Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Thomas, St. Maarten



We just booked a Southern Carribean Cruise (Golden Princess) for late June. In reading my Frommers Book and this website, here are the things I think we should do in our Ports of Call. Please let me know what you think. Any input is greatly appreciated:

Barbados - Glory Tour's Best of Barbados
St. Lucia - Land & Sea Tour (Catamaran, volcano, etc)
Antigua - Lawrence of Antigua Tour
St. Thomas - Trunk Bay on St. Johns
St. Maarten - America's Cup Regatta



I have not done the tour of Antiqua, but this island is known for it's beaches. We used our day in Antiqua to just beach. The beaches are beautiful!


We are going on the Golden May 2, 2004, same itinerary and this is what we booked so far.

Barbados - Jeep safari
St Lucia - Catamaran cruise to the Pitons
Antigua - Lawrence of Antigua
St Martin - Not sure
St. Thomas - going to St. John

I'll let you know how they go.


Barbados - jeep safari is a kick
St. Martin - America's Cup is great fun
St. Thomas - I rode a horse, hubby played golf - both were great, but I have heard St. John's is beautiful - I would like to go there next time.
Have a great cruise - what a beautiful part of the world you will be visiting!


In Barbados, the jeep safaris are terrific. I lived in Barbados for about 9 months and had several family members visit while I was there. We alway used Island Safari tours and they were fantastic. I'm not personally familiar with Glory Tours.

I also always recommend the Cool Runnings II catamaran cruise. It is an extremely affordable cruise that usually lasts 4-5 hours and includes unlimited drinks, lunch, and 2 snorkling stops. In my opinion, Cool Runnings has the best of the best crews and captains. You would have a great time!! (You can book online.)

Barbados also offers the Jolly Roger cruise. Jolly Roger is a 'pirate' ship cruise that my son called a 'booze cruise'. It was loads of fun. It offered unlimited drinks (rum punch located in self-serve barrels all over the ship), lunch, snorkling and swimming (walk-the-plank diving board & rope swing). There was lots of fun & dancing. My only problem with the Jolly Roger is that it always seemed to be packed to the gills. The one time that I took the cruise (June 2003) it was packed, but we still had a blast.

As an earlier poster mentioned, just laying on any of the beautiful beaches is another outstanding way to spend the day. I will be going back for a couple of weeks this year....I can't wait!!


We are going on AOS in September with stops in those islands, this will be my first cruise but I have been to Barbados 3 times, last being April of 2003, St. Lucia twice, the last being November 2003 and Antigua in 2002.

We plan on doing the following;

St. Thomas - Paradise Tram and Godfrey's Tour with stop at Sapphire Beach . I would have liked to do Trunk Bay, but it seems that alot of people do that tour and we also want to see some of St. Thomas as well.

St.Maarten - Marigot,Beach and shopping in Phillipsburg..can't decide on what Beach we want to go to as yet, but Orient is not on our list. We want to be off the beaten path.

Antigua - We are doing a day pass at Pineapple Beach Resort on Long Bay, I visted this hotel on my trip to Antigua and loved the beach (we spent a week at Jolly Beach). If I were to recommend a tour of Antigua it would be Eli's eco tour, it was the BEST when I did it and from the reviews I still read it is the best Ocean adventure in Antigua, his website is

St.Lucia - I like St.Lucia, but pretty much have seen alot of the island, and nothing compels me to do it twice. The beaches are ok, so we are hoping to do a "spa day" there and visit the Spa at Rendezvous Hotel for a nice couples massage.

Barbados - LOVE Barbados, this is going to be a full on beach day at Mullins Beach after some shopping in town.


How do you get the passes to go to the hotels i.e pineapple beach, antigua? Is it only antigua that offers this


The day pass at Pineapple Beach is offered by the hotel; you can email or call them in advance but they accept people who just "show up" for the day. The cost is $35.00 US. I also know that Jolly Beach Hotel where I stayed offers day passes as well, ther day pass is $42.00 I think, but they allow you to use a room for the day in addition to all inclusive drinks, food, use of pool, water sports and beach.

Sandals also offers Day Passes, but they recently hiked the price on St. Lucia from $50.00 to $100.00 per person.

My advice is to look into all inclusive resorts on the Islands that are on your itineary, then email them and ask them if they offer day passes if this is what you would like to do.


In Barbados, definitely go with Glory Tours. You can email Sarah, the owner, and let her know if there is anything special that you want to do that is not included in the tour that you want. We did that last year and she personally planned a tour based on the places that we wanted to see. She is so great and nice and very accomodating. Also, ask for Ricky as your guide. He is the greatest!!! Have a great time with whatever you decide to do.


we're doing the same cruise in July on the Golden Princess. Any tips from your trip. What were the don't miss excursions that you would do again?


OOH! I HIGHLY recommend both the St John's Trunk Bay Tour AND the Americas Cup Regatta in St Maarten/St Martin. We have been on 2 cruises this year that stopped in St Maarten/St Martin. Hubby has been on the Regatta twice, I did it once myself, then while he was on the Regatta on the second trip, I was at the Orient Bay Beach on the nude section. LOVED IT! The Regatta is FANTASTIC!!! St John is absolutely beautiful, and Trunk Bay beach is very, very nice.