Balcony vs oceanview vs Interior


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Cruizer - I agree, thanks for the wonderful share of pics to show the differences of the styles of cabins. :doubleup:

crankbait09 - I'm an Inside Cabin person, my DH is a Balcony Cabin we take turns.

For our 1st cruise we had a balcony, mid-ship, and life was pretty dang grand...but it is just as grand in an Inside cabin as won't go wrong with any cabin that you chose though, as cruising is @wesome!!!

Enjoy!!! :spyglass:


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Great Advice Calgon!

You can also find virtual tours and/or photos of the cabins on the ship to give you a better idea of what your cabin may look like. They also have deck plans which can give you an idea of the layout of the ship and also the cabins. You can see that a penthouse suites is larger than a inside cabin. You also can see that the (larger outside cabin) really does look larger. Some of the windows on the outside cabins can be very large or may be a porthouse depending on the location and ship style.

You also may get an outside (window only) without paying much more. Just look into the pricing. It gets much more expensive (about $30 pp per day) on avg for a basic balcony cabin overall.

Are balconies worth it? YES!! Can you live without it? Thats up to you and your budget. Balconies bring the outside in, and let you listen to the waves as you lay down for a nap or watch the ship leave or depart. Its very nice.

If you watching your money here is my personal list of items that can cause your wallet to get empty on most cruises.

1. Ship Photos (Let them take all they want, its fun to look at them later). Just be careful when getting excited and buying them later. They are expensive.

2. Gambling - People sometimes spend a ton of money in the ships casino. Most heavy cruisers skip heavy Casino use because the main function is to help rid you of your money. Remember the house has a big advantage.

3. Drinks - You can normally drink free juices, water, iced tea and more on most ships. Just beware of giving your card to that waiter over and over. We avg'ed $16 or so for two frozen drinks with tip included. That ADD's up fast and if the drinks are strong you may forget you did it. :) So watch out for drink prices. They even try to sell you bottled water? If someone is a heavy soda drink or speciality coffee drinker they have a Coke Card and/or a Coffee Card you can buy for the week You can then drink as much as you want and with the Coffee Card you get a better value. These types of cards are popular now, so check into your cruise lines options as they vary per line.

4. Excursions - All new cruises should stick with the ships tours in my opinion. It helps keep things simple and organized for you. Find stuff you will find exciting or is appropriate for your family. An island tour or tour is about the basic offering. They also can be expensive in different parts of the world. Try to do atleast a tour so you don't feel you did nothing. However, Paying $100+ each for a Dolphin Kiss may not be the best value when it steals all of your budget.

I hope some of this helps you have a great first cruise!


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On some of those other expenses ...

1) Ship photos - Pose for every one you can. Posing is free. When they place them on the rack for public view, pull yours and take them to the sales counter. Ask for them to be placed in a "hold folder". Do this every day. Just keep adding to your folder. Then, on your last full day, before packing, go to the studio and pull your folder. Sort through and pick out the ones you really have to have. Don't feel obligated to buy any if you don't want them. Be careful of getting sucked into "package deals". You pick what you want, then try your hand at negoiating ... You'll be surprised.

If all else fails, you can probably get a hefty discount on them the following week ...

Just don't get caught doing what SunFlower (my better half) did. When we pulled our folder, there were a half dozen photos of some young stud-muffin. As I was asking who in the hell he was and how his photos got in our folder ... SunFlower just turned redder and redder. Seems she was wanting to play matchmaker for our oldest grand-daughter.

When comes to packing your photos, the studio will place them in a nice little sleeve. I recommend taking along a large (12"x14") manila envelope and a hard clipboard. Slide your photo sleves into the envelope and clip it to the board. This arrangement will keep them from getting folded, bent, spindled or mutilated ...

2) Gambling - "Know when to walk away. Know when to run!"

3) Drinks - As John said; "hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, iced tea, fruit juices, milk and water are FREE." Don't buy the bottled water. Expensive. The tap water is purer than the bottled stuff and it's FREE. If you really want that souvineer glass, look around. There will be plenty of folks who buy the "Frozen Thingie" of the Day and leave their empty glass on a table , not realizing that the glass was included in the price of the drink. Doh ... FREE GLASSES!

4) Excursions - Yeah. As "newbies", stick with the ship's tours. Yes, they are a little more expensive; but, until you get a better grasp on "island time" this is your best bet. Trust us on this. Booking "on-your-own" (to save $50-60) and arriving back at the dock after your ship has sailed, may well be the most expensive thing you never want to experience !!!

5) Other Stuff - Keep asking those questions. For each person who asks a question, there are usually 20-30 more who are reading your thread, but didn't have the courage to ask. Don't wurry what others may think. Heck, if they don't pay your rent, warm your bed, or put food on your table; then their opinion has no impact on your life. Odds are you'll never meet the folks reading and even if you do, unless you're wearing a sign that reads "CRANKBAIT09", I seriously doubt that anyone will know who you are ...
ha ha ha........thanks for the info!! (once again)
another off topic question....

when it comes to getting of ship and walking the islands, is there really any difference in shopping at the local stores compared to shopping here at home? do you really find that much more different items to make it worth while? other than souvi's?


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Yes there is, you are buying their local products created by local craftsmen and artisans. Just be careful because when you get out of the trinket and souvenir category you can get into some pricey and and large items.
What stopped me many years ago is we like Ironwood, this is a product of Mexico and the good stuff is on the West Coast, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. I bought an Ironwood Bald Eagle, with a two foot wing span, thankfully this was before 9-11 and airport security but non the less I had to shlep that thing all the way home from Los Angeles it wasn't a pretty sight. Never again.


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Cruizer - I once again compliment you on the magnificent photos you share with us. They are extremely informative as well as beautiful.

:thankyou: for the service you render us.
Yeah. Whut she said .... You do good wurk (for a Lost Angel ...) !
Cruizer - I agree, thanks for the wonderful share of pics to show the differences of the styles of cabins. :doubleup:

crankbait09 - I'm an Inside Cabin person, my DH is a Balcony Cabin we take turns.

For our 1st cruise we had a balcony, mid-ship, and life was pretty dang grand...but it is just as grand in an Inside cabin as won't go wrong with any cabin that you chose though, as cruising is @wesome!!!

Enjoy!!! :spyglass:
Wow! Thank you. Wish I read this after I put my shirt on. Now I can't get my head through the hole. Guess I'll have to wear a button up shirt today.

Actually, for me, that is the fun part. I've been on several ship tours (unfortunately the travel agent that set those up left the area) and have improved my cabin taking pictures ability (not to mention also having a better camera/lens for the job). So it is kind of fun to take pictures of different cabins.

For example, only two of the cabins pictured were cabins I actually slept in. The inside cabin I snuck into when I boarded the ship, took a few pictures and fled. The Royal Suite was a friend's cabin and the huge balcony photos were taken during a ship tour. The ocean view and the balcony cabins were cabins I slept in. The insides of the two suites were also taken on ship tours.

I have been in all four categories, inside, ocean view, balcony and suite. I prefer the balconies, but will change up when warranted. However, I don't see myself in an inside cabin again. There just isn't enough "connection" with the water and I don't like having to leave the cabin just to find out what it is like outside.