Baths info please...


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We will be in Tortola on the Dawn in Nov.
We are taking Speedy`s ferry over and getting a cab to the Baths.
Can we walk up to the top resturant after? Do they have a path?
Have any of you done this before? Thanks


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You start out at the Top of the baths,thats where the resturant is,So yes you can go to it.I have been to the Baths its one of the most unbelievable places I have ever seen,You are in for some really neat stuff my friend.Take the path down and your eyes will light up when you get to the bottom of the path.....And that just the begining...Take the path threw the caves and BATHS..To Devils bay and enjoy,Bring some snokel stuff if you go to Devils Bay go all the way to the far end of the beach and enjoy snokeling over huge boulders..Bring a camera too you will use it alot I believe!!!!!!!!!!!Good Luck and Have fun.


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Thanks for the reply.
I am excited about our visit there. I also, heard of a drink called the painkiller. Did you try


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Yeah...I tried every drink there is..My tab was around 300-400..I was on vacation!!!!LOL Have a great time.My cruise dinner table was a blast!!!Enjoy The Baths its great!


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Personally, I have not been to the baths but other in our group did go. They had a very good time and enjoy the restaurant.

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About that Painkiller..
on the last trip there, we did not do the baths, but took the ferry over to Jost van Dyke.
it is the home of the "pain Killer" and the "Soggy Dollar Bar" so names because many years ago it was the only bar (shack) on the beach, and only private sailing boats came in. There was no way to dock, so you would swim to shore to get a drink.. hence the "soggy dollar" lol
This is a wonderful cove, with now a few more bars to choose from. hammocks swinging from the trees..
If any of you ever do this, take a walk along the beach to the headland (not far) WEAR or carry shoes! there is about 6 steps cut into the headland so it is not high or large.. then a few strides across the top, down a few steps.. and now you will need those shoes. there as a few yards of large pebbles to traverse.. then back on sand. right in front of you is "Ivans stress free " bar. There is NO ONE tending it. you go in, the booze etc. is behind the bar. prices are written on a slateboard.
you mix your drink and put the money in a large glass jar.

What an amazing place.
I will go see if I can find any of our photos of this place for you.

Uploading photos into the gallery right now, and will come back to share the link when they are done.
I know that you did not ask about this.. but it is another option for those going to Tortola.
here is a link for more info on it.

and here is a link to some photos of Jost Van Dyke
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