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Barcelona and Med Cruise

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by Bulldog3777, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. Bulldog3777

    Bulldog3777 Guest

    Going on the cruise next year and was wondering if anyone had any helpful info about Barcelona. Hotel suggestion not too far from the cruise port?? Maybe a hotel that picks you up at the airport and might takes you to the cruise port?? Or how much in Euros a trip to the cruise port costs?? Any help in any area would be helpful.
  2. nmnita

    nmnita Guest

    Bulldog, when are you going? I have clients cruising the Jade in Feburary..

    Nita i
  3. I am going flying to Barcelona this Friday to board a 13 day T/A on the Gem on Sunday. I'll give you some info when I get back. =docdance

    Bon Voyage!!
  4. nmnita

    nmnita Guest

    Thanks and have a really good cruise.

  5. Bulldog3777

    Bulldog3777 Guest

    Cruising Rocks

    The info would be great. Anything you can find out about Barcelona, cabs, bus from Gem to airport. My email is Bulldog3777@hotmail.com. Don't need to know about the Gem, we were on the Pearl and they are a lot alike. Just what to do and get around in Barcelona. We are going on a Thursday, arrive Friday morning and spend 2 nights in Barcelona. Our cruise is Oct 4.
  6. Bulldog3777

    Bulldog3777 Guest

    Cruising Rocks

    Any info on hotels or where you stayed(if you did) would be really helpful.
  7. jocap

    jocap Guest

    Hello Bulldog. We're going on Jade Feb 15th 2009 with an N.C.L. package. Because we need to fly from the north of England, the company has bent over backwards to find us flights and are putting us up for two nights in the hotel which they use for similar flights. It's called CONFORTEL and looks pretty central. Although we're being transported to the docks, we understand that the taxi fare is quite reasonable, but some people ride the "hop on hop off" open top sight seeing bus which must go near the docks. I don't know anything about this bus, but we'll probably be using it the day before as we use them all the time when we cruise. We think the cruise line is pretty special to sort all this for us at no extra cost! Enjoy! Jo
  8. Bulldog3777

    Bulldog3777 Guest

    Let me knoiw how it goes and what the CONFORTEL is like.
  9. rrobynec

    rrobynec Guest

    I stayed at the Confortel Auditori--may not be the one and the same--there are several Confortel in Barcelona. The Auditori is in a residential area--across the street from seniors condos and a market.
    It is about a block away from a metro station which will put you at the top of Las Ramblas at Placa Catalunya.
    If you want more info, let me know.
  10. Bulldog3777

    Bulldog3777 Guest

    How was the hotel????
  11. amistad

    amistad Guest

    We stayed at the Ramblas Barcelona a few years ago, nothing fancy, just a bed, restroom and TV, but the location was great. I know the Euro and the Dollar have changed since then, but it was reasonable at the time.

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