re having trouble deciding We’ve been to these 3 ports and loved them...do we stick with what we know we like, or set out for new adventures...I REALLY don’t want to mess this trip up...I’m not sure if she can put up with me for five more years :) any advise from the experts? What is there to do in and around Nassau?


deb s

My husband & I went to the Bahamas Nassau & Freeport,in my opinion I would definately stay with Belize/Grand Caymen/Cozumel.If you need some ideas on tour excursions let me know.Debra & Rick.p.s Freeport is awful.

deb s

Shannon,another thought came to mind have you thought about the other islands,St Thomas,St Johns,ST Kitts etc and Aruba has to be our Favorite.Debra & Rick


Have been on 24 cruises. Would stick with grand cayman, etc. For the first time I swam with the stingrays in february. loved it. I am going next month and my grandchild will be with me and I am taking them to see the stingrays. I have never been to belize. Can you tell me what to do there with 3 children (2,5 and 8)


If I had young children along, I believe that I would stay on the ship in Belize. Belize City is basically a ghetto with a high crime rate. Last time I was there we took the Altun Ha Belize City Tour and was sadly disappointed as was everyone else that I spoke to. Same with the zoo tour. The only positive feedback that I heard on this port was the snorkeling and river rafting excursions. Also, because there is no ship channel in Belize, the ship will anchor 4 miles off shore and is a long ride on a tender into town.


I was not impressed with Nassau; I'd rather stay on the ship. I would stick with Belize/Grand Caymen/Cozumel or try a 7 day eastern carib. cruise to some of the eastern carib. ports such as St. Thomas/St Johns/St. Martin/St. Kits/St. Martin/San Juan, etc...