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Best $100 tour in Juneau???

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by cmitch9999, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. cmitch9999

    cmitch9999 Guest

    we will be sailing on the Star Princess in Alaska... still on fence with tour for Juneau..most are in the $100+ range per person and I am haveing a hard time accepting $400 price tag for our family or more to spend a few hours on tour ---

    Those of you who have cruised before--
    what would you say is the best $100 tour in Juneau and WHY???

    I have to work a long time to earn that $$$ so I am hoping it will be worth the expense.

    Chris Mitchell
  2. Davida

    Davida Guest

    I believe for $100 the best excursion would be the whale watching with Capt Larry. You can find his web site at www.orcaenterprises.com. You will be given the opportunity to see eagles, sea lions and guaranteed whales. Haven't heard a complaint yet. Another $20 will probably get you to see Mendenhall glacier.
  3. BarbaraK

    BarbaraK Guest

    I agree with Davida :)
    Edited to add that we got the local bus from the pier to see Mendenhall Glacier, $5 each way I think it was, another good trip :)

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  4. Capt. Larry hands down.
  5. elaine B

    elaine B Guest

    If you don't care too much about whales you can't beat the $5 Mendenhall Glacier Express bus and hiking close to the face of the Glacier. (You take the $1 shuttle bus bus from the dock to get to the bus or you can walk to it). We took a picnic (ordered sandwiches and cookies from room service on the Infinity that morning) and had a great time. Wear warm clothes in layers with a rain jacket and hat or hood. Go to the naturalist's lecture on board ship first which will make you more knowledgeable about what you will see even if you've done alot of research.
  6. tazboyles

    tazboyles Guest


    The whale watch is one of the few things you can do for only $100. If you enjoy that kind of thing you might find it worth it.

    Great idea about using room service on other excursions.
  7. laginog

    laginog Guest

    WHALES WHALES WHALES!!!!! Especially if you have kids with you. They'll be so thrilled and will never forget it!!!!!
  8. DougH

    DougH Guest

    I agree with most of the others, it would be hard to beat Capt Larry / Awesome Orca for the price. The $5 bus to the Mendenhall is also a great deal, why pay the big bucks from the ship and only have a short time there.

    You didn't ask but IMHO the best value in Skagway is the tour up into the Yukon. For less than $100 you could rent a car and not pay $400 for the ship tour.


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