We are looking for something to do in Belize. We will be there in january, which is during the dry season which makes cave tubing not as much fun. What are your suggestions? We are doing ruins in Progresso.


We were in Belize Sethro, and somewhat enjoyed ourselves, but all in all, we would not go in port there again, we would just stay on the ship. We took the Belize river ship tour , for $52 a person, and found it to be way too long and boring. We had to ride for a very long time in a bus to get to the zoo.After 20 minutes at the zoo, it became very boring with most of the animals not appearing, so we were just reading the description or the guide would tell us what they looked like. We did have a wonderful Belizian lunch. Then we toured the river and honestly, after a half hour of that we had enough. The river was strewn with trash and floating debri everywhere. We did see a couple of crocs and one howler monkey and 3 iguanas. They took us to a section where manatees are suppose to be, but again, no show. My opinion is this; go see Belize by tour, not on your own. That will satisfy your need to see the island. To get there you will have to take a 20 minute speed boat ride and it gets real wet . The water gets murky dark brown as you get near to the island and it stinks. The spray gets all over you, so we couldn't wait to get back to the ship to bathe.

I am sorry that I wrote all these bad things about the island but I feel like I should tell you the truth, and not paint a pretty picture for you. It was interesting to see how people live there, and it is very poorly. There are a couple of hotels there that you could stay to use their pools and resort.


Sorry for the sl;ow reply. I don't visit this section very often. we were in Belize 12/01 off the Carnival spirit. Took the combo Rio Wallace boat / Altun Ha Mayan site tour including lunch by Carnival. this is a very new port and not much competition for private tours/drivers. Enjoyed our tour. River was ok. Altun Ha was our first ruins and very interesting. It is small and only partly excavated. If you have not done ruins before or have a walking problem this site is a good one.


We were in Belize last May aboard the Pride and frankly were very disappointed. Belize City reminds one of the ghetto in any major U.S. city, the water close to shore is muddy and smelly. We took the Altun Ha City Tour and it was a waste of time. The only positive reports I heard about were the snorkeling and river rafting tours. If I happened to go back on a future cruise, I probably will stay on the ship.

Desiree Davidson

I'm going in October and plan to do the tour with RCCL (Rhapsody of the Sea)- to Shark Ray Alley. It's a 60 min speed boat ride to the "alley" to swim with nurse sharks and sting rays. After reading these posts, I'm glad we've booked this one. It was hard to decide which excursion to pick. I hear Belize is beautiful and was afraid I might miss something. After the "alley" swim, we have lunch on the beach and then shopping in town, San Pedro (I think that's right).

I'll let you know how it goes!!!

Lee and Kelli

Maybe between now and Feb of 2003 someone will have found something nice about
Belize.... LOL. We are visiting there on the Pride and maybe we will just stay on the
ship as has been suggested before. Anyway any cruise is good and the ship is the
main thing for our cruises... Thanks for any information.

Lee and Kelli


Try contacting Reggie. He has two private tours now offered at Belize. Reviews have been very favorable. Also, log onto any of these sites for more information on Belize:, or

Just received this message from Reggie regarding a new tour he is offering in addition to his Cave Tubing:

Manatee Watch & Snorkeling

“I have now teamed up with a fellow guide who owns a nice boat, seats up to 47 people, we are now offering to the Cruise Critic Groups, A tour called “Manatee Watch & Snorkeling†its a full day tour with return to the dock or directly to the ship, cost $35 per person, min of 20 persons max 47. If you go on the boards please put the message out. This tour is already up and running. Book through my Email address pay on arrival, Cash only. Thanks Reggie†

Bon Voyage We too hope to experience Belize next year.

Kathy Panzner

Am looking for more information on the snorkeling tour that is new. We did the shark alley and it was a good time. We went to town and did some shopping after the swim with the sharks. Watch out for the Agressive fish that are swimming out there too. In town we bought 2 sculptures made from cow horns. Couldn't decide which one so we bought them both. We are really enjoying them.