Barbados Beach

We were on a cruise a few weeks ago and went to Barbados for the first time. Everything we read about spending the day on the beach was pushing The Boatyard. It seemed a bit too much like a party beach, so we found our own beach just a few minutes away from the cruise terminal. Our beach was white sand and uncrowded. It looked like a postcard, just beautiful. We had the best fish burger for lunch from a local food stand for only US$4.
We pre-booked a snorkel tour which was shipwrecks for only $25 and it was really cool. Shallow water, nice boat and the crew on the boat we really helpful and friendly.
I found this tour myself online at Barbados Beach and Snorkeling and i'm really glad we did it on our own.
We went past the Boatyard on the way to our beach, and the traffic was horrible and it was super crowded. Im sure some people like that kind of scene, but to me it reminded me of spring break in florida, just too crowded.



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We enjoyed our trip to Barbados in September. The wrecks were very cool to snorkel. Tons of fish. Glad you had a nice time. :beach: