Belize, Roatan, Cayman, Cozumel



SNUBA is like scuba diving without being certified. The only difference is instead of having your oxygen tank on your back, it's floating on a raft and you're connected to it with an air hose. Our air hose was 18' long - I'm not sure if some are longer or shorter. It was great! I enjoyed it more than snorkeling.


The turtle farm will be good for little ones. They basically have a musuem inside and outside a bunch of seawater pools/tanks that have different sizes of turtles. About an hour or two tour at most.


The turtle farm is ok if you understand before getting there that they do in fact serve turtle stew and other food items there. I guess I was naive in thinking that since they talked a lot about rehabilitating and saving sea turtles, that they wouldnt be cooking them. I dont know how kids take that...?? We did get to pick up and hold a sea turtle, that was a few years ago, dont know if they still let you do that.

As for the original question, I can only comment on Grand Cayman and Cozumel so far (stopping in Belize on my next cruise). As everyone has said, the sting rays are a Must Do in Cayman, I enjoyed this much more that the island highlights tour. In Cozumel, we have tendered over to the main land for the Tulum ruins, great tour, ROUGH tender ride. Many, many people were sick all day from it. It might not always be that bad, I dont know. Last time in Cozumel, we rented a jeep and drove around the entire island ourselves. That was nice. Snorkled (sorry I dont remember where, but we saw several of the mentioned places), saw the San Gervasio ruins in the center of the island, the light house at the south end which is in a national park I believe (there is a fee to enter).

There are so many options, hard to choose! Good luck and have a great time!


Good point about the Turtle Farm. I also thought the farm was mainly for rehabilitating and saving sea turtles, so it was a surprise when I found out that most of the turtles are raised for the meat.
I visited this past Jan and they had 3-4 touch tanks where you can touch and pick-up sea turtles.


Did you take your snuba trip through Mayan Paradise Tours on Cozumel? Did you have to meet at Nachi Cocom Resort for the excursion? If so, how much was the taxi ride from the cruiseship port. We are taking a snorkel trip with soon and was wondering what you thought of this company. Thanks for the info.


Mayan Paradise Tours does a fantastic job with their trip. The snorkeling is good and the snuba is even better. The guys on the boat are very friendly and helpful. You'll have a great time. We're already booked again for April. Sorry, but I can't remember how much the taxi was to Nachi Cocom. Maybe $12?