Belize Question



Hi, folks. There have been quite a few posts to this message, which I originated. I very much agree with the message posted by Jeanne on 1-18-04. I visited Belize last month during a Carnival Glory cruise. I browsed around the tourist center, which had the usual crafts and merchandise for sale. I inquired at the tourist info desk about a taxi into town and was informed that it was only about a five minute walk away. As I headed out beyond the tourist center market area, I was very much annoyed by the agressive locals trying to sell stuff. (Typical on most of the ports.) A couple of blocks beyond the market place I did not encounter any peddlers. I enjoyed my visit into town; I walked around for quite sometime. Yes, it is a very poor country. Although the buildings are old and have not been kept up, I could appreciate the architecture and how beautiful they were at one time. I found walking around Belize city very interesting, and I did not feel any more threatened or unsafe than I would at any other port or a large city. Bottom line, these ports are home to the locals and not theme park attractions.