Belize Cave Tubing



I was wondering if anyone has booked their cave tubing shore excursion through before and have done the Xtreme Cave Tubing. I was considering booking through them instead of through RCCL. I know the risks involved but from the website it seems to be ok. Anyone have any thoughts?



We did a cave tubing excursion in 2005 with We had a great time and were back to the ship in plenty of time. Only 8 in our group with 2 guides. It was far cheaper than the NCL tour and we went through 1 more cave than they did. I don't think Reggie would stay in business long if people were not making it back to their ships on time.


We did cave tubing and booked through company called Shore Trips. We were very pleased. We always book with them if possible. They provide lots of little extras in a much smaller group setting. We don't book excurisions through cruise line (if possible).

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We did the cave tubing in March 07 and had a blast. A group of us booked with for a discount rate; can't remember how much, but much cheaper than the ship. Yhony was in charge of our group and went out of his way to accommodate our every need! We were worried when we were at port and about to board the bus to the river; it was parked in a pool of transmition fluid! Yhony had a replacement bus there in minutes!!
Have a great trip!!


We just went cave tubing with last week and had a blast! The cruise ship tours are shorter, twice as expensive, and the service is much worse. works hard to make sure you get back to the dock in plenty of time to eat and do a little shopping. They are also just very good guys with great senses of humor! Cave-tubing through the cruise line was $90 and it was $45 with these guys. They have their own guy who videotapes the tour and you can purchase a copy of the dvd and it will be mailed to your home. These guys are top-notch pros who work hard to make sure you have fun and I highly recommend them! (don't forget the dash in the website address or you will be directed to a different company).



We booked with "Reggie" when we cruised with NCL and we were very happy with his service! They met us on the dock, took great care of us and had us back in plenty of time! I can definitely recommend them! We made sure we bought a plate lunch and ate it in the van on the way back to the ship .... it was delicious! Good authentic food! :)-D


We used Reggie for our cave tubing experience in 2006 and it was the best!! You got to go up river further then the cruise ship excursion and it cost less, so more for your money!! Can't beat that.


cave tubing .com is the best way to take this excursion.!!
I agree, it is half the price and the trip is longer and the
guides are right there giving you the best time you will ever have!


Yeah, I'll second that age question. I have a skinny 9 year old and a 13 year old, both boys. I'd expect them to like it as long as it's safe and not too scary.



[size=large]I don't mean to alarm anyone but there was an article about a death in September 2008 of a woman during cave tubing in Belize. Just google "Belize cave tubing accident". You'll get the whole story. There was apparently poor conditiions and the cruise ship "Carnival Glory" went ahead with their excursion despite the conditions. Then the accident happened. I had read that everyone was in danger because the water got rough and many had fallen into the water and others had to rescue some out of the waters. But this woman had hit her head against the cave wall and wasn' t able to be rescued without endangering others. Poor judgement on the cruise lines part. Anyways, just wanted to maybe give people the heads up about using your own judgement on water conditions.[/size]

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