Barcelona hotel??

George C

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I posted this before, and I had several good replies, but post must have been deleted during upgrades to this site. I have been searching and reading reviews, I know Hilton was mentioned but location was not the best location but has the king bed. One thing is we want a King size bed or at least a queen and almost all the hotels say double bed? Would like to keep it under 200 if possible. We will be staying 2 nights before cruise in September.


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I've never paid all that much attention to bed size in Europe...I've found most hotel rooms there are smaller than what we are accustomed to here in the US, hence the smaller beds...
I have visited Barcelona many times...and stayed in several different hotels...including the Hilton (the one up on Diagonal, NOT the Diagonal Mar). Though we liked the hotel itself, it is WAY inconvenient for tourist/pre-cruise purposes.

My preference is to be as close to the Placa Catalunya as possible. There are several hotels in this area...but the best location we've found is the Hotel Continental--right at the top of Las Ramblas, right off the Placa...It is a great bargain--with balconies overlooking Las Ramblas, free WiFi and a free 24 hour "buffet" that includes snacks, beer, wine, etc. It is sort of a funky, old hotel that is not to everyone's taste...I enjoyed it, though my wife found the beds a bit hard for her taste (too accustomed to the plush "pillow-top" at home, I guess)...So, this upcoming cruise next July, we are opting for the Hotel Montecarlo...about a block further down Las Ramblas. In the past, we've also stayed at the Gran Havana--which is a few blocks from the Placa on Corts Catalanes--which was very nice--but a little bit of a walk from the Placa. Others we know have recommended the Hotel Jazz and the 1898 as well as the Le Meridien...

The reasons to stay near the Placa are:
1) It is the transportation hub of Barcelona--with all of the buses, subways and HOHO bus using it as a hub.
2) It is the center of nightlife--with entertainment and events right in the Placa.
3) lots of restaurants in the area.
4) It is the nicer terminus of Las Ramblas--the great strolling promenade of Barcelona.
5) There is a giant El Corte Ingles department store on one side of the Placa--with a great supermarket in the basement--wonderful place to pick up snacks, bottled water and other drinks at reasonable, non-tourist prices.
6) It puts you in close walking distance to most of Barcelona's attractions such as Gaudi's Casa Mila and Casa Batllo as well as the Barri Gotic, Picasso Museum and more...and a short taxi or bus ride to Parc Guell and La Sagrada Familia.
7) There is direct airport bus, train and shuttle service to the Placa.
8) The port is a fairly short and inexpensive taxi ride away.

Good luck...


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I agree with Steves reasons for staying near Placa Catalunya.
When it comes to Hilton I think I posted the map below where the location of the Hilton hotels can be seen.
No one is really close to Placa Catalunya but to the Double Tree it's only a 10-15 minute walk.

Last time I was in Barcelona I stayed at hotel Barcelona Universal, and it was a 10 minute walk to Las Ramblas and maybe 20 minutes to Placa Catalunya. Close to that hotel there are a lot of local tapas restaurants (some directly out on the street).
The rooms are rather big with a nice terrace, at least if you choose "Superior Double With Terrace" or "Jacuzzi Suite Skyline". The staff were very helpful at that hotel but it may be a little too far from Placa Catalunya, especially if it is your first time in Barcelona but I will probably stay there again next time I'm in Barcelona.




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I think you made a good choice of hotel! It's not that far from Las Ramblas. It's also nice to go up to the roof top terrace after a day exploring Barcelona.
Here are some photos from the room we had (one of the two terrace rooms).

The bed area.

The living room area.

The fridge and second TV.

Plenty of storage.

Jacuzzi. I hope they have fixed the jets when you will be there, as they didn't work too well.


The terrace.

The terrace and a complimentary bottle of Cava (Spanish sparkling wine).

View from the terrace.

We saw a fire in the building next door from our terrace. Everything worked out well in the end.

One of the tapas places just down the street from the hotel. It may not look like a nice restaurant, but this is how many of the genuine Spanish tapas places looks in Barcelona, just a few tables on the sidewalk and of course a TV showing soccer games. Great tapas and not at all expensive.

Another tapas place, also very close to the hotel. You can sit indoor or outdoor. Yummy!


George C

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Thanks for the pictures Erik, I had read many great reviews of this place but which I was going to use didn't offer the terrace room which looks really nice, so I booked it directly with hotel.


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George, I had the same problem with so I too had to book directly with the hotel. I usually always check directly with the hotel before booking through as some hotels may have other options like special rooms, location (sea front) etc.

Will you be in Barcelona on a Friday or Saturday?

Here is a map with the hotel location.

A: Hotel Barcelona Universal
B: Ticket booth for hop-on-hop-off bus
C: Bus stop for hop-on-hop-off bus
D: Area with a lot of non-touristic tapas restaurants (recommended by a local guide)
E: Placa Reial, a nice square with a lot of (rather touristic) restaurants
F: Placa Catalunya
G: La Boqueria, food market
H: One of the tapas places close to the hotel (Bar Borrell, the second to last pic in my previous post)
K: Another tapas place close to the hotel (the last pic in my previous post)


George C

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Thanks for all the tips. We arrive on Friday Sept 9th and ship Brillance of the seas leaves on Sunday 9/11, maybe it was not the best decision to leave on that day with all the recent terror threats. I will ask way more questions when we get closer to this date, already have many of the excursions planned with fellow passengers on non RCCL tours. Still trying to figure out how we get to Capri , may do a rccl tour and what we will do in Venice.


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As you are in Barcelona during a weekend you may go and see the Magic Fountain with a music, light and water show. It's only on Friday and Saturday evenings they have the show. Always packed with people. Almost in walking distance from the hotel (about 20 minutes).

I have only been to Venice once and walked around and saw the Palazzo Ducale, Piazza San Marco, the Rialto bridge, small shops and of course a lot of canals. We took the "water bus" to Piazza San Marco (from the car parking area) which was a nice way to arrive.



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Since my earlier post in this thread, we had an interesting event...
I received an email from the Hotel Montecarlo telling me that they are closing (or, by now, have closed--effective December 15)...
But these folks really did alright by us...They made arrangements with the Hotel 1898 to move our reservations there--at the same price and terms...
The 1898 is ranked by TripAdvisor as the #11 out of 516 hotels in Barcelona...The normal room rate for our reservation is over double what we will be paying

So, we are getting a Superior room for only 142.26 € per night... 1898 Name EN - US

I am happy.,..