Beloved F&B Director, Tony Lockett, let go from NCL without reason!


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Bad news to many of us...Tony Lockett has gone from NCL!!
I just heard that Tony who was one of the finest NCL F&B directors LEFT in the fleet was told as he left for vacation (the very morning) that his contract was not renewed! Many of we cruisers have had amazing experiences with Tony and make NCL their cruise line of choice because of Tony and the wonderful people he has trained (and who think VERY highly of him).

I hope NCL reads this post and that others who know Tony will add their feelings about this. In this economic time, what a horrible way to let a 55 year old LOYAL and LOVED employee go. On almost any ship in the NCL fleet, you can ask any server (and somehow the housekeeping staff knows him as well) will say "Oh yes, 'Mr. Tony'! He is a nice man! If we ever have a problem, Mr. Tony will try to help us."

Is this how NCL handles its employees as they grow old and sadly have health issues (Tony had a heart problem but was cleared by his physician)? My husband and I have spent close to $100,000 over the years of cruising with them and our money will NEVER be spent on another NCL ship unless something very good happens for Tony Lockett.
Be careful talking about this subject, for some reason other sites will delete posts and threads that mention the topic.

I to met Tony on my last cruise and because of his efforts it was the best cruise I had ever done to that date.


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Be careful why?
Unless comments become derogatory or inflammatory against the individual or cruise line there are no reasons to delete any discussion concerning any individual potential or lack of potential employment with any cruise line. This person evidently had disagreements with his employer that could not be resolved, on the other hand we prefer not to be involved in a pissing contest between an employer and an employee, so as long as that is not an issue, we don't have an issue. No long term employee is let go for no reason, be it a reason of the employer or a reason of the employee, it is just sometimes those reason are not or never known, somebody somewhere had a reason.
With two threads deleted on another site in the last 24 hours on this subject, the latest one 6 hours ago and having nothing but well wishes to the person concerned, it would appear that there maybe more to this issue than we will ever know, and other sites and administrators obviously feel it should not be discussed.
Never the less I still wish him all the best.