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Going to Belize in November
Was thinking of diving with my daughter- we're both certified. The ship provides a dive excursion but it looks exspensive @ 145 pp. Is it worth it and are there other options?
Also what else is there to for wife and 2 kids there?

deb s

My husband and I went on a tour called Altun Ha Mayan Site/River Wallace,which we enjoyed very much.DebraLet me know if you need more info on it.


Belize, has great snorkeling. We were on the Carnival Pride back in April and had a blast in that warm turquiose water. You will enjoy.


can you tell me what to do there with 3 young children (2, 5 and 8). Can we go swimming by ourselfs or do we need a tour. We are going to be 9 people. and the tours would be expensive. also if you have been to roatan can you tell me what to do there.


Linnie, we've been to both Belize and Roatan. We took ship tours in both countries and would highly recommend that. Both are very poor countries with a lot of crime. In Roatan you'll dock behind a machine gun guarded fenced in area. That is the poorest, saddest country I have ever seen. We talked to some couples who did a taxi tour on their own and enjoyed it but I would not do it with a family! Better to stay on board. We did the Tabianna beach snorkel in Roatan and cave tubing in Belize. I don't think the kids could do the tubing.


We will be arriving in Belize on Nov. 11th on the Carnival Pride. Does anyone have any information on the Baboon Sanctuary or where thr best place to view monkeys in the wild would be?

My 10 year old daughter is dying to see monkeys.

Also would you take a ship tour or is it possible to rent a taxi to transport us?

Thanks Wendy


Our neighbors did a river and cavern tour on innertubes that they said was great and for divers I understand there is a dive called Shark/Ray alley that is said to be wonderful.

If you are looking for other dive operators there, go to yahoo and do a seach on Belize and scuba. I am sure something will come. Or contact PADI and ask for a list.


At Belize, it is recommended that you take an organized tour whether through a certified private tour or ship's tour. Wendy, Your daughter is too young/small to go on the Cave rafting tour with Reggie. Did you contact your cruise line for a copy of their tours? Although scuba may be expensive, the reef is supposed to be one of the countries best dive sites. If you only do one ship's tour, this may be for you.

Rick & Kathy

For the SharkRay Alley trip you definitly want do do it through the cruiseline. You anchor about 1/2 hour away from shore and shark ray alley is an hour up the coast. Don't want to waste the time