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Beach Towels

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by SuzieQ, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. SuzieQ

    SuzieQ Guest

    Does Royal Caribbean allow you to take their beach towels off the ship for use on shore excursions? If not, can one easily "sneak 'em off?"
  2. Little Irene

    Little Irene Guest

    Yes, they let you take a towel from the pool area, (not the ones in your cabin). You'll know because the pool towels are a different color from the cabin towels.
  3. gambler

    gambler Guest

    yes, just pick them up at the pool or sometimes they have them down on the deck where you get off.
  4. chrisyB96

    chrisyB96 Guest

    Yes they let you take them and you don't have to sneak them off but if you lose them there is a $20 charge for each towel not returned.
  5. Vic

    Vic Guest

    I just packed one in my beach bag the night before...no problem.
  6. Rick Weber

    Rick Weber Guest

    > I just packed one in my beach bag the night before...no problem.

    We do the same...

    That way we are sure to have one for whatever excusrsion we go on.

    I just hope people do bring them back so this benefit is not stopped.
  7. BSeaBob

    BSeaBob Guest

    Similar reply to those above. But I just thought that I would add something for others (new cruisers) to consider. When on the beach or sometimes elsewhere it's very easy to tell who's from what ship and not local so to speak....just by the colour of your towel .... think target??
  8. Rick Weber

    Rick Weber Guest

    Good point!

    This is why I buy swim suits with a lot of pockets.

    I carry the ship card and $100 in cash, in an inside pocket, when being a beach bum, and that assures security for us. If you carry more goodies, most places do have lockers as most multi cruisers know. :)

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