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Barbados Turtle Snorkel

I found a tour that is for turtles and shipwrecks for snorkeling for $40 each. The tour goes at 2pm and comes back at 4pm. Our ship departs at 6pm. does that give us enough time to get back to the ship?

We can spend the morning on their beach and there is a restaurant and bar so we can have lunch etc. I am just unsure if that gives us enough time to get back to the ship.

This is our first cruise so i just wanted to check with anyone that has been to Barbados to see it this sounds like a good idea.


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I found a tour that is for turtles and shipwrecks ...
Well first off, which are you, the turtle or the shipwreck?

I noted that this post had 97 views and no answers. The reason is, given the information you have provided, nobody can answer your question (including me). None of us know how far it is from the snorkeling site to the ship. If it is only fifteen minutes away then you are fine. If it is one hour away then I think you've got a problem.

That said, you have to be back on the ship 30 minutes early, or in your case 5:30pm. So, if you cannot safely return by 5:00pm, I would not chance it. That still gives you 30 minutes just in case.
We are back from our cruise and we did the afternoon snorkel tour with plenty of time to get back to the cruise terminal. The entire day was awesome. Nice boat and the crew were really friendly. Andre and Red really took care of us, thanks guys! We also looked at el Tigre, and their rates is $70. We went for $40 each, almost half price. We snorkeled with the turtles and the shipwrecks were really cool too, they are in shallow water so we could dive down and check them out. There is a beach where our tour departed from and we hung out there all morning. There were no crowds and the beach was beautiful. We booked with Barbados Turtle Snorkel, Shipwrecks and Beach. Im sure El Tigre is great, but for the same snorkeling, their prices are much higher than what we paid. Not sure if you get to hang out at a beach with El Tigre either.