BERMuDA- King's Wharf or St. George


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Thinking about a Bermuda cruise. Been on many cruises, but never to Bermuda. I realize most ships dock at King's Wharf-- but one or two at St Georges. Anyone have a preference- pro's and con's to each?? Any other tips about favorite restaurants for lunch, or favorite beach??? THANKS


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Not all ships are forced to dock at the Wharf, it is a matter if size and in this case smaller is better. The problem with St Georges is getting through the cut into the harbor, your looking at a ship that is under 60k tons, not many of them left. Some of the bigger ones can still dock at Hamilton, but this only creates a proximity thingy, you can see Hamilton from Kings Wharf and the other direction as well. They run a shuttle ferry all day that takes ahhh about an hour round trip and not sure now but you used to be able to buy a pass for it, once you get from the Wharf to Hamilton your good to go, taxis shuttle buses, mopeds(ya right) but none the less you are your way to experience Mooda, I think I remember it being about 45min to an hour to get from Hamilton to St Georges by bus, but don't trust my memory we always went by way of the Swizzle Inn..... that can add a week to the trip. Mooda is only so big and you are usually there for at least a couple of days so you have time to savor the experience. The thing I have always loved about Bermuda is that you can walk down a dark alley late at night and feel safe..... of course they don't have many dark alleys, but we have done it.

Any other tips about favorite restaurants for lunch
Swizzle Inn, is there anything else................