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Hello, we will be sailing from Galveston on the VOYAGER OF THE SEAS in December, and we would like to know the prices of beer and a list of what beers are available. Thank you, John Cates


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I've seen all the major US brands, Corona, Modelo, Dos Equis, Red Stripe, Heineken (usually the only draft), Amstel, Guiness, Bass, Foster's, Peroni,and occasionally some of the local beers (Presidente, Kona Longboard, etc.) from areas in which they are cruising. I think they were mostly around $3.75 plus gratuity, but the Foster's or the larger sized aluminum bottles of AB beers were slightly more. Hope this helps.


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Beer Prices Better on RCCL

$3.75 + gratuity on RCCL for beer, that's better than Holland America. I've been on 2 HAL cruises since March and one Coors Light costs $5 - gratuity included with them. When you consider that a case of domestic beer at my grocery store is $17 before tax, one can see how cruise lines hose passangers on beer prices but, what the hell, you're on a cruise ship and that's the way it goes. I'll be sailing with RCCL in Sept. and it's good to know they don't screw you on beer as bad as HAL.
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We just got off the Voyager on Valentines day. We love RCCL, however the beer prices are out of this world. We got on on Superbowl Sunday and ordered a bucket of Coors Light. We were told that they could not sell Coors Light until they left the port and were out to sea. They instead gave us a bucket (5) beers of Miller light and the price with the automatic 15% gratuity was $28.00!!! For FIVE beers...REALLY?????? They did have most any domestic and most mexican beers available, but the cheapest domestic beers were around $4.25 per beer, and that is a 12oz can!! Way too much if you ask me!! As for why they couldn't serve "some beer" until they left port I have no idea. Our bartender only said "it's our policy"!! Hope this helps!
One other thing!!! We saw a youung couple at the peer in Roatan emptying out a twelve pack of diet pepsi cardboard container and filling it with Bud Light. When I asked the guy if he planned on taking it onboard with him he said "hell yeah". He proceeded to instruct me that RCCL does allow you to carry on a twelve pack or two of soda. So he was filling the cardboard soda containers with beer and even had a roll of clear packing tape to reseal it, after, of course leaving one (1) Diet Pepsi showing at the end of the package. Guess what...later in the day I saw him in the Solarium drinking his smuggled Bud Light with a big smile saying, "it works everytime"! I think we'll try it when we go again in May on the Mariner of the Seas. Good Luck!!


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Re: too low

Rum Runners have been ordered for me:cool:, need info on sneeking a few bud's on board for the DH:bigsmile: thinking??? anyone out there ever try it?
Rum Runners arrived in mail today....I'm a pirate now? argh matey...:spyglass: keepin' me eye out for alcohol stealing cruise ship personnel...:no: don't want a trip to the "naughty room"...hahaha:loungelizaed:

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That is why I take a bottle of rum with me - would much rather drink beer - but $5.00 a beer is way to much - last crusie we drank 4 buckets in one afternoon - but we had a blast! Highest bar tab we have ever had!


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What's a Rum Runner?

Don't drink much, only wine and sometimes beer.
:beach:Check them out, do a search for 'rum runners' they are collapsible 'flasks' that are supposedly undetectable by x-rays that allow us pirates :spyglass:to smuggle alcoholic beverages on board.:whistle:..:cheer: [ I got mine a long time ago, the cruise isn't until October!!!] haha, and I don't even drink that much, but sure beats a huge bar bill...:biggrin:
I think I paid less than 20 bucks for the 'cruise kit' two large and two small complete with funnel for easy filling. I was instructed to place them in the checked baggage around shoes etc to disguise them and put inside a large freezer type ziplock in case they were to leak, they are pretty sturdy though.

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I have 5 hard plastic flasks that I have used in the past. But with the new rules on RCCL - I just ordered these. Will let you know how it goes.
I cannot believe the alcohol delima on cruise lines. They charge way too much and confiscate all the alcohol they find. Some even kick you off the ship? We were thinking of ordering Rum Runner Flasks. Has anyone ever made it through with them? I hate to bother if it doesn't work. Any advice?
We are thinking of buying a case of wine before we board, and taking it on board. They will charge us a $15.00 corkage fee to open at dinner, but, that willl still be cheaper than their $35.00 wine that costs us $8.00 here in California!